Here at Infectious, we provide a wide range of lab coats both online and instore that are suited to the needs of different medical professionals, such as Doctors, Dentists, Lab Technicians, Vets, Pharmacists, Microbiologist, Scientists and students. All healthcare workers now know where to buy lab coats; Infectious Medical.

As lab coats are a professional piece of medical workwear, we understand that our customer needs to have access to the best quality garments and the best fit to ensure they uphold the workplace standards. We are proud to announce that are the only Authorised Reseller for Dickies laboratory coats in Australia!

Dickies have a great range of professional lab coats and consultation jackets. The range starts with the Women’s 32-inch length Professional white lab coat. This coat boasts a notched lapel, a chest pocket and two patch pockets; this is also one of our bestselling short length consultation jackets. Our 40-inch Unisex Professional lab coat is our most popular unisex full-length lab coat due to the great fit for both men and women, 2 lower patch pockets, the side access to your pant pockets and also the chest pocket! Check out the quality lab wear for sale below.

For healthcare providers who are looking for next level protection for their uniform, take a look at the 36400AB Lab Coat from Code Happy. This premium quality white lab coat features Certainty Antimicrobial and Certainty Plus Fluid Barrier technology to give the wearer the best protection possible. The Antimicrobial and fluid barrier protection ensures that any fluids or bacteria that meet your coat cannot grow or cause odours; The perfect protection whilst working within the medical field! Buy lab wear online from Infectious Medical Australia.

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We are excited to be supplying you with only the best medical scrubs and white doctors lab coats. Infectious is Australia's leading supplier of premium quality medical apparel with products like scrub uniforms, laboratory wear, footwear and corporate uniforms. Talk to us today and get your team looking their very best in a total uniform solution.