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We all know that this year has been particularly tough. Take the opportunity to check in and ask someone R U OK? It's an important time to ask someone in your life are they really ok? The image below gives the four steps to have this conversation with someone. 

R U OK Day for healthcare workers, nurses and doctors


At Infectious we started our mental health initiative Fun Friday Scrub Club to encourage all of our customers to check in with their colleagues every Friday. By wearing a fun printed scrub top it acts as a conversation starter and allows your team to have a weekly check in. 

For more information about Fun Friday Scrub Club and to sign up your organisation click here

Once your team has joined Fun Friday Scrub Club we will send you a discount code for your team to use on our site.

Nominate a team member of the month and we will send them a gift certificate for one free printed scrub top. 

Dress up in your printed scrubs on Fridays’ and tag us on social media (@infectiousmedicaluniforms). We love to share any posts we are tagged in!

The team who posts about about #funfridayscrubclub the most during the year will received a $500 Christmas party paid by us! Get tagging!

We encourage all of our customers to check in with their colleagues and ask R U OK. This one conversation could change a life. 

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