Genuine Industry Scrubs Collection by Dickies


Wash. Wear. Repeat.

Introducing Dickies Industrial Strength Medical Uniforms: High-quality pieces designed for high-powered solutions. GID uniforms are designed with the same functionality and durability for which Dickies is known. Manufactured from an 80 Poly/20 Cotton mechanical stretch twill, these scrubs offer retail-like styling with the comfort and protection healthcare workers need. These industrial strength scrubs have been washed-tested 75 times at 70C and meet the patient care product performance standards. They maintain quality through the rigorous hot wash laundry process of keeping healthcare workers hygienically safe and hold up during long shifts and challenging situations. 

Industrial Wash Friendly Uniforms. Strong and Durable Medical Apparel.
Dickies Genuine Industry Scrubs are Built to Last.
Dickies Genuine Industry Scrubs - Built To Last - Industrial Wash Friendly |


Finally, a top-quality scrubs product that withstands industrial-strength laundries. From Dickies Medical Apparel the brand famous for its ultra-tough workwear is a collection of unisex and women's scrubs that have been made to withstand high-temperature washes. Perfect for surgical facilities that require high-temperature washing of their uniforms like day surgery clinics, endoscopy, veterinary surgery, eye hospitals and hospital operating theatres.

How long do your surgical scrubs last before they need replacing? 

Dickies Industrial Strength Scrubs sold by Infectious Clothing Company Australia

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