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Why a Work Uniform is Good for your Business

There are so many reasons why a work uniform is good for your business and your employees. With so much choice out there and some fun and different options now on the market, it is a great time to think about your company's uniforms and how it can help with the overall identity of your practice.

There is no doubt a uniform can help create a consistent and branded image for your company. By having your employees wear a uniform it is basically a form of free advertising. Your workers essentially become your brand ambassadors both inside and outside of work. Create a great first impression with your staff uniforms and really elevate your brand with a consistent and creative look.

Scrubs and Lab Coats Medical Work Uniform Medelita by

The health profession is not historically known for unique or creative work wear options. The current emerging uniform options are a great way to build morale and create a sense of pride in your workplace. Scrubs and workwear no longer have to be boring,  instills a sense of fun and a point of difference by creating a branded look with your uniforms. Lift the team spirit and create a sense of belonging with a branded work uniform that workers can be proud of .

Project a professional and consistent image with your workwear. How your employees look is vital to a workplace’s corporate identity. Stylish, comfortable scrubs are a great way to elevate your brand and enhance your corporate identity.

Implementing a uniform into your workplace ensures a consistent standard and helps alleviate any problems around what is and isn’t appropriate workwear within the workplace. Uniforms ensure all staff understand the expectation around uniform policy. Alleviate workplace and employee dramas and make it easier day to day for employees to choose their daily workwear. Employees will thank you for taking out the daily decision as to “what to wear” each day, and alleviating the expense of finding their own workwear.

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Ensure your staff are wearing the uniform that complies with workplace health and safety standards by making sure they wear the uniform of company choice. Functionality, safety  and practicality are critical in the health industry and a uniform ensures staff meet any compliance standards.

Infectious is Australia's leader is premium quality medical uniforms. Infectious has Australia's largest range of premium scrubs brands and our uniform solutions include scrubs, lab coats, scrub jackets, printed and patterned scrubs, corporate wear, tunics and all items can be customised with precision embroidery.

What are the best scrubs brands in Australia 2021? 

    • Dickies - Hard working classic scrub designs with the latest fabric technology and extraordinary attention to quality
    • WonderWink - "Expect compliments" WonderWink  make fashion inspired scrubs using modern fits and fabrics as well as making them functional for work. Made for a younger market, many scrubs collections to choose from including jogger pants. 
    • Medelita - "Elevate your Appearance" Contemporary fit lab coats and scrubs made with advanced fabrics and modern styling
    • Landau - Has been in the scrubs business for over 50 years and has a reputation for quality and innovation.

Choose your next set of scrubs from one of the premium brands from the USA and you can't go wrong.

Infectious is Authorised Australian Distributor of Careismatic Brands (Cherokee, Dickies, Heart and Soul, Anywear Footwear, Infinity Footwear), CID Resources Brands (WonderWink, Carhartt, Zoe & Chloe)


How Employee Uniforms Can Transform Your Aged Care Facility (The 2 Surprising Reasons)


Choosing a uniform for your care workers is an extremely important decision.

Did you know the right uniform can positively impact both your team AND the aging Australian’s that you care for?

Whether for Residential, Respite, Home or Community care - your uniform can make a surprising difference to the quality of care you provide.

In this blog we’re going to explain exactly how your uniform can:

  • Promote team spirit and morale.
  • And promote better life quality for the clients you care for.

If you’d like to reach out to our friendly team to discuss your specific requirements you can visit our group orders page here. We’d be happy to offer you a free uniform review!

1 - A uniform that creates a more productive and engaged team

The impact that your work uniform has on your care workers is hard to overstate.

It really is one of the most important decisions any aged care facility can make.

Your team’s uniform affects so many aspects, including:

  • Productivity
  • Team spirit
  • And staff co-operation

Not to mention all of the impacts that your uniform makes on your clients (which we’ll also discuss below).

So where do you start?

Well, there are many key decisions when it comes to your staff uniform.

From colours to styles, fits, and materials.

Obviously you want a uniform that your workers are comfortable in and proud to wear.

You also want a uniform that’s stylish and attractive (to promote team spirit and morale).

Selecting the right uniform will show your care worker team that you value them. It will also remind them of this, every time they slip into their uniform before a shift.

2 - A uniform that helps provide better care for your clients

Beyond the profound impacts that your uniform has on your team, there’s another massive consideration.

How will your choice of uniform impact the clients you care for?

Your choice of uniform can provide many benefits to your clients, including:

  • Improved visibility
  • Provoking positive emotional responses
  • And building better relationships

So let’s look at each of these considerations a little closer.

Colour allows your clients to identify your care workers.

This is crucially important. Especially when we consider that many of the aging Australians you care for may have impaired vision.

When clients struggle to tell different objects apart it can add stressful complexity and confusion to their day.

Anything we can do to help your workers stand out can (and will) make a direct positive impact on your clients’ quality of life.

Colour impacts people emotionally and physically.

Colour affects different people in different ways. But there are also some general guidelines we suggest you understand.

For example, blue can relax clients. But if most of your clients have dementia, red can entice brain activity and attention.

