If you are new to shopping for scrubs the best way to find a style that is flattering, comfortable and functional is to choose the right brand and scrubs brand collection.

There are many factors to consider when choosing your new uniforms such as fabric, neckline, pockets, colour, petite or tall, loose fit or fitted, drawstring or knitted waistband, high waist or low waist. Don’t worry, to make shopping easy each scrubs brand has different collections which organise the scrubs by fabric, fit and style.

One of the first choices you should make when buying a great uniform whether you want stretch fabric or standard polyester/cotton. Stretch fabrics allow the garments to be worn closer to the body for a more flattering look whereas poly/cotton scrubs have a relaxed fit with more room to move while working.

The next choice to make is the neckline of the top. Do you like a classic V-neck style or do you want to go with a modern mock wrap, mandarin or notch design? The different necklines of contemporary scrubs are really bringing fashion and personal preference into medical wardrobes.

Next comes functionality, which is so important to all healthcare workers. We all want uniforms that make our working day a breeze, and the features that allow this are great pockets that can carry all your medical accessories and devices. Also look for ID loops and pen holders as loose items can be fiddly and slow you down which is just the opposite of what you want in fast-paced hospitals, clinics and surgeries.
Scrub pants have come a long way since the loose and baggy pants of the 1990s. These days you can choose Women’s scrub pants with tapered legs, low waisted hipster pants and the super popular jogger pants from brands like Dickies, Cherokee, Medelita and WonderWink. Most styles but not all colours come in tall and petite lengths and having this option can give those tall and short doctors and nurses a much better fitting uniform.

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