The Best Spa Uniforms To Wear

At Infectious Clothing Company we have the largest range of spa uniforms available to purchase online.

We understand that spa uniforms needs be polished and professional while also being comfortable and functional. Gone are the days of ill fitting, boring work wear that doesn’t flatter your figure. Our stylish range of spa uniforms are exactly what you and your team have been looking for.

Why not personalise your uniforms with our embroidery service to give it that extra professional look. We only sell the best brands that and below are our favourite beauty brands that we recommend

Dickies Xtreme Stretch

The Dickie Xtreme Stretch uniforms are made from a fabric that you have never seen before. With complete movement freedom you will no longer be constricted to do your best work. With a silky soft feel to touch and with no ironing required there are many reasons why they are one of our top sellers. 

Cherokee Infinity 

The fabric used in the Cherokee Infinity range has a unique four way stretch which has been designed with movement and flexibility in mind. The fabric is wrinkle resistant to save you valuable time. With a comfortable stretch fabric that makes it easy to wear your uniform on those long shifts. With an athletic fit designed into the uniform the ultra-comfy and ultra-fashionable option is always an industry favourite, it is the perfect combo for your beauty, spa or laser clinic.

WonderWink W123

The WonderWink W123 range is one of their most popular collections and it is obvious why. With no ironing required and a classic and elegant look this range is a clear favourite with our customers. WonderWink have taken careful consideration for small details that elevate the brand. The styling choices make sure that the scrubs are always fashionable yet comfortable. Being comfortable and stylish on the job is key to the success of your clinic. The range offers nine colours so that you can brand your team in the most stylish way possible.


The Giblor beauty range includes water repellent fabric that continues to keep its softness and breathability. With a special treatment called SilverPlus the antibacterial protection prevents odour. The professional look and feel that this brand gives your clinic is matched by its comfort and wearability. 

Biz Collection

The unique 2 way stretch fabric allows for maximum movement while offering the comfort that all therapists deserve. The fabric fits beautifully and resists clinging. The black stays black and with no shrinkage your uniform will stay looking professional. Perfect for beauty therapists, laser clinic or day spa


For an ultra modern lab coat look no further than Medelita. The sleek athletic fit is designed for the teams who are wanting to step up their game. With a modern high lapel, tailored arms and made from premium stretch, anti wrinkle fabric. Including modern styling this brand is a favourite for those in the laser, beauty and spa industry. 


All of our stylish spa uniforms are available for purchase online or in-store at our Sunshine Coast location. The address is 19/24 Hoopers Road, Kunda Park, 4556 QLD.

We offer free returns as we love to provide a hassle free shopping experience for all of our valued customers. 

Why a Work Uniform is Good for your Business

There are so many reasons why a work uniform is good for your business and your employees. With so much choice out there and some fun and different options now on the market, it is a great time to think about your company's uniforms and how it can help with the overall identity of your practice.

There is no doubt a uniform can help create a consistent and branded image for your company. By having your employees wear a uniform it is basically a form of free advertising. Your workers essentially become your brand ambassadors both inside and outside of work. Create a great first impression with your staff uniforms and really elevate your brand with a consistent and creative look.

Scrubs and Lab Coats Medical Work Uniform Medelita by

The health profession is not historically known for unique or creative work wear options. The current emerging uniform options are a great way to build morale and create a sense of pride in your workplace. Scrubs and workwear no longer have to be boring,  instills a sense of fun and a point of difference by creating a branded look with your uniforms. Lift the team spirit and create a sense of belonging with a branded work uniform that workers can be proud of .

Project a professional and consistent image with your workwear. How your employees look is vital to a workplace’s corporate identity. Stylish, comfortable scrubs are a great way to elevate your brand and enhance your corporate identity.

Implementing a uniform into your workplace ensures a consistent standard and helps alleviate any problems around what is and isn’t appropriate workwear within the workplace. Uniforms ensure all staff understand the expectation around uniform policy. Alleviate workplace and employee dramas and make it easier day to day for employees to choose their daily workwear. Employees will thank you for taking out the daily decision as to “what to wear” each day, and alleviating the expense of finding their own workwear.

Scrubs, Scrub Jackets with Embroidery Uniforms by

Ensure your staff are wearing the uniform that complies with workplace health and safety standards by making sure they wear the uniform of company choice. Functionality, safety  and practicality are critical in the health industry and a uniform ensures staff meet any compliance standards.

Infectious is Australia's leader is premium quality medical uniforms. Infectious has Australia's largest range of premium scrubs brands and our uniform solutions include scrubs, lab coats, scrub jackets, printed and patterned scrubs, corporate wear, tunics and all items can be customised with precision embroidery.

What are the best scrubs brands in Australia 2021? 

    • Dickies - Hard working classic scrub designs with the latest fabric technology and extraordinary attention to quality
    • WonderWink - "Expect compliments" WonderWink  make fashion inspired scrubs using modern fits and fabrics as well as making them functional for work. Made for a younger market, many scrubs collections to choose from including jogger pants. 
    • Medelita - "Elevate your Appearance" Contemporary fit lab coats and scrubs made with advanced fabrics and modern styling
    • Landau - Has been in the scrubs business for over 50 years and has a reputation for quality and innovation.

Choose your next set of scrubs from one of the premium brands from the USA and you can't go wrong.

Infectious is Authorised Australian Distributor of Careismatic Brands (Cherokee, Dickies, Heart and Soul, Anywear Footwear, Infinity Footwear), CID Resources Brands (WonderWink, Carhartt, Zoe & Chloe)