For over 10 year the name Infectious has been at the forefront of the medical uniform industry. Infectious Medical specialises in quality scrubs style uniforms for both Men and Women and stock some of the world's leading scrubs brands like Dickies, WonderWink and Code Happy. Your new professional uniform is waiting for you at Infectious. We make healthcare professionals all over Australia look their best in top quality medical scrub uniforms.

Infectious is Australia's exclusive supplier of Dickies Medical apparel. Dickies has the world's largest collection of premium quality scrubs, lab coats and footwear and are famous for a great fitting, top quality products that really last. The most popular scrubs collection from Dickies is their awesome Xtreme Stretch collection. Available in styles for Women and Men Xtreme stretch scrubs make the perfect healthcare uniform. The stretch fabric is soft and silky on the skin and the fabric delivers unrestricted movement no matter your profession. Dickies Xtreme stretch scrubs are like no uniform you have ever worn before.  The innovative 4-way stretch fabric is also cool and comfortable and requires little or no ironing. Simply perfect, top quality uniforms.


If you need a more affordable stretch fabric scrub then we highly recommend WonderWink WonderWORK scrubs. Made from a great fitting durable stretch fabric WonderWink WonderWORK deliver high-performance good quality scrubs at affordable prices which make them great for groups. WonderWink has redesigned their scrubs so that they fit better than before throughout all sizes. There are Unisex scrubs, Men's scrubs as well as several styles of Women's scrubs including maternity scrubs in the WonderWink WonderWORK collection. Great fitting durable fabric with the added comfort of stretch all at a very affordable and competitive price. Make WonderWink WonderWORK your next healthcare uniform. Buy good quality WonderWink WonderWORK scrubs online today and you will be very happy that you did.

First impressions matter to healthcare workers more than other professions. What does your uniform say about you?

September 13, 2015 — Pete Doran