Infectious Clothing Australia is clearing out the warehouse for new stock and have reduced the prices following scrub tops and scrub pants. This is a fantastic opportunity to get some fantastic Dickies scrubs at super low prices. Dickies are the market leader in scrubs and are famous for their quality and comfort. Dickies scrubs are normally great value for money now they are super affordable.

All you have to do is click the product links to the scrubs and find the discounted colours and sizes which are listed below.  

The prices are already discounted so all you have to do is select and checkout!!  


Dickies Men's Utility Scrubs Top RRP $49.70 click here to save

Caribbean Medium x2 available for $39.70

White Small x10 available for            $35.70

White Medium x9 available for          $35.70


Dickies Men's Utility Scrubs Top RRP $49.70 click here to save

Royal/ Pewter Sleeves Medium x10 $35.70                   

Navy/ Ceil Blue Sleeves Large x3     $39.70

Navy/ Ceil Blue Sleeve XLarge x3    $39.70

Ceil Blue/ Navy Sleeve Large x1       $39.70

Olive/ Black Sleeve Large x1             $39.70

Pewter / Navy Sleeve Large x1         $39.70

Black/ Olive Sleeve XLarge x1          $39.70

Hunter/ Black Sleeve XLarge x1       $39.70

Navy/ Khaki Sleeve XLarge x1          $39.70

Pewter/ Navy Sleeve XLarge x1        $39.70

Royal/ Pewter Sleeve XLarge x1       $39.70

Dickies Men's Utility Scrubs Top RRP $49.70 click here to save

Black Medium x1        $39.70

Eggplant Medium x1  $39.70

Hunter Medium x1      $39.70

Violet Small x2            $39.70

Violet Large x2            $39.70


Dickies Women's Cargo Scrub Pant RRP $43.70 click here to save

Caribbean Small x1  $39.70

Dark Olive Small x1  $39.70

Eggplant Small x2     $39.70

Galaxy Blue Small x1  $39.70

Ceil Blue Medium x1   $39.70

Galaxy Blue Medium x2 $39.70

Eggplant Large x2        $39.70

Galaxy Blue Large x1   $39.70

Galaxy Blue XLarge x1  $39.70

Ceil Blue 2XLarge x1     $39.70

White 3XLarge      x1      $34.70


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