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No matter what your industry Dickies has got you covered. From hard-working classics to the latest in medical workwear uniforms. Each of the Dickies scrubs collections features its own fabric and styling. Choose the collection that suits you and your workplace best, no matter which scrubs you buy Dickies scrubs will have you looking your best.

Infectious is Australia's only authorised reseller of Dickies Medical Apparel 

Dickies Scrubs are built to work for you, in the same way that you were born to work in the medical profession. Dickies delivers the very best comfort, style and function to the demanding world of medicine. A famous Dickies Medical Uniform guarantees expert craftsmanship, value, and commitment to go the distance with everyday workers. The extraordinary attention to quality and deep appreciation of those who care for us is built into every medical garment bearing the Dickies name.

Each of the Dickies collections features its own fabric and styling, with its own exclusive benefits. Choose the collection that you think will enable you to keep up with the challenge. After all, the sole purpose of Dickies scrubs is to help you get the job done right!
Check out our full line of Dickies Men’s & Women’s scrubs and you won’t be disappointed! For any questions regarding colours, sizing, style or fit feel free to reach out to our helpful sales staff and they will be more than happy to assist you.

Dickies Medical Apparel - Sold Exclusively in Australia by Infectious Clothing Company