We are thrilled to introduce our newest addition to the City Collection line, the "Gliding Bunjil" scrub top, a masterpiece of functional design interwoven with cultural heritage. This unique piece is not just a garment; it's a celebration of Indigenous art and an embodiment of practicality tailored for healthcare professionals.

The Artist Behind the Design

"Gliding Bunjil" is adorned with the stunning artwork of contemporary Indigenous artist Bronwyn David. Known for her vibrant and immersive patterns, Bronwyn's work profoundly connects with her ancestry, the land, and the waterways. The scrub top features a design inspired by Bunjil, a creator deity in the form of an eagle, revered by the people of the Kulin Nation. Bronwyn describes her inspiration: "I watch as you dart through the clouds, effortlessly soaring and gliding over the land, creating and protecting with a profound sense of connection."

Design Features

This scrub top goes beyond aesthetic appeal with its thoughtfully crafted features:

  • Shaped Neckline with a Curved V-Neck: Offers a comfortable fit that doesn't compromise style.
  • Action Split in Sleeve Hem: Enhances mobility, crucial for the dynamic pace of medical environments.
  • Princess Seams for Shaping: Provides a flattering fit that caters to all body types.
  • Angled Reinforced Front Pockets and a Secure Zip Pocket: Offers practical storage solutions for essential tools and personal items.
  • Right-Side Waist Zipper Pocket: An innovative addition for extra secure storage.
  • Five Pockets in Total: Designed to maximize functionality without sacrificing style.
  • Elastic Bungee Loop for Accessories: Keeps necessary instruments accessible.
  • Reinforced Side Splits for Movement: Ensures comfort and freedom of movement throughout long shifts.
  • Slightly Longer Back for Comfort: Offers additional coverage for bending and reaching tasks.
Women's Indigenous Pattern Scrub Top - Fun and Colourful Design

A Commitment to Inclusivity

The Gliding Bunjil scrub top is more than a uniform; it's a symbol of inclusivity and respect for cultural diversity. By wearing this garment, healthcare professionals play a vital role in promoting cultural dialogue and recognition in the workplace. It's a testament to your commitment to inclusivity and your respect for the cultural heritage it represents.

Why Choose the Gliding Bunjil Scrub Top?

Choosing this scrub top means embracing a piece of art that respects and celebrates Indigenous culture. It ensures that every day at work is an opportunity to display both professional pride and cultural awareness. It's ideally suited for healthcare providers who value comfort, functionality, and the story behind their uniforms.

Whether you're tending to patients or managing the day-to-day demands of the healthcare environment, the "Gliding Bunjil" scrub top stands out as a testament to the beauty of Indigenous art and the importance of cultural inclusivity in every aspect of our lives. Join us in celebrating this beautiful integration of art, culture, and professional wear by choosing the Gliding Bunjil scrub top for your next uniform.

May 09, 2024 — Pete Doran