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Antimicrobial Scrubs are the Next Generation of Medical Uniforms Australia.

Antimicrobial products are now available in Australia from premium brands that you know and trust like Dickies Medical and Code Happy Scrubs. The technology is called Certainty which features the patented freshness technology of Silvadur - to inhibit bacterial growth. These advanced technologies add protection to the next generation of healthcare uniforms, giving wearers peace of mind.

Scrubs and lab coats featuring Certainty technology are perfect uniforms for all healthcare providers, from Doctors, Nurses and Hospital workers, through to Vets, Dentists, Laser and Beauty Therapists. Don't forget that it's not only scrub tops and scrub pants that featuring Certainty technology. Infectious is now stocking? Code Happy branded Antimicrobial Women's printed scrub tops, Code Happy antimicrobial socks and Code Happy Women's designer leather carry bags all with Certainty protected fabric.. 


Certainty Antimicrobial Scrubs Australia

Infectious Medical Scrubs Australia supply Dickies Medical & Code Happy premium brands whic are names that you can trust to bring you the latest innovations and styles when it comes you your healthcare uniform. Remember that Infectious is the only Australian supplier of Dickies scrubs and lab coats. Nobody knows Dickies like we do. Infectious is now stocking Code Happy medical products another premium American scrubs brands.

Available styles for antimicrobial protection Women's Scrub Tops, Women's Scrub Pants, Men's Scrub Tops, Men's Scrub Pants, Lab Coats and Medical Scrub Caps.

Dickies Certainty Women's Mock Wrap Scrub Top Line Drawing    Dickies Certainty Womens Drawstring Scrub Pant         Dickies Certainty Men's Scrub Top  Dickies Certainty Men's Scrub Pant  Dickies Certainty Medical Scrub Hat Australia

 Women's Mock Wrap Top           Women's Drawstring Pant             Men's Scrub Top                   Men's Scrub Pants            Unisex Medical Scrub Cap 


Why not take a couple of minutes to watch a quick introduction to Certainty Antimicrobial products?

 Play video Dickies Scrubs featuring Certainty Tech             Dickies Antimicrobial Scrubs Australia featuring Certainty Protection


There are many benefits that using antimcrobial protective technologies provides over regular fabrics. Read below to find out more about the technology and science behind antimicrobial scrubs.

CERTAINTY™ and CERTAINTY PLUS™ are revolutionary fabric technologies that turn ordinary scrubs into protective, highly durable uniforms. Dickies Medical Scrubs Australia being a market leader use these advanced technologies add freshness and peace of mind to the next generation of healthcare apparel.

CERTAINTY features a revolutionary antimicrobial technology that provides long-lasting freshness and reliable protection against unwanted bacteria.

CERTAINTY PLUS offers dual protection. Fabric is treated with antimicrobial for reliable protection against unwanted bacteria and NANOTEX. Resist Spills, the next generation of liquid repellcy.


  • Reduces the growth of unwanted bacteria on the fabric
  • Long-lasting protection won't wash off or wear off for the life of the garment
  • Keeps you fresh and odor free all day, every day
  • Delivers a better cleaned scrub, reducing bacterial loads prior to and during laundering
  • Superior performance without sacrificing the look, feel or comfort of the fabric
  • EPA-registered antimicrobial agent

Independent, third party microbiological laboratories have shown that samples properly treated with CERTAINTY and CERTAINTY PLUS antimicrobial technology demonstrate a 99.9% or greater bacterial reduction after 50 home launderings.


  • Provides protection from a wide range of liquid spills and stains, including blood and Betadine®
  • Protects the wearer with superior performance even after 50 home launderings
  • Breathable and durable
  • Retains the fabric's natural softness for all-day comfort
  • PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) free
SILVADUR by DOW Chemical Antimicrobial

CERTAINTY™ features the patented freshness technology of SILVADUR™, which keeps bacteria at bay so scrubs stay fresh and odor free. CERTAINTY gives wearers confidence that their scrubs look professional and maintain their fit throughout the rigors of their daily work.

The durable, long-lasting antimicrobial protection of SILVADUR™ withstands high temperatures and chlorine launderings, extending the useful life of the garment. (Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended laundry guidelines.)

CERTAINTY Antimicrobial inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast, and algea

The SILVADUR promise:

  • Keeps scrubs fresher longer
  • Provides long lasting odor control and reliable fabric protection against unwanted bacteria that causes odor
  • Silver ion technology works continuously and invisibly, inhibiting microbial growth and bacteria build up
  • Extends the strength and life of the garment
  • Long lasting freshness
  • Homogeneous silver finishthroughout garment or textile product
  • Reliable protection against unwanted bacteria
  • No premature release of silver ions
  • Allows for activation only in the presence of unwanted bacteria
  • Extends the strength and life of textile products
NANOTEX®Fluid Barrier

CERTAINTY PLUS™ products are enhanced with NANOTEX, a revolutionary fabric technology that uses nantechnology — tiny molecules permanently attach to fibers without clogging the fabric weave or compromising the look, feel or comfort of the fabric.

Nanotex Scrubs Australia 
  • Repels liquids
  • Provides long lasting protection
  • Retains fabric’s natural softness
  • Outperforms conventional fabric treatments
  • Extends the life of the fabric
  • Allows fabric to breathe naturally
Dickies Scrubs and Lab Coats with Certainty and Certainty Plus are now available in Australia from Infectious Medical Scrubs. Infectious also has Code Happy printed scrub tops, medical socks and ladies designer hand bags with antimicrobial protection for nurses, doctors and healthcare workers. Be safe. Be smart. Be certain.
*Wash all garments thoroughly after each use. Garments featuring antimicrobial technology do not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses or other disease organisms. Always follow all best practices for infection prevention.


Available from Infectious Medical Scrubs - Australia's most trusted scrub uniform supplier

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