We all know how fun Christmas can be, but who says we have to wait until December to spread some holiday cheer? 

For our medical professionals working in intense, sometimes challenging environments, there is no better place to bring joy than the workplace. For our medical professionals working in fast-paced daily emergencies, some Christmas cheer in July can brighten and lighten the mood. 

At Infectious Clothing, we believe in embracing the spirit of the holiday season whenever we can, so let's celebrate Christmas in July at your workplace, here are four simple ways you can do it: 

1. Festive Decorations

Encourage your colleagues to decorate their workstations or common areas with simple and tasteful Christmas decorations. This can create a joyful atmosphere and bring a touch of holiday spirit to the workplace.

2. Secret Santa 

Gift exchanges aren't just for December, organise a Secret Santa gift exchange among your colleagues. Set a budget of $20 and exchange presents during a lunch break or special gathering and spread the Christmas cheer. 

3. Christmas-themed potluck lunch

Gather your colleagues for a Christmas-themed potluck lunch, it's the perfect way to celebrate Christmas in July and embrace the holiday spirit. Bring your favourite dish or treat and enjoy it together with your colleagues. This could be the perfect occasion to exchange your Secret Santa gifts.  

4. Wear your Christmas Printed Scrub

Bring your Christmas Printed Scrub up early! Embrace Christmas in July with our collection of printed scrubs. Our designs will create a positive and joyful work environment and uplift the spirits of both your colleagues and patients. Explore our selection of Christmas scrubs here. 

Rally your team, spread the cheer, and watch your workplace come alive with the festive spirit. 

July 01, 2023 — Kara de Schot