What Are The Best Nursing Scrubs?

At Infectious, we know that having a comfy, practical pair of nursing scrubs is key to performing at your best and lasting those long shifts. Scrubs are basically a second skin for healthcare workers, which is why it’s so important to pick a pair of scrubs that satisfy all your needs.

We understand the pain and we are here to help. We’ve put together a list of the best nursing scrubs for both men and women, available online at Infectious Clothing. We look beyond the names and into what makes them the best scrubs on the market! From style, fabric type, and fit - here are our top picks for the best nursing uniforms.

W123 Scrubs by WonderWink

WonderWink’s W123 scrubs have been created to provide healthcare workers with exceptional comfort and style. Made with high-quality 4-way stretch fabric, these scrubs dry quickly and wick away moisture effectively, staying incredibly comfortable and sweat-free for all-day wear. 

Whatever your shift may hold, W123 scrubs are tailored to support your every movement while providing exceptional comfort and functionality with its front and back pockets, pen slots, bottom vents, chest pockets, cellphone holders, badge loops, hidden pockets, and more. 

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WonderWink Origins 

Comfortable, stylish and durable, these nursing scrubs are fantastic value for money. The soft polyester and cotton blend stays in shape even when you move, run, and bend during shift. This fabric is also shrink-resistant and will never go any size lower than after the first wash. Origins may be affordable, but WonderWink doesn’t skimp on premium features! Designed with bungy ID loops and segmented pockets, these scrubs definitely compete against more expensive medical scrubs. 

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Dickies Xtreme Stretch Scrubs

If Dickies are your preferred brand, we suggest Dickies Xtreme Stretch Scrubs. As a brand that has been a trusted workwear designer for over a century now, we can see why! Also made with 4-way stretch fabric, these scrubs allow for extreme ease of movement all shift. The stretch fabric is made with innovative technology, meaning these nursing scrubs are cool and comfortable to wear for long periods and require little to no ironing. 

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Dickies Every Day (EDS)

If a more durable, strong pair of medical scrubs is what you’re after, look no further than Dickies Every Day (EDS). They are one of the strongest, most durable pairs of scrubs on the market due to their double-needle stitching to keep them from breaking or tearing, even in stress points of the garments such as pockets. These nursing scrubs aren’t only loved for their durability but the ease of care too! Dickies Every Day (EDS) scrubs are cotton rich, making them not only more comfortable but easy to wash and quick to dry. Due to the 55% cotton blend, these scrubs get softer with each wash. The cotton fabric is also soil-release, meaning that you won’t have to clean it multiple times before it’s ready to wear - how good!

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Cherokee Revolution Scrubs

Offering a modern fit that is not loose and baggy, the Cherokee Revolution scrubs are fashion-forward and made for the modern-day medical professional. The fabric has been made with Certainly Protective Technology, which reduces the growth of odour-causing bacteria and other pathogens. Certainty Fabric is also water-repellant, allowing liquids to roll off the garment and not stain. These revolutionary antimicrobial hospital scrubs keep you safe and looking fresh throughout your shift.

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At Infectious Clothing Company, we’re not only the largest online medical uniform store in Australia, but we’re also health care professionals who understand the need for comfortable workwear. Infectious are better than Figs as we stock the best scrubs brands right here in Australia and our customer service team will resolve any problem quickly.

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