The medical students are very happy that they get to wear scrubs while on clinical placement in hospitals. They look very professional and the best thing is how easy scrubs are to wash wear again the next day. The medical students have chosen Dickies scrubs with the Australian National University logo on them. Their new scrubs make them easily identifiable to the public as well as the other health professionals working in the hospital. We look forward to supplying every new class of ANU medical students with our medical scrubs.

As medical students, it is important for to present professionally at all times, especially when on clinical placements. This means adhering to the dress code set by the hospital or clinic, which typically includes wearing scrubs.

For those unfamiliar with the term, scrubs are the uniform worn by medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and medical students, while working in a hospital or clinical setting. They are typically made of a lightweight, breathable material, and consist of a top and pants in a solid colour.

At Australian National University (ANU), medical students are required to wear scrubs during their clinical placements as part of the university's dress code policy. This not only ensures that we are easily identifiable as medical students, but also helps to maintain a level of professionalism and respect for the healthcare setting.

Wearing scrubs also serves a practical purpose. Hospitals and clinics can be hectic and fast-paced environments, and it is important that we are able to move around easily and comfortably. Scrubs are designed with this in mind, allowing us to perform our duties without any unnecessary distractions.

Additionally, scrubs help to minimise the risk of infection by preventing the spread of germs. Medical professionals are constantly coming into contact with patients, and it is important that we take steps to protect ourselves and those around us. By wearing scrubs, we can minimise the risk of transmitting germs from one patient to another, as well as protect ourselves from any potential infections.

At ANU, medical students have the option of purchasing their own scrubs or borrowing them from the university. The university provides a range of sizes to ensure that all students have access to properly fitting scrubs. It is important that scrubs fit properly, as ill-fitting scrubs can be a distraction and may even pose a safety hazard.

Overall, wearing scrubs is an important part of the clinical experience for medical students at ANU. It not only helps us to present ourselves professionally, but also serves a practical purpose in protecting ourselves and our patients from infection. As future medical professionals, it is crucial that we take our dress code seriously and always strive to maintain a level of professionalism in all that we do.

October 30, 2013 — Pete Doran