So, you've finally found a pair of ultra-comfortable medical scrubs that fit like a dream, but how do you make sure they go the distance and get bang for your buck? 

At Infectious, we understand what goes into a day's work as a health care professional and the toll it can take on your scrubs. From cleaning up bodily fluids to chemical splashes to sweat and tears, a lot ends up on your uniform. At Infectious, we stock brands such as Dickies, Cherokee and WonderWink, all made with top-quality fabrics designed for longevity and durability.

We also want your scrubs to last as long as possible, saving you time and money in the long run, which is why we have created a simple guide with our top tips on caring for your scrubs. Keep reading to find out more! 

Disinfect & Treat Stains

First things first, before throwing your medical uniform in the washing basket, inspect for stains. It's best to pre-treat these before your usual wash. Adding a dash of white vinegar to your wash and using a mild anti-bacterial detergent should do the job for daily wear. Soak overnight in a colour-safe stain remover for more severe stains before washing as usual.

If you wish to leave stain treatment in the past, buying scrubs like the Dickies Every Day (EDS) with soil-release fabrics can help prevent different liquids and powders from soaking into your scrubs. Buy DIckies medical scrubs now.


The best way to keep those fun and vibrant scrubs as bright as the day you bought them is by using cold water! For extra colour protection and fabric care, add a dash of white vinegar to prevent the fabric dye from bleeding and help soften the fabrics without commercial scented softeners. 

Colour coding your laundry loads is another excellent idea. We suggest whites, lights, brights and darks for the ultimate colour care.

Turning your medical scrubs inside out will also help protect the colour and reduce pilling when fabrics come in contact with each other in the washing machine. 


When drying your scrubs, be sure to check your fabric type before choosing your drying method of choice. Cotton pieces are the best line dried but can be tumbled on the lowest setting if needed. Soft, stretchy and oh-so-comfortable fabrics are best maintained by hanging on the line. Minimising heat prevents any chance of shrinkage and will keep those fabric fibres in their best condition while turning inside-out prevents colour fade from the sun. Hanging your scrubs in the sun is also a simple and effective method to kill germs and bacteria, all while maintaining the fabric quality score.


Depending on the type of scrubs you choose, ironing might be a necessity. Cotton scrubs are soft and breathable but wrinkle when in the wash, so you'll want to use an iron on a hot or cotton setting after they're washed to keep them looking brand new. You can also hang these on a coat-hanger to dry, reducing the number of wrinkles. 

Suppose ironing isn't your thing; no stress! We sell several high-quality, comfortable scrubs at Infectious that don't need ironing to look as good as the day you bought them. 

When shopping for crease-free scrubs, we suggest stretch or moisture-wicking fabrics as they are more likely to be wrinkle-resistant. We sell some popular moisture-wicking scrubs at infectious, including the WonderWink W123 collection and the Dickies Xtreme Stretch collection.

So there you have it. A concise list of tips to help you wash, dry and iron to keep your scrubs in prime condition! 

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March 23, 2022 — Kara de Schot