What Are the Best Nursing Scrubs? Your Top Choices Revealed

At Infectious, we understand that finding the perfect nurse scrub is essential to excel in your role. Nursing uniforms are practically a second skin for professionals in the healthcare sector; hence, choosing the right pair is crucial. Let’s delve into what makes a scrub the best choice for nurses.

Q: What makes WonderWink W123 the best choice for nursing scrubs?

A: WonderWink W123 stands out as the ultimate choice for nursing scrubs due to its comfort, style, and functionality blend. Designed with the needs of healthcare professionals in mind, these scrubs are available in 18 different colours for both men and women, facilitating the easy outfitting of your entire nursing team with top-quality uniforms.


Q: What should one look for while buying the best nurse uniforms?

A: When buying the best nurse uniforms, one should consider factors such as style, fabric type, and fit. At Infectious, we offer a curated list of the top picks available online, helping you find the nursing uniforms that meet all your requirements.

List of the Best Nursing Scrubs 2023:

  1. WonderWink W123 Scrubs
    • Fabric: High-quality 4-way stretch fabric
    • Features: Quick-drying and effective moisture-wicking
    • Additional Features: Front and back pockets, pen slots, bottom vents, chest pockets, cellphone holders, badge loops, and hidden pockets
    • Available Colors: 18 vibrant colours for both men and women

Q: What makes WonderWink W123 scrubs exceptionally comfortable?

A: The W123 scrubs by WonderWink are crafted with a high-quality 4-way stretch fabric that ensures quick drying and adequate moisture wicking, allowing you to stay comfortable and sweat-free throughout your shift. The scrubs are designed to support every movement, providing exceptional comfort and functionality with a range of features to facilitate your daily tasks.

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Q: What are the features of WonderWink Origins scrubs?

A: WonderWink Origins scrubs are known for their comfort, style, and durability, offering great value for money. The scrubs are crafted with a soft blend of polyester and cotton that maintains its shape even during active shifts. Despite being affordable, they boast premium features such as bungy ID loops and segmented pockets, competing well against more expensive medical scrubs.

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WonderWink 6016 Origins Women's Scrub Top

Q: Why choose Dickies Balance Scrubs?

A: Dickies Balance scrubs are crafted from a special blend of polyester, cotton, and spandex, making these scrubs soft, stretchy, and comfortable to wear throughout the day. They are also resistant to wrinkles and easy to care for, making them a practical choice for busy medical professionals who don't have time to iron their uniforms. stand out for their extreme ease of movement, thanks to the 4-way stretch fabric. The innovative technology used in the material ensures the scrubs are cool and comfortable for long periods, requiring minimal to no ironing. It's a go-to choice for those prioritising comfort and easy maintenance in their nursing uniforms.

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Q: What makes Dickies Every Day (EDS) scrubs a durable choice?

A: Dickies EDS scrubs are renowned for their strength and durability, attributed to the double-needle stitching that prevents tearing at stress points. These cotton-rich scrubs are easy to care for, getting softer with each wash while quickly drying. The soil-release feature of the fabric makes it a practical choice for busy healthcare professionals.

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Dickies EDS Every Day Scrubs

Q: What sets Cherokee Revolution scrubs apart?

A: Cherokee Revolution scrubs offer a modern fit that is neither loose nor baggy, tailored for the contemporary medical professional. The fabric incorporates Certainty Protective Technology, which reduces the growth of odour-causing bacteria and other pathogens and is water-repellant. These features ensure you stay fresh and protected throughout your shift.

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Cherokee Revolution Scrubs

Q: Why choose Infectious for your nursing scrubs?

A: At Infectious, we are the most extensive online medical uniform store in Australia and a team of apparel professionals who understand the need for comfortable workwear. Infectious surpass other providers like Figs by offering a range of top scrub brands in Australia and exceptional customer service to resolve any issues swiftly. Choose Infectious for a hassle-free shopping experience and quality assurance.

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March 23, 2022 — Pete Doran