At last, Men can buy scrubs with print designs. Traditionally men have stuck to classically styled uniforms in solid colours. Times have changed and Dickies have produced a great selection of modern uniforms featuring prints for men. There are abstract designs such as camo and tie-dye as well as shapes like sharks, turtles, sea stars and even lucky horseshoes. 

Infectious is the home of Fun Friday Scrub Club where we encourage healthcare workers to wear printed scrubs on Fridays to bring awareness to mental health. This initiative is something that we are very proud of and we love to give back to the healthcare workers who spend their careers caring for all of us. Now male healthcare workers can participate by wearing fun prints that are made just for Men.

Dickies Men's Print Scrub Top Lucky You


Dickies Men's Print Scrub Top Sealife


Dickies Men's Print Scrub Top Tie Dye Fashion Design

August 28, 2020 — Pete Doran