Did you know that the colour of your clothing has an influence on your own mood? More importantly, did you know that those colours also have an influence on everyone else's mood around you? 

We have spent a long time in the healthcare industry, and it’s always amazing to watch people gravitate toward certain coloured scrubs that suit their style or persona. But something else to consider is that the colour of your uniform will also impact your patients. Colours can sway people's perceptions, judgements and even influence their behaviours. 

So, I bet you're wondering how exactly does the colour of your scrubs have on patients? Well, let's find out!

Purple Scrubs

Even though purple is a common scrubs colour, it can often put out mixed feelings. It can be viewed as childish or immature or as a strong royal colour evoking feelings of empowerment. 

Fortunately, purple is not too hard on the eyes, making this a popular colour choice. Grab your purple scrubs here >> https://bit.ly/35Ekqdy 

Red Scrubs

If you want to communicate strength, passion and attention - red is the scrub colour for you! 

Also considered the colour of love, red tends to make the person wearing it appear fearless. This colour instils a sense of confidence in your patients and has the ability to quickly grab the attention of a whole room. 

Green Scrubs

Out of all the colours, green is one of the best to choose from! It's easy on the eyes and is associated with healing, wisdom, peace and tranquillity. It's also been known to help reduce stress - which we all need! 

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Pink Scrubs

Unlike red's ability to evoke strong emotions, pink communicates feelings of calmness, friendliness, nurture and compassion. Because of this, pink is often a great colour for medical professionals working with children! 

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Yellow Scrubs

As most of us probably know, yellow is viewed as bright and optimistic. The colour is often associated with children due to its cheerful vibes. This positive colour can help minimise feelings of anxiety and nervousness. 

Yellow scrubs would be ideal for those working in pediatrics or dental professions with children. 

White Scrubs

White used to be the predominant colour for scrubs because it represented cleanliness and purity. This has since become an unpopular colour as white scrubs caused headaches, creating eyestrain and visual fatigue. Although used to convey cleanliness, unless cleaned properly, white scrubs can look unkempt. 

Blue Scrubs

Although blue is the most common choice for scrubs, there is a good reason why. This colour helps you appear professional, generous and calm whilst making people feel relaxed, easing anxiety and lowering blood pressure. 

If dark enough, this colour is great for surgeons as it helps hide marks and stains. Check out our range of blue scrubs >> https://bit.ly/3vqm0uh

Well, what's the best colour of scrubs then? Unless your work requires you to wear specific colours, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Blue and green are usually the safest choices, though pink and purple may suit certain people's preferences - they are certainly bright and fun! 

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March 16, 2022 — Pete Doran