The use of uniforms by these organizations is often an effort in branding and developing a standard corporate image but also has important unifying effects on the employees required to wear a uniform.

Medical uniforms, more importantly, the nurses, have been wearing a standard uniform for almost two hundred years.  Typically, these professionals were noted for their solid white tunics, starched white caps and shoes; crisp and clean, and all nurses almost always, everywhere were consistent and constant with this uniform.

Whether it was the country nurse who made house calls with the village doctor or the nurse in the largest city hospitals tending to the citizens living in the metros, white was the standard colour and there were few departures from the norm in the style of clothing.

Nursing uniforms are an essential part of the job. They denote the role that is played in the medical profession and allow the nurses to be recognized easily. Uniforms have come on a long way from the days of the boring dress, apron and cap. One can now see some great fashionable Medical scrubs alongside conventional style uniforms. Nursing uniforms were traditionally based on a nun's habit, as before the 19th century, it was the duty of nuns to care for the sick. One of the students who worked with Florence Nightingale designed the first actual nursing uniform.

Like uniforms are worn by security or military personnel, medical professionals to wear uniforms that are known as medical scrubs. Nurses have been wearing uniforms since the Victorian era but surgeons have started wearing scrubs only a hundred years ago with just an apron over their regular clothes. Surgical procedures were conducted in an operating theatre. Surgeons used non-surgical equipment and operated bare-handed and came out of the operating theatre invariably blood splattered. In complete disparity to today's awareness of hygiene and fastidiousness during surgery, surgeons of yore wielded the scalpel-like hunters rather than precision wielding surgeons.

Often people prefer to use uniform scrubs as they appear to be more easy-going and informal, which is great when you are trying to comfort your ailing patients. Dental Uniforms are not much different from the other medical fraternity. Keeping in pace with the equality of the sexes the new style of medical uniforms are more convenient to buy as they can be bought in unisex styles and can be worn by both male and female medical staff.

January 25, 2013 — Pete Doran