New season print and patterned scrubs have just arrived in our warehouse. We are excited by the 20 unique styles of printed scrubs. More print designs are coming in the next month as well. So keep checking for the new arrivals.

What type of prints and patterns are popular, you may ask? Well, it all depends on your workplace requirements and your sense of individual fashion as to what you like to wear. Some workplaces are conservative and need print scrubs to colour coordinate with your regular scrub pants, and some places encourage changing your look to be fun and bright. Not everyone wants to stand out from the crowd and gain lots of attention but don't fear. Infectious has a vast range of print scrub designs, so you will find a shirt that is just right for you.

WonderWink Women's Print Scrub Top Toucan   WonderWink Women's Patterned Scrub Top supplied by

We find that prints featuring animals like cats and dogs are always popular. Floral and botanical-inspired patterns are great, especially in the Summer and Spring. Geometric and abstract designs are less attention-grabbing but are still more fun to wear than your regular blue or green work scrubs. This season our WonderWink brand has brought a new type of print to the market, the embossed print. Embossed prints have a pattern built into the fabric, giving texture and depth, a completely different look to animal prints or floral designs. Why not buy some embossed prints from Infectious to mix up your medical wardrobe?

6275 ZMF WonderWink Embossed Women's Patterned Scrub Top supplied by


Whichever print, patterned or embossed design you choose, you always know that Infectious is Australia's best place to buy printed scrubs. Infectious has all the leading brands of medical scrub uniforms like Dickies, Cherokee, WonderWink, Zoe & Chloe. Shop for Women's and Men's print scrubs in sizes XS-3XL from our convenient online store or in person at our well-stocked scrub store.

Don't forget about the Infectious mental health initiative, Fun Friday Scrub Club #FFSC, which was created to raise awareness for healthcare workers' mental health while having fun and wearing print scrubs to work on Fridays. Click here to learn more and sign up for discounts and giveaways.

May 12, 2022 — Pete Doran