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Women’s solid tops made by Dickies and WonderWink offer an array of looks, styles, and fashion ideas for everyone in the medical profession. Our solid scrub tops offer every woman the chance to suit their individual personality and sense of fashion as well as confirming to a hospital uniform.  Infectious Scrubs Australia also has several choices of scrub tops for men which have a great men's fit and choices of several quality fabrics.

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Do you work in a children's hospital or paediatric ward?  You might want to consider selecting some of the great fashion colours on offer or even a printed top. Printed scrub tops are a great asset to any wardrobe because they can be easily mixed with other colours, or made to fit into the colour code of your uniform or embroidered with your hospital logo.

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A very popular brand is the range of Dickies medical uniforms. Dickies scrubs have become some of the most sought after scrubs available not only because of their durability and flexibility but because of the numerous colours and designs available and their everyday low pricing. Dickies is the most popular premium scrubs brand in Australia.  We have happy scrubs customers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on the east coast through to Perth in the west and everything in between. Join the Dickies scrubs revolution and get infectious today.

Make WonderWink your next pair of scrubs.

Our fastest growing scrubs brand is the fantastic WonderWink scrubs.  WonderWink is a premium scrubs brand which focuses on being fashionable & great fitting with lower pricing than Dickies scrub uniforms.  American brand WonderWink scrubs are aimed at the younger end of the market - their colours are bright and fresh and the cut is slim and tailored not like the baggy scrubs of more established brands. WonderWink is available in several different fabrics to suit the needs of all healthcare professionals.  You will find low maintenance stretch fabric in the popular WonderFLEX scrubs collection and durable polyester cotton in the origins scrub tops, scrub pants and lab coats.

Our scrub tops will allow you to look your best at your job while maintaining a standard of comfort and flexibility that allows you to care for your patients. The 6108 WonderWink Verity Scrub top is a perfect example of a solid top that also has a great design and the well-known WonderFlex stretch fabric.

Browse through the various shades of blue, white, black, and other classic colors, as well as more fashionable choices such as Eggplant or Caribbean blue. Enjoy the many options of v-neck, scoop neck, rounded neck, keyhole neck and body styles of mock wrap or crossover styles.

Infectious Clothing has scrubs for all professions. If you are a Nurse, Doctor, Vet, Dentist or Beauty therapist www.infectious.com.au has all your scrub tops requirements covered.  Students of all medical courses are welcome to shop our huge online medical scrubs store today to find the perfect scrub top for your uniform.

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