Are your scrubs Dickies? 

This is the question every Australian health care professional should ask themselves when it's time to buy new medical scrubs. Dickies is one of the most famous clothing brands in the world and a brand that you can trust. When you buy Dickies Scrubs online you know that you are buying scrubs of the highest quality. You know that Dickies scrubs will fit just right meaning that you will not only look your best but will be comfortable while you work. With Dickies you know that your scrubs won't shrink and fade like the cheaper immitation scrubs do. Last but not least is the fact that Dickies scrubs really last meaning you won't be replacing them in a few months time. Sure there might be cheaper scrubs out there but they just don't last. With Dickies quality fabrics and manufacturing your scrubs will look like new after many washes.

Where can you buy Dickies scrubs in Australia?

The only place your can buy Dickies hospital scrubs in Australia is online from Infectious Medical Scrubs. Infectious is Australia's leading supplier of hospital quality medical scrubs & nurses uniforms. Infectious Medical Scrubs Australia, like Dickies are the most trusted suppliers of scrubs. Infectious has been providing the highest quality scrubs for Men and Women since 2001. Infectious has loyal customers right across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin. So now you know the only place to shop for medical scrubs online is 

Infectious brings you all the innovative scrubs from the worlds largest medical scrubs supplier, Dickies Medical USA. Shop online for classic basics like Dickies EDS (Every Day Scrubs) Collection, Fashion inspired stretch scrubs from Dickies Xtreme Stretch Scrubs Collection or Elegant Sophistication of the Dickies Gen Flex Medical Scrubs Collection. There are so many choices for your work uniform no matter if you are a Hospital Doctor, Surgeon, Nurse, Vet, Dentist, Medical Imaging, Beauty and Laser, Dickies scrubs will have you looking your most professional.

Dickies scrubs are Australia's number 1 selling scrubs brand. Don't waste your money on poor quality scrubs.

Ask yourself are your scrubs Dickies?

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