Pacsafe reusable and washable face masks are available for sale in Australia through Infectious Clothing Company. The reusable Silver Ion face mask is the next level of technology for protective face masks. Consider reusable masks the new essentials for keeping you safe every day.

The Silver Ion mask by Pacsafe provides high levels of filtration in a comfortable garment that is totally reusable and washable. 


  • Advanced Silver Ions layer which effectively filters out airborne particles down to 2.5 microns
  • 3D Skeleton construction layer to create room for comfort and facilitates easy breathing and talking.
  • Anti-odour lining layer which is made of ultra-soft modal fabric and graphene to effectively neutralise odour
  • Adjustable straps and adjustable nose clip. Sterilised and vacuum sealed before shipping for added peace of mind.

When considering the purchase of a protective face mask check if to see if the features match the advanced Silver Ion mask by Pacsafe.

Pacsafe Silver Ion Face Mask Australia


July 28, 2020 — Pete Doran