Twitter is a platform that professionals can use to participate in conversations with other professionals and the general public, can ask and answer questions leading to the increase in knowledge for everyone. In the past couple of years, nurses around Australia and the world started to share quality, evidence-based research and information using the twitter hashtag #FOANed. (Free Open-Access Nursing Education) #FOANed can help improve nursing practice and increase awareness and professionalism in nursing.

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Twitter is great for connecting with people across Australia and the world in the blink of an eye. You can have conversions with someone in Adelaide one minute and Brisbane the next or you could follow a nurse who lives in Sydney, London or New York. Connect with anyone from anywhere instantly.

While social media can be a very useful tool it can also have the downside of never really being private. Remember that whatever you say on social media is out there in the public domain for everyone to read. Please be mindful of what you say and share and a good rule of thumb is, "If you wouldn’t say something publicly, you shouldn’t broadcast it electronically – and you can be in both professional and legal trouble for things you publish or re-publish electronically, including libellous or defamatory statements.


Infectious recommends the following twitter accounts and blogs for nurses who want to stay up to date with nursing education and research.

@thenursepath       by Ian Miller "helping nurses find the way"

@nurseuncut          Nurse Uncut is a blog by & for Australian nurses & midwives about all aspects of nursing. 

@injectable_orange    Education, sim, podcasting, evidence, pt voice, resus, Critical Care, Clinical Nurse Consultant ICU

#FOANed               twitter hashtag


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March 03, 2016 — Pete Doran