Affordable Medical Scrubs: A Must-Have for Every Healthcare Professional

Every day across Australia, countless nurses, medical students, and other healthcare professionals enter their workplaces. Whether it's hospitals, aged care facilities, veterinary clinics, or university labs, one thing remains consistent – the need for quality, affordable nursing uniforms and scrubs. 

At Infectious Clothing Company, we understand the diverse requirements of these professionals. It's not just about presenting a clean, professional image; it's about comfort, durability, and practicality. And in this, our range of nurse scrubs and medical scrubs in Australia stands out. Check out our Good, Better and Best offerings.

Affordable Scrubs Australia by Infectious Clothing Company

Good: Designed with Every Nurse in Mind

Our "Good" range proves that quality nurse scrubs don't have to break the bank. With renowned brands such as Dickies EDS Signature and WonderWink Origins under this category, nurses, whether in hospitals or aged care facilities, can trust these scrubs to be both stylish and enduring. These entry-level uniforms are crafted from durable polyester/cotton materials, making these scrubs perfect for the long haul.

Dickies EDS Scrubs - The classic Australian Scrub Uniform

Better: Perfect for Medical Students and Professionals 

Medical students, often working long hours and juggling rigorous university schedules, need scrubs that can keep up. That's where our "Better" range, highlighted by the Cherokee Workwear Professionals collection, comes into play. Unlike the standard fabrics found in most nursing uniforms, Cherokee Professionals boasts a 2-way stretch fabric. Stretch fabric ensures enhanced mobility and unparalleled comfort – ideal for university students in labs and seasoned professionals attending to patients.

Cherokee Professionals Scrubs - The Most Affordable Scrubs Australia

Best: Setting the Gold Standard for Medical Scrubs Australia

For those seeking the pinnacle of nursing uniforms, our "Best" category offers just that. Without compromising on affordability, this range brings top-tier features and comfort. Unlike many other cheap scrubs available, our premium brands are tailored to last, ensuring that medical professionals in hospitals or vets get attire worthy of their dedication.

Amazing Deals with Our Clearance Scrubs Collection

Apart from our standard offerings, we've curated a unique clearance collection for those looking to get the most bang for their buck. Featuring discontinued styles at deeply discounted prices, it's a haven for medical students on a budget and seasoned professionals seeking a steal. Quality is never in question, even at these prices.

Why Infectious Clothing Company Stands Out

In the vast ocean of medical scrubs Australia offers, cheap, low-quality options are plenty. They may save you a few dollars today, but'll cost you more in replacements tomorrow. Our scrubs, on the other hand, are built to last. Whether nurse scrubs for busy hospital shifts or uniforms for veterinary professionals, we ensure durability and comfort.

The versatility of our range is another key highlight. Nurses, medical students, vets, or any other healthcare professional, everyone finds something tailored to their needs. With the unique needs of different healthcare environments in mind, from hospitals to aged care and even veterinary clinics, our scrubs are built to serve and satisfy.

In Conclusion

Every medical professional deserves the best, be it a dedicated nurse, an aspiring medical student, or a seasoned vet. Infectious Clothing Company ensures this without stretching your budget. Our "Good, Better, Best" approach guarantees something perfect for everyone.

In the realm of medical scrubs in Australia, make the right choice. Opt for quality, durability, and style. Choose Infectious Clothing Company.



Infectious recommends that you use the handy filters down the left-hand side of the clearance pages to help you find exactly what you are looking for.  You can refine your search by Size, Style, Brand, Colour and Price. 

You can also use the advanced search bar to help you shop our online store. Generally, everything in the clearance section is discounted by 30-70%.  Our customers have found that they have a much better shopping experience when using the filters.  Infectious Clothing Australia is all about providing our customers with quick and easy online shopping. 

The discontinued Dickies Scrubs Collections are Soft Works, Hip Flip, and EDS (Everyday Scrubs) have been upgraded to the new EDS Signature collection.  Unfortunately, the colours have also been upgraded with the change so the old EDS scrubs colours do not match the new EDS Signature colours.  The good news is that EDS Signature has the same fabric as Soft Works scrubs for the same cheap price of everyday scrubs. 

Wear with these

When you are in the product detail pages look out for the "Wear with these" section.  This section will give you the matching top or pant for the product selected.  The recommended products mean that you will get scrubs from the same brand and collection which means - matching sizing & fit, matching fabric, matching colour = looking your best.


From the Infectious Team 


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August 06, 2014 — Pete Doran