From a branding point of view, it's best to fit out your whole team in one go with a new uniform. This means that everyone will be wearing the same new uniform and you will avoid having one person wearing the old uniform letting down the look of the whole team. To do one big fit out can be costly which is why we are offering our customers the option to pay using Prospa Pay.

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Every member of your team from clinicians to front desk and support workers represent your brand and image.


We all know that introducing a company uniform can be expensive, but there is a long list of benefits in having a consistent team uniform. You can see from our list below that the benefits far outweigh the cost, which is usually tax deductible, anyway!

Here are our top 10 reasons why we think employee uniforms are a must!

1. Create a Professional Image for Your Business

Whether you like it or not, society judges people on how they look. Asking your employees to dress in a certain way can lift your business's image. If your staff turn up to work each day in a pristine uniform, your business is certainly going to come across far more professional and will give your staff a sense of pride in the uniform and make them happy to be going to work.

2. Brand Awareness

Having a company uniform with your brand’s logos and colours is the ultimate way to create brand awareness. Uniforms with logo embroidery and even names and designations take your uniforms to the next level. Infectious offers a complete embroidery service and can replicate your logo with precision embroidery.

3. Advertising

Your uniforms are a walking billboard for your business and give your business great exposure when in and out of the workplace.

4. Safety

When it comes to some occupations and especially in the medical industry, uniforms provide a level of safety. From scrubs to lab coats, scrub hats and leather non-slip shoes the type of uniform that you wear plays a big part in keeping you safe.

5. Security

A directive of the Garling Report was that staff in public hospitals had to be clearly identified as 1. Workers of the hospital. 2. What their role and responsibilities are. Uniforms can easily achieve this by having different colours for designations and also by having names and designations added with high-quality embroidery services.

6. Hygiene

Medical uniforms play a key role in cleanliness, hygiene and infection control. Changing uniforms between medical procedures prevent the spread of infections

7. Create a Team Atmosphere

Team uniforms help to foster a sense of belonging, creating a team atmosphere. If your staff feel like they belong, and are part of a team, they are more likely to turn up to work and perform better and be more productive while at work

8. Employee Benefit

Proving a company uniform for your staff not only provides the business with several benefits, as mentioned above, it is also helpful for the staff. For example, they save money on purchasing work clothes.

9. Customer Relationships

Company uniforms make employees immediately recognisable. Therefore, if a customer is looking for help, they have a clear sense of who they need to speak to, therefore making the relationship positive right from the very start.

10. Company Pride

Work uniforms help give staff a sense of pride and responsibility. Uniforms also let the staff act as direct brand ambassadors outside of work whilst they are wearing their uniforms.

So if you are looking for a national uniform supplier with the experience to fit your team out with new uniforms, the choice is easy, choose Infectious Clothing Company.

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August 06, 2019 — Pete Doran