Infectious prioritises sustainability.

We aim to inspire positive change in the industry and contribute to a healthier planet. Our company is committed to promoting sustainability through our medical apparel and accessories and minimising our environmental footprint through ethically sourcing products and other sustainable practices.

Ethical and Sustainable


Product options are available using recycled materials.


Using accredited factories and ethical sourcing.


Antimicrobial and fluid barrier options that inhibit the growth of viruses and bacteria.

Our Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is embedded in our culture. 

We recognise our responsibility to the planet and future generations, and through our sustainable practices, we can enhance our world’s ecological, community and economic vitality. 

Our inclusive working environment fosters personal and professional growth through training and development opportunities. We are passionate about our industry and provide mentorship to provide employment and mentorship within our community.

Ethical Sourcing

We understand our environmentally conscious customers seek products that align with their values. As your one-stop shop for medical uniforms and accessories, we are dedicated to meeting your sustainability needs by ensuring our products are ethically sourced.

Infectious follows strict processes when engaging potential suppliers and our commitment to sourcing ethically made products has connected us with companies who share our dedication to a cleaner, better planet. 

Our suppliers employ sustainable practices and initiatives in all aspects of their production and productivity, from utilising eco-friendly materials and reducing waste in production to designing durable, energy-efficient products.

WonderWink Renew - Ethically Sourced Scrubs for Healthcare - Infectious Clothing Company

WonderWink Renew

When caring for your patients, you want to wear stretch scrubs that also care for the planet. The WonderWink RENEW collection is made with fabric that contains the equivalent of five plastic water bottles per garment, so you can feel good about wearing sustainable scrubs that are environmentally friendly, too.

Each garment is made with stretchy spandex, providing supreme softness, total comfort and flexible, feel-good fabric that moves with you. The scrubs also feature FSC-certified paper hang tangs for a lighter footprint.

Our RENEW scrubs collection is wear-tested for quality and durability, giving you cool confidence that lasts even the longest shifts. You will even receive your scrubs in biodegradable packaging. RENEW is available in scrub tops and scrub pants for Men and Women.

City Collection - The Recycle Uniform Collection - Infectious Clothing Company

City Collection Australia - Recycle Range

City Collection Australia® values the importance of sustainability and ethically manufactured products. We adopt ethical standards throughout our production process, from selecting suitable fabrics to garment manufacturers.

Our supplier partnerships are a huge part of our ethical framework. We work with suppliers who adhere to CSR standards and can fulfil environmental, social and corporate governance requirements synonymous with City Collection. 

Our fabrics incorporate recycled polyester, giving a second life to non-biodegradable material that would otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean. We will continue to innovate to make 99% of our healthcare garments sustainable by 2023. Sourcing recycled yarns and fabrications has already commenced for our corporate range.

Other Documents

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