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Men's Hospital Stock Scrubs

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Mens Hospital Healthcare Uniforms supplied by Infectious Medical Scrubs as stock

Infectious Medical Uniforms has a great range of pre-embroidered stock scrubs for hospitals. We have scrubs already embroidered with the hospital logos for fast turn around times and order is made easy by using the ordering pages below. 

Please contact us if you would like to add your hospital to our stock scrubs pages.

Hospital Scrubs Australia

Liverpool Hospital Emergency Doctors Scrubs https://www.infectious.com.au/liverpool
NSW Health Uniforms Nurses & Doctors https://www.infectious.com.au/nsw-health
Royal Brisbane Nurses Scrubs https://www.infectious.com.au/royal-brisbane-nurses-scrubs
Royal Prince Alfred Emergency Doctors Scrubs https://www.infectious.com.au/rpa
Royal North Shore Emergency Doctors Scrubs https://www.infectious.com.au/rnsh-ed
St Vincents Hospital Emergency Doctors Scrubs https://www.infectious.com.au/svh-ed
Westmead Hospital Emergency Doctors Scrubs https://www.infectious.com.au/westmead-ed


Sydney & NSW Hospitals Banner

Albury Hospital Nurses https://www.infectious.com.au/albury
Alpine Health Nurses  https://www.infectious.com.au/alpine-health
Bankstown Emergency Doctors  https://www.infectious.com.au/bankstown-emergency
Blacktown Emergency Doctors  https://www.infectious.com.au/blacktown
Bowral Emergency Doctors  https://www.infectious.com.au/bowral-emergency-department
Concord Private Hospital https://www.infectious.com.au/concord-private-hospital
Cunderdin Health Uniforms  https://www.infectious.com.au/cunderdin
Dalby Health Nurses Uniforms  https://www.infectious.com.au/dalby
Forestview Health Uniforms  https://www.infectious.com.au/forestview
Iphoa Hospitals Uniforms  https://www.infectious.com.au/iphoa
Laser Clinics Australia  https://www.infectious.com.au/laserclinics-australia
Longueville Private Hospital  https://www.infectious.com.au/longueville
Mackay Hospital ICU  https://www.infectious.com.au/mackay-icu
Mackay Hospital Midwives  https://www.infectious.com.au/mackay-midwives
Nepean Hospital Emergency   https://www.infectious.com.au/nepean-ed
Nepean Hospital ICU   https://www.infectious.com.au/nepean-icu
Queensland Health Uniforms  https://www.infectious.com.au/queensland-health-scrubs
Royal Brisbane 9AS  https://www.infectious.com.au/rbwh-9as
Royal Brisbane BMT  https://www.infectious.com.au/rbwh-bmt
Royal Brisbane ICU  https://www.infectious.com.au/rbwh-icu
Royal Brisbane Orthopaedics  https://www.infectious.com.au/rbwh-ortho
St George Emergency  https://www.infectious.com.au/stgeorge
Sunshine Coast University Hospital  https://www.infectious.com.au/schhs-nurses
Sunshine Coast Medical Imaging  https://www.infectious.com.au/schhs-medical-imaging
Silk Laser Clinics  https://www.infectious.com.au/silk-laser
St Vincents Medical Imaging  https://www.infectious.com.au/svhm-imaging
The Bays Hospital  https://www.infectious.com.au/the-bays-hospital
University of Sunshine Coast  https://www.infectious.com.au/usc-nurses
Wesley Hospital Paediatrics  https://www.infectious.com.au/wesley-hospital-paediatrics
Wodonga Hospital Nurses  https://www.infectious.com.au/wodonga

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We are the number one scrubs retailer & sell Dickies Scrubs exclusively in Australia!

Mens Hospital Stock Scrubs Sydney and Brisbane The best Men's medical scrubs in Australia. Choose from the best brands like Dickies and WonderWink Men's fit scrubs. Larger in size and very durable. Convenient online shopping with fast delivery Australia wide.