R U OK Day: Making a Difference, One Conversation at a Time

In a year that has presented unprecedented challenges, there's never been a more critical time to reach out and ask, "R U OK?" A simple question can make a difference, offering a lifeline to someone silently struggling. At Infectious, we understand the power of these words and have initiated our mental health program, the "Fun Friday Scrub Club," to encourage our customers to check in with their colleagues every Friday. Our aim? To turn a fun printed scrub top into more than just workwear – we want it to be a conversation starter, a weekly opportunity to connect and support one another.

R U OK Day for healthcare workers, nurses and doctors

The Four Steps to Asking R U OK

Before delving into the heart of our "Fun Friday Scrub Club" initiative, let's quickly recap the four simple steps to ask someone, "R U OK effectively?":

  1. Ask: Start the conversation by asking, "Are you OK?"
  2. Listen: Pay full attention to the other person without interruption or judgment.
  3. Encourage Action: Encourage them to share their feelings and seek help.
  4. Check-In: Keep the conversation going; follow up to see how they're doing.

Join the Fun Friday Scrub Club

Our "Fun Friday Scrub Club" is about making these conversations a regular part of your workplace culture. When your team joins our initiative, we'll send you an exclusive discount code on our site. But that's not all – we're also recognising the efforts of compassionate team members with our "Team Member of the Month" award, which includes a gift certificate for a free printed scrub top.

Now, here's where the fun begins. Dress up in your vibrant printed scrubs every Friday and share your photos with us on social media (@infectiousmedicaluniforms). We love nothing more than celebrating the spirit of togetherness and camaraderie. The team that posts the most about #funfridayscrubclub throughout the year will receive a generous $500 Christmas party courtesy of us. So, get tagging and sharing those heartfelt moments!


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One Conversation Can Change a Life

At Infectious, we firmly believe in the potential of one conversation to change a life. The act of asking someone, "R U OK?" might seem small, but its impact can be immeasurable. By participating in the "Fun Friday Scrub Club" and wearing those lively printed scrub tops, you're not just adding a dash of colour to your workplace – you're making a powerful statement about the importance of mental health.

This R U OK Day, and every day, let's commit to checking in with our colleagues, friends, and loved ones. We can create a more compassionate and supportive world, one conversation at a time. Join us in making a difference because asking "R U OK?" is more than a question – it's an act of kindness that can save a life.

For more information about the Fun Friday Scrub Club and to sign up for your organisation, click here.

Join the movement, start a conversation, and change your life today.


September 08, 2021 — Sabina Kath