Modern slavery is a heinous human rights violation that controls, coerces or exploits millions of people worldwide. This morally reprehensible act involves deception, violence and a lack of freedom. 

Infectious Clothing Company acknowledges that modern slavery occurs in every country and every business is at risk through their operation. However, our zero-tolerance approach drives us to ensure we do not deprive people of their basic human to lead dignified lives. Our commitment to preventing slavery and human trafficking in our operation and supply chain allows us to combat modern slavery, as explained in our statement below.

This modern slavery statement outlines our actions to identify potential modern slavery risks for our business. It also shows our understanding of the necessary steps to prevent slavery and human trafficking. 



  • Our business is Infectious Clothing Company.
  • We provide medical uniforms, garments and accessories supplied by local, national and international manufacturers. 
  • We service customers in Australia.

We establish a mutually beneficial relationship of trust and integrity with our suppliers. Our supplier selection and onboarding procedure includes due diligence of the supplier’s reputation, respect for the law, compliance with health, safety and environmental standards, and references.

We haven’t been made aware of any allegations of human trafficking/slavery activities against our suppliers. However, if allegations occurred, we would confront the supplier immediately and notify the authorities.



In the past year, we conducted a risk assessment of our supply chain by taking into account:

  • The risk profile of individual countries based on the Global Slavery Index
  • The business services rendered by the suppliers
  • The presence of vulnerable demographic groups
  • A news analysis and the insights of labour and human rights groups

This assessment will determine our response and the risk controls that we implement.



Infectious Clothing Company regularly conducts due diligence on all new suppliers during onboarding and on existing suppliers. This includes:

  • Assessing risks in the provision of particular services or products

We require all suppliers to attest that:

  • They don’t use any form of forced, compulsory or slave labour.
  • Their employees work voluntarily and are entitled to leave work.
  • They provide each employee with an employment contract with a reasonable notice period for terminating their employment.
  • They don’t require employees to post a deposit/bond and don’t withhold their salaries for any reason.
  • They don’t require employees to surrender their passports or work permits as a condition of employment.



Infectious Clothing Company has made our position public by putting this statement on our website and by informing our team of our values, including:

  • Our commitment to the fight against modern slavery
  • Red flags for potential cases of slavery or human trafficking
  • How employees should report suspicions of modern slavery.
  • How employees should respond if they suspect slavery or human trafficking.

Updated 27th September 2023.