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Browse our 2019 product catalogue which showcases the latest offerings from our suppliers, Dickies, WonderWink, Zoe & Chloe, Biz Collection, Biz Corporates, City Collection, New Balance and Skechers. The catalogue is easy to navigate with scrubs and clinical clothing in the front through to corporate wear, fashion print designs, embroidery and branding showcase and footwear.


Infectious Uniform Solutions Catalogue Winter 2019

This new catalogue showcases Australia's largest range of medical apparel, scrubs, corporate uniform, prints including this year Christmas designs as well as footwear.



WonderWink Spring 2019 Catalogue



We at Infectious Medical Scrubs know that viewing images does not always show the best features of our scrubs. If you are researching what is the best fitting scrubs for you why not take the time to watch a video or two? Please let us know if you see something that is not available on our website and we can find out if we can order this for you.

 Dickies Everyday Scrubs Collection Video Preview  

 See the new styles and features of the new range of Dickies EDS Signature scrubs.


 WonderFlex video surgical and dental uniforms                           WonderWink Spring Collections of surgical and dental uniforms


WonderWink Scrubs

Check Out Dr Andrew Byrne the Chief Vet for RSPCA in Victoria wearing our fantastic Wonderwink Scrubs in this ad!

WonderWink Scrubs Australia - RSPCA Vet Insurance worn by Vet Doctor 


 Vet Wears WonderWink Scrubs on RSPCA Ad         WonderWink Scrubs for Vets & Vet Nurses


Dr Andrew Byrne wearing WonderWink Mens' Scrub Top in Navy  


Dickies Medical Uniforms & Scrubs for Men and Women.

You were born to work in the medical world. Dickies surgical scrubs were built to work for you. Bringing hardcore functionality to the fast paced world of medicine, the Dickies brand guarantees expert craftsmanship, value, and commitment to the heroes who wear the brand with pride.

Established in Texas back in 1922, Dickies’ made workwear for the oil industry workers that was built to last. As a medical professional in particular, you know all about hard work, which is why Dickies is here to salute your efforts with purposeful scrubs designed to withstand the rigors of your job. It isn’t merely a promise, though; it’s part of the Dickies legacy that has made them the second largest medical uniform brand in the world.

What differentiates an excellent worker from his or her ordinary peers? Dependability, industriousness and loyalty. What differentiates Dickies scrubs from all others? Dependability, because you can count on the durable Dickies surgical scrubs to remain with you through the long haul. Industriousness, because their basic, functional designs enable you to get your work done; no distractions. And loyalty, because Dickies has been providing Doctors, Nurses, Dentists and Vets with uniforms and apparel since the beginning of the industry.

Each of the Dickies collections features its own fabric and styling, with its own exclusive benefits. Choose the collection that you think will enable you to keep up with the challenge. After all, the sole purpose of Dickies scrubs is to help you get the job done right! Why not get yourself some new Dickies nursing scrubs today!

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