Starting a new job as a nurse is both thrilling and challenging. New responsibilities, procedures, and protocols, combined with the opportunity to work with new colleagues and patients, require the right accessories to help you stay organised and efficient from day one. At Infectious Clothing, the authority on nurses' gear and essentials, we've got you covered with the top four accessories to set you up for success:

Medical Utility Pouch:

Nurses rely on the medical utility pouch to keep all essential tools organised. They can grab a penlight for quick pupil checks, scissors for cutting bandages, and gloves for infection control without rummaging through multiple pockets. It's perfect when doing quick assessments or providing wound care in a busy ward.

2. Dual Head Stethoscope

Vital signs are crucial for patient monitoring, and the dual-head stethoscope is the go-to for accurate assessments. Its comprehensive frequency response helps nurses detect subtle lung sounds in patients with respiratory issues or heart murmurs during cardiovascular exams, providing precise and comprehensive data for the healthcare team.

3. Trauma or Medical Shears

Trauma shears are essential during emergencies or wound care. Nurses can swiftly and safely cut through dressings and garments to provide immediate care. The blunt ends prevent accidental skin injuries, while the sharp blades help them remove heavy materials like denim for efficient trauma assessment.

4. Silicone Fob Watch

Accurately timing vital signs is critical during routine assessments. With the silicone fob watch, nurses can easily time heart rates or respiratory cycles while recording measurements. It's especially helpful when timing medication administration or specific interventions like IV flushes, ensuring precision throughout the shift.

These accessories are designed to empower nurses to work confidently, stay organised, and provide the best care possible in every healthcare environment.

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January 27, 2023 — Pete Doran