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Are you buying uniforms for your entire team and don't know where to start? Infectious will help you choose a uniform solution that is right for you and your team. Let Infectious be the cure and take the stress out of uniforms for you. Start your Business order now.

Why companies love infectious


Infectious makes choosing a uniform easy. Our experienced sales team will review your requirements and recommend a uniform solution this is perfect for you. 


We are the number one scrubs retailer in Australia & sell leading brands like Dickies, Cherokee, WonderWink and Zoe + Chloe. We also specialise in corporate style medical uniform and embroidery.


Ordering for businesses has never been easier with our custom designed online ordering portals. Ask us how we can streamline ordering for your healthcare facility.

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Infectious Clothing range now includes scrubs, footwear, lab coats and clinical corporate wear designed with the latest technology and innovation


Since 2001, our goal has always been to offer a whole uniform solution inclusive of the highest quality product, and most exceptional customer service


Infectious helps our customers transform their tired uniforms into a comfortable branded uniform solution that best represents your organisation and that your team will be proud to wear.

  • 1 – Free Uniform Review
  • 2 – Sample Ranges for Fittings
  • 3 – Ordering and Delivery though our custom uniform management system

Making Uniforms Easy

With a background in the nursing, Infectious Clothing founder Pete Doran, understands the demands of healthcare workers. You are highly trained and experienced when it comes to delivering exceptional care but most likely you have no idea where to start when it comes to implementing a uniform for your team. That is why the goal of Infectious Clothing is to take the hassle out of choosing what's right for you and your team. We do this by guiding you through the whole process and providing solutions that will give you the right look and make your team proud to wear your uniforms.

We understand that it’s a big task, with so many options, suppliers and people to please. 

Let Infectious make it easy for you!

As specialists in the healthcare uniform industry for almost two decades we know just what you need and how to deliver it. 

Contact us to see how we can help you and your care team.

Simple Uniform Solution Plan

With the expert guidance of Infectious Clothing your existing uniforms will be transformed into a coordinated and branded uniform solution that your team will be proud to wear.