We get to meet so many amazing nurses and recently we have met Michelle Gordon from The Healthy Happy Nurse.

Still working as a nurse she understands the highs and lows of working in the nursing profession. After reaching burnout she found her way out and now wants to help other nurses live healthy happy lives through her Healthy Happy Nurse Program. 

Happy Nurse

Michelle is a true inspiration so we wanted to share her story and program with you and also invite you to join our Fun Friday Scrub Club.

Fun Scrubs bring just that - a tonne of fun into environments that can be incredibly stressful -rewarding and deeply moving at the same time.
Are you looking for a way to bring some fun to your hard-working medical teams! Infectious Clothing is now working with hospitals and medical facilities across the country on the Fun Friday Scrub Club Movement.

Are you starting to feel burnt out? In our dynamic and complex profession, stress and burnout in nursing is very real.

It may start with feeling misaligned, unfulfilled and frustrated. Then before you know it you can find yourself in extreme overwhelm, feeling lost, frustrated and completely exhausted.

The Healthy Happy Nurse - A 12 week online and interactive program

Focused on helping you transform your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.
October 09, 2020 — Pete Doran