Any industry that involves scrubs usually loves air conditioning. Add this to Winter and you can have quite a chilly work environment! To stay warm, see below for our top tips for styling your scrubs during winter.

Long sleeve tops underneath your scrubs
We are aware this one isn’t revolutionary however we love this trick! Especially if you are wearing one of our printed scrubs and don’t want to cover up the fun design. The most ideal undershirt is the WonderWink Silky Long Sleeve Tee. This soft-to-touch and breathable blend of Viscose and Spandex will have you feeling cosy on those winter days and nights. This style comes in a variety of colours to choose from!

Leggings under your scrub pants
We have a wide variety of scrub pants for men and women that allow you to comfortably and subtly wear another layer of comfort underneath. Sport some leggings underneath your scrub pants for some undercover warmth. 

Outerwear: Jackets or Vests
Our range of Jackets and Vests is of the highest quality in the industry. We stock garments from leading apparel brands such as Biz Collection and City Collection. Our outerwear keeps you warm whilst maintaining your professional appearance. Did you know that we can also add any precision embroidery to any item so you won’t have to worry about covering up your branding! If you are seeking something a little more corporate, we love the Bianca Jacket - a timeless blazer that you will have for years to come. 

The feet play a major role in how warm we feel. This is due to the feet having not much muscle, they are renowned for cooling faster than other parts of the body. To help regulate the rest of our body temperature, it is important that our feet are kept warm! We have a great range of compression socks that are an essential winter wardrobe item. These are great to pair with our range of footwear as well, the ultimate comfort combination. 

Another great warming accessory is a coffee or tea. Cheers to winter!

June 23, 2022 — Kara de Schot