Facilities such as residential care, consumer-directed care, and respite care have more scrub uniform colour standards than the average business.

There are also colour considerations around the culture and social upbringing of your clients.

If you’re ready to start planning a new uniform that can positively impact your team and your clients, we’d love to chat!

Our friendly team can review your requirements and make a uniform suggestion that is perfect for you.

As the #1 scrubs retailer in Australia, we specialise in making uniforms easy! That’s why we’d like to offer you:

  • A free uniform review
  • Sample ranges for fittings
  • Simple ordering and delivery services

Click here to get started now!

Choosing the Best Scrubs for Nursing

Are your uniform scrubs making an excellent first impression?

Your clothing says a lot about you at first glance, especially in the medical profession. You must be presentable from head-to-toe to come across as neat and professional.

Modern scrubs come in several fits, patterns, and colours. Ultimately, the best scrubs for you will depend on your personal preferences. Do you want a tailored look, or do you prefer a scrub that’s breezy and loose-fitting? Maybe bright colours or prints are your thing?

Finding stylish scrubs that are functional can be a challenge. Regardless of the style you choose, nurse scrubs must be comfortable. They shouldn’t limit your movements. 

Show up ready to work and excited about your scrubs with this guide to the best scrubs for nursing.

How Should Scrubs Fit?
When choosing scrubs, you must pay special attention to their fit. Compare uniforms based on their comfort and quality, and don’t forget that you’re going for a polished look.

Comfortable but High-Quality
When it comes to uniform scrubs, you don’t have to compromise style for comfort. Modern synthetic fabrics give you the best of both worlds being comfortable and durable and often feature stretch for extra comfort.
Pay attention to the fit of the overall uniform, making sure the waist isn’t too tight. Also, be sure the waistband will keep your scrubs in place as you bend down.
When choosing scrubs, look for pants that are made of high-quality materials. Some discounted brands will use thin materials that you can see through, indicating a poorly made product. 

Trendy yet Professional
In a hospital setting, you should strive to project a professional appearance. Don’t ruin it by allowing your intimates to show through your uniform.
The cheap, thin scrubs that we just mentioned are not enough to keep your underwear from showing through. This is especially true with lighter coloured pants. You shouldn’t have to buy special underwear each time you wear your favourite white scrubs to work.
You also never want to wear a revealing scrub top. Some scrub tops come in V-neck styles, which are cute but can show too much if you’re not careful. If you’re worried about how professional your uniform is, stick to a timeless scrub design.

Choose Scrubs That Complement Your Body Type
Not only must your scrubs follow any uniform policies for your job, but you must also be sure they fit correctly. To get the right fit when shopping for scrubs, choose according to your body type.

Pear or Apple Shape
If you have a broader chest, waist, and hips, you have an apple shape. People with a pear-shaped body have a smaller chest combined with a wider waist and hips. 
While you might struggle to find scrubs that flatter your body, there are a few options that should work well.
Women with a pear or apple shape should stick with solid colours or bright colours with dark side panels. If you’re adventurous, try a printed top with embellishments along the neckline. It’s essential that your top fits well and is not too tight or too loose. Choose straight, flare, or wide-leg pants for the best, most flattering result.
If you are a man built with a pear or apple shape, you should consider darker scrub tops. If your job allows it, try a polo shirt instead of a scrub top. Choose relaxed-fit pants in solid colours and make sure it’s something you’re comfortable wearing for those 12-hour shifts.

V-shape is how we describe bodies with wide shoulders and a skinny waist. If you’re V-shaped, you probably have a broad chest, but smaller hips.
V-shaped women look best in solid-colour tops, empire-waist tops, and mock-wrap tops. The latter two inches above the waist, but fit well in the chest. These fits, in addition to V-neck tops, elongates the torso. When selecting bottoms to go with these tops, try flare, cargo, or wide-leg fits if a straight leg isn’t your thing.

Again, a polo shirt works well for men with this body shape. If that’s not allowed where you work, try layered, V-neck, and unisex tops. Layered tops are also a possible option. V-shaped men look best in cargo, fitted, and drawstring pants.

Hourglass Shape
Hourglass-shaped people have thin waists with large hips and chests. Hourglass is a familiar shape for women.
Women with hourglass shapes should search for flattering tops that stretch. Mock wrap tops and empire waist tops are excellent options. Pair these with straight, wide leg, or flare pants.

Take Your Measurements
Before you go shopping, make sure you take your measurements. 
To measure yourself, take a flexible tape measure and measure yourself around your chest, waist, hips, and inseam. For the most accurate results, have someone else take your measurements for you.

Record measurements in the following way:

Chest (or bust): Measure underneath your arms, around the fullest part of the chest

Waist: Find your natural waistline while holding the tape measure loosely
Hips: Stand with your feet together to measure around the fullest part of your hips

Inseam: Measure along the inside of your leg to an inch below your ankle
Have your measurements handy as your shop, especially online, to be sure you get the perfect fit. For a fitted look, choose your correct size. If you like your scrubs to be loose, select a size up.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing Nurse Scrubs
Once you know your size, you can have fun deciding which scrubs are right for you. There are dozens of styles, patterns, and colours to choose from. 

Here are some factors to consider as you search:

For the most part, you get what you pay for with quality scrubs.
You might get lucky and find cheap ones that work well for you, but keep in mind how well scrubs will last over time. If you pay more now, you may find yourself falling in love with scrubs that will last you a long time.
As seasons change, you may find many collections of high-quality scrubs on sale.

Scrub styles change with the seasons, as with any other items of clothing.
You can’t go wrong with basic scrub styles, though. If you’re planning to work as a nurse for a long time, you’ll thank yourself for investing in scrubs with a standard fit.
Standard doesn’t have to mean boring, though. Trust your decision, knowing that comfort will always be “on-trend.”

Neck Shape
Scrubs tops are designed with several neck types, including V-neck, mock wrap, round, and square. Modern designers have even added U-shape, scoop neck, and split-neck styles.
These neck shapes give you the ability to step out of the box with your uniform. Try on multiple styles to see which flatters your neckline and chest the most. Once you know which style you prefer, it’ll be easier to make a decision next time it’s time to refresh your work wardrobe.

If you keep things in your pockets, you’ll be happy to discover that you can buy scrubs with pockets, too! We all know how much nurses love their pockets.
Traditional scrubs have chest pockets, but if you find that it draws too much attention to your chest, you can skip them. However, if you’re someone that likes to keep a pen in your chest pocket, you’re in luck.
Some scrub pants also have patch pockets, which are more popular for men than women.

White and blue are the classic colours used to signify doctors and nurses. Many hospitals now allow their employees to pick scrubs in the colour of their choosing.
Colours are a fun way to show your personality. If there aren’t any rules, go wild, but know that dark colours hide stains much better than lighter shades.

Long or Short
If you’re taller or shorter than the average person, you can find well-fitting scrubs, too. Most brands provide tops and bottoms in long and short styles.
Pay attention to the brands that offer these styles, so you don’t have to waste time and money visiting a tailor with your work uniform.

We’ve discussed fit a bit already, but we cannot stress enough how important it is when choosing your uniform.
Most scrubs are designed in a loose-fit, but modern scrubs also come in slim varieties.
Whichever you choose, make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your scrubs. You’ll be at your best when you’re wearing scrubs that fit well.

Side Slits
Some scrubs are designed with side slits. These are stylish, but functional, too. They will allow you to bend more freely and provide air to keep your scrubs from becoming too hot.
If you’re tall, be careful. Side slits can show torso skin when you reach if your tops aren’t long enough.

Drawstrings or Buttons
Most scrub pants come with a drawstring or buttons to keep them up on your hips. Bottoms with elastic waistbands are usually the most comfortable.
With drawstring pants, make sure they don’t slide down your hips as you walk or bend over. The last thing you want is to show your underwear to your patients or coworkers!

Shop the Best Scrubs for Nursing
If you’re new to shopping for scrubs, don’t worry, you’ll find a style and fit that is flattering and comfortable. It just takes a little trial and error to get the best nursing scrubs.

Remember, go for high-quality materials instead of searching for a discount. Not only will this save you time and money, but you’ll also look your best on the job.
We have scrubs for nurses working in any industry, in a variety of styles. Check out our collections and shop the best scrubs for nursing. Create an account and save your favourite selections!

Best scrubs brands Australia: Dickies, WonderWink, Zoe and Chloe and Infectious.

Best scrubs collections: Dickies EDS, Dickies Xtreme Stretch, WonderWink Origins, WonderWork and W123.


Wearing scrubs for Vets and Vet Nurses makes perfect sense.  Ease of wear, comfort and low maintenance matter to professionals with busy workdays.  Many of our Veterinary clients choose the Dickies GenFlex range of scrubs as the smooth finish of the fabric means that animal fur doesn't stick to it like regular poly/cotton scrubs.  GenFlex scrubs feature the added comfort of stretch fabric which is perfect for the physical work of vets and vet nurses.  You will also find that WonderFlex scrubs from our new brand WonderWink features the same quality fabric and all animal handlers would love them.


The recently launched Performance System scrubs are also a great fit for Vets as the new Aerocool technology wicks the moisture away resulting in enhanced comfort and better breathability than poly/cotton scrubs. Dickies Performance System scrubs are perfect for Vets who work outside in hot conditions with large animals.

Many of our Vet customers favour bright colours for their uniforms.  There are many new fashion colours available now, especially from WonderWink Scrubs USA.  We find that Vets don't have to stick to the boring navy or green scrubs that hospital workers do so it's time to brighten up your workwear wardrobe and be creative with colour.

A good way to keep clean during your long workday is to wear a lab coat over the top of your scrubs. Lab coats offer the added protection that you might need while working with animals while still portraying a professional look.  There are lab coats with different lengths to suit your needs from a full length up to the quite short consultation jackets. also offers a full embroidery service so you can customise your lab coat with your name or practice logo.  You will look really sharp in a new lab coat with your name embroidered in a nice script font.

At Infectious Clothing Company, we understand the importance of representing yourself and your clinic, hospital