Infectious Authorised Australian Reseller of Dickies Medical Apparel

PREMIUM QUALITY MEDICAL UNIFORMS FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS. No matter what your industry Dickies has got you covered. From hard working classics to the latest in medical workwear uniforms. Each of the Dickies scrubs collections features its own fabric and styling. Choose the collection that suits you and your workplace best, no matter which scrubs you buy Dickies scrubs will have you looking your best.

Dickies Scrubs are built to work for you, just like you were born to work as a healthcare provider. Bringing comfort and functionality to the fast paced world of medicine, Dickies Medical Uniforms deliver expert craftsmanship, value, and style to your work uniform. Infectious is the only Authorised Reseller of Dickies Medical Apparel in Australia. The choice is easy when buying medical uniforms choose Dickies, choose Infectious.

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Infectious respects the dedication and hard work that Australian healthcare professionals do every day. We know that your expertise is in delivering quality healthcare and you probably have no idea how to choose a uniform for your  team. This is where Infectious comes in and takes away the leg work of finding a quality and comfortable uniform that your team will wear with pride. Call Infectious today so we can be the guide to a uniform solution for your nursing team.