When working in a fast-paced, high-stress environment, the last thing you want to worry about is your clothing! That’s why scrubs are the most practical solution. We’re sure you will agree, finding the perfect set of scrubs is a gamechanger! 

When it comes to buying your scrubs, we have a few tips to keep in mind to ensure you get the perfect pair of scrubs that ticks all the boxes. 

Quality Matters

One thing you never want to compromise on is quality. The age-old saying of “quality over quantity” rings true in most settings, and it’s no different when purchasing your workwear. The last thing you want is for your stitching to come apart or your scrubs to fade only after a few weeks' wear. 

When looking for your perfect pair of scrubs, choosing ones that are durable and of good quality is a must. The range of scrubs styles and brands available at Infectious are quality tested, to ensure you receive the best products possible. For over 20 years we’ve been souring medical uniforms and workwear for this reason - to provide you with long-lasting uniforms!


Brand Matters

We understand that finding the perfect pair of scrubs is hard and once you’ve found that pair, no other brand matters. But did you know you may be missing out on so much more?

At Infectious we stock the world’s leading medical uniform brands such as  Dickies, Cherokee and WonderWink. These brands are at the forefront of scrubs fashion. They conduct extensive product testing so you know they will fit just right! 

If you’re thinking of changing up your uniforms, have a look through our website and compare the different brands available. They differ slightly in terms of shape and price, but they are all high-quality and designed to last. 

Pockets are Your Friend

You can never have enough pockets! During your shift, we know that your pockets will get filled with all sorts of items from alcohol pads, to scissors, to way too many pens for you to count. 

Not having enough pockets can be frustrating. So when buying scrubs, opt for ones that have numerous pocket spaces. 

Some of our favourite scrubs with pockets are the Wonderwink W123 Jogger in Ciel Blue and the Cherokee Revolutions Men’s V Neck in Hunter Green

Colours Count (Sometimes)

Who doesn’t love a colourful scrub? At Infectious, the world is your oyster regarding our colour selections. From pink, purple, khaki green and almost every pattern you can imagine, we have no short of colours. 

Our latest colours and sizes have just landed. Check out our range here

Just make sure when you buy your scrubs, check if there is a colour scheme required first at your workplace. No one wants to be the odd one out in the hallway!

Make Sure They Fit

Having the right size scrubs is a must. You want to ensure they are loose-fitting whilst also being the correct size for your frame. As comfy as they are, you don't want them so baggy that they're constantly getting in the way!  

We always say if you have the option to try them on before buying, definitely do it. Our office is located in Kunda Park, QLD and is open Monday - Friday - you can come in and try on different scrubs for size, to make sure they are the perfect fit.

Buy Enough 

Washing every night of the week is not ideal. After long hours or being run off your feet on a shift, the last thing you want is to come home and do laundry. Make sure you always have a few pairs of scrubs to ensure you’re not stuck doing washing before every shift. Having multiple sets of scrubs means you can rotate through a number of clean scrubs and do a big load at the end of the week. 

Now that we’ve outlined how to find the perfect pair of scrubs - it’s time to get shopping! 
Check out our wide range of scrubs available online. You’re bound to find something that’ll be the right fit for your needs. Shop here.

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Our team are embroidery experts for giving your uniforms that professional touch. All logos are digitised, colour matched and stored on file for future use. Our expert embroidery team will replicate your hospital or clinic logo with precision stitching that will look great and enhance your uniforms and team culture.

March 16, 2022 — Kara de Schot