Have you tried the scrubs from the Sustainable Wonderwink RENEW? 

The fabric of these environmentally friendly scrubs are made from a nice blend of polyester, recycled polyester and spandex. This keeps five single-use plastic bottles out of landfill! Even the hang tags are printed onto environmentally friendly and socially responsible paper. These durable and reliable scrubs last the distance.

We are passionate about reducing our environmental footprint to help our planet last for centuries. Besides wearing the range from Wonderwink RENEW, here are some other ways that you and your colleagues can be more sustainable in your workplace:

Implement a workplace mission to encourage a more eco-conscious mentality

By creating a joint mission to decrease your workplace’s ecological footprint, everyone will help each other to stay more accountable. Education can play a huge role in this; sharing information about your ‘why’ and statistics on how our small changes can could be a great thing to include in a staff communication channel. Also, ask your team what they consider to be essential to sustainability. Your team will feel more aligned with this green thinking, especially if they have personal input.

Switch to biodegradable coffee pods

Does your break room have a coffee machine? If so, what coffee do you use? If you have a pod machine, it may be worth considering using biodegradable coffee pods as the aluminium capsules take years to compress.


Invest in a good quality water bottle

Are you a serial purchaser of water bottles? If you invest in a quality water bottle, not only are you reducing waste - you are also saving money. Win-win!

Go digital where you can

How much of your paperwork can be transitioned to a digital space? Not only will this help with recall, but it will also help the environment. For example, if your clinic currently uses a paper notice board, consider having a Facebook Group to pin your notices. If you are still printing payslips, consider taking all of this digital.

Consider your commute

Do you and your colleagues live close enough to turn your work commute into a bike ride or carpool? Or are you close to public transport to help minimise emissions? Getting a train or bus to work will not only help to minimise overall car emissions but also give you more time to be productive or relax!

Adopt some office/clinic plants

Bringing some of the outdoors inside can boost oxygen levels, remove harmful pollutants such as carbon dioxide, and promote a more calming environment to work in. 

Consider the well-being of your team members.

The health and happiness of your team play a subliminal role in having a team open to engaging in more environmentally friendly practices. Small things like free fruit bowls and fortnightly yoga can help to keep your staff focused on their health and mindset. 

What did you pack your lunch in?

There are many alternatives to glad wrap and disposable sandwich bags. Beeswax lunch wraps, sustainable containers and empty jam jars are some great options to transport your food!

We realise this information may seem overwhelming, mainly if this is relatively new territory for you to entertain. The main thing to remember is that you and your team do not have to do everything at once; at least do something. What is one thing you can implement into your workplace today that will direct the planet towards a more sustainable future?

June 23, 2022 — Kara de Schot