Starting a new job as a nurse can be both exciting and challenging. With new responsibilities, procedures, and protocols, as well as the opportunity to work with new colleagues and patients, it's essential to have the right accessories to help you perform your duties efficiently and effectively. Here are our top 4 nursing accessories that will help you feel prepared and organised on your first day of work:

1. Medical Utility Pouch

This handy pouch is perfect for keeping all your daily essentials in one place. It has segmented pockets and a zipper pocket for pens, penlights, tape, scissors, gloves and more, so you can easily access everything you need throughout the day.

2. Dual Head Stethoscope

 A stethoscope is essential for performing physical assessments and monitoring patients' vital signs. This dual-head stethoscope is lightweight, has a comprehensive frequency response, and features a non-chill ring and diaphragm ring for excellent patient comfort.

3. Trauma or Medical Shears

Medical shears are a must-have for all medical professionals. They are designed to quickly and safely cut through clothing and bandages and have a blunt end to prevent accidental injuries. They can also cut through heavy materials such as denim and leather.

4. Silicone Fob Watch

This watch is a nurse's best friend when recording patient observations. Fob watches are durable and made of easy-to-clean silicone. Nurses use fob watches to time medication administration and accurately record vital signs and procedures.

At Infectious, we understand that starting a new job as a nurse can be overwhelming, so we have created a Nurses Accessory Pack that includes all of the above accessories. Put your best foot forward this year and get your hands on all your essentials in one simple pack. Shop now!

January 27, 2023 — Kara de Schot