KN95 / P2 Type Face Masks for Healthcare Workers

KN95 / P2 Type Face Masks for Healthcare Workers

Make your workplace safe with the face masks that deliver high levels of filtration and protection. 

Infectious Clothing Company supplies boxes of P2/KN95 protective face masks.

High Particulate Respirators (P2/KN95) Masks

Healthcare workers should prioritise the use of P2 respirators and other respiratory protection, where available. For COVID-19 the use of P2/KN95 masks should be reserved for aerosolised generating procedures (AGP) or where the risk assessment places the patient in airborne precautions.

When there is a high probability of airborne transmission due to the infectious agent or procedure (e.g. bronchoscopy, intubation), sound scientific principles support the use of P2 respirators to prevent transmission.

P2 respirators are designed to help reduce the wearer’s respiratory exposure to airborne contaminants such as particles, gases or vapours.

While the terms ‘P2 respirator’ and ‘KN95 respirator’ are often used interchangeably in the healthcare setting, they are required to meet different standards. In Australia, the requirements for P2 respirators are stated in Standard AS/NZS 1716: 2012. The United States (US) National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) sets similar standards for the N95 respirator.

Surgical/Procedural Masks

Considerations when using a surgical mask include:

Masks should be changed between patients and when they become soiled or wet & never reapplied after they have been removed; masks should not be left dangling around the neck; touching the front of the mask while wearing it should be avoided; hand hygiene should be performed upon touching or discarding a used mask.

Surgical masks are classified as level 1 barrier and level 2 barrier.

Level 1 Barrier is for general purpose medical procedures where the wearer is not at risk of blood or body fluid splash or is being used to protect the wearer to droplet exposure from micro-organisms.

Level 2 Barrier is for use in situations where minimal blood exposure may occur and has a higher filtration efficiency and resistance to blood penetration.

Reusable Rewashable Protective Face Mask by PacSafe

Infectious is proud to bring our healthcare customers the latest in reusable protective face masks by Pacsafe. These reusable face masks offer a sustainable approach to respiratory protection for the wearer against airborne microbes and particles. The Viral Off and Silver iON masks provide a barrier against droplets and reduction in viruses using Viraloff Polygiene technology or Silver Ions. Rewashable

Pacsafe Reusable Face Masks Antimicrobial Technology

Pacsafe Viraloff and iON Reusable Face Masks Australia

Pacsafe Reusable Face Masks Antimicrobial Barrier Filtering