ADC - American Diagnostic Corporation

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ADC - American Diagnostic Corporation supplies diagnostic instruments of extraordinary design, exceptional quality, and superior performance

ADC products are marketed under many brands, including ADC®, Medicut, Adscope®, Proscope, Diagnostix, Prosphyg, Adtemp, Multikuf, Adlite, Pocket Pal, Responder, Adcuff, System 5, Adflow, Adview®, E-Sphyg, and Adimals®. We also manufacture products under original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and private label contracts for more than a dozen of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors in the acute care, alternate site, nursing, extended care, student, and EMS markets. In fact, ADC is the largest privately held branded and private-label supplier of stethoscopes and blood pressure instruments in the United States. Our products are sold on six continents, in over sixty countries, and are in use by thousands of healthcare institutions and millions of healthcare professionals worldwide.