Clothes make a man it is said and comfortable clothes do make a happy man. When the temperatures soar and the heat is rising it can be very difficult to work if one is dressed in uncomfortable or ill-fitting clothes. The textiles used in high temperate zones are textured to be soothing to the skin and let it breathe. The fabric should soak the sweat rather than feel clammy and sticky as this would lead to irritability and exhaustion thus ending up in poor work performance. It may be easier to purchase skin and work-friendly clothing like Dickies Australia who makes the most comfortable durable work pants in the market. They have a good blend of cotton and little of polyester whereby the clothes are a wrinkle, stain-free and also soft on the skin. 

One is advised to take lots of liquids to avoid the body being dehydrated in hot climates. In the same way, you should wear the right clothes that keep you cool and hydrated. Spending long hours in the sun working or in the hot climatic environment can leave you drained and perspiring. Based on the assumption that there should be a healthy circulation of air, fabrics worn in tropical regions should be porous and not dense. Clothes should be free-flowing and not be a tight fit. And for daily wear, they should be of low maintenance. I have tried many brands and materials and found that Dickies clothing is a notch above and match the criteria I am looking for. They are easy on the eye and easy on the pocket too.

100% Cotton fabric is not suitable for work clothes as it shrinks, wrinkles and fades easily.  I have had to discard my cotton clothes a soon time after buying them.  When a friend mentioned Dickies clothing I had heard of them but had not actually tried them. Now I am hooked and love to work in their work pants and also lounge around at home in Dickies shorts.

Cotton is an exceptional material for an oppressive climate as it allows the heat to dissolve and decreasing clamminess. It also soaks up moisture easily, thereby keeping the skin dry and escalating evaporation. Another useful property of cotton is that it can be machine washed and dried. As sweat builds up in a hot climate, the ability to wash clothing quickly and easily is a definite advantage. Generally, light coloured fabrics are better for a hot climate, because they reflect light and heat. White, beige, and pastel shades are common choices, and they can be embellished with thread to create colourful designs. Tropics-themed textiles do not have to be dull white or shockingly patterned and one can wear any colour coordinates of your choice. 

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October 25, 2012 — Pete Doran