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City Health Collection
The City Collection healthcare uniform consists of a great range of uniforms for healthcare professionals. Men's and Women's styles available, shirts, tunics, scrubs. This quality range targets 7 key medical industry requirements.

  1. Function and Recognition - garments that reflect the roles and functions of staff whilst each style projects a strong sense of identification and recognition. Easy for colleagues and easy for patients to know who you are.
  2. Consistent Colours across all garments - Promote a unified team look within one colour palette whilst enjoying a sense of individuality from every style and design. Shop for your uniform solution by colour.
  3. Easy Care and Breathable Fabrics - All our garments are easy to wear and easy to care for which is just what busy healthcare professionals need.
  4. Comfort and Practicality - With the physical nature of many roles, (bending, lifting, reaching and twisting) fabrics styles and sizes must create comfortable attire that moves with you.
  5. Durability and Presentation - Hard-wearing fabrics that go the distance with lasting quality to ensure that garments maintain a professional appearance all day every day.
  6. Full range of Designs and Sizes - From the design, style and cut of the shirts consideration has been made for your body shape and height to accommodate your full range of motion.
  7. Quick Delivery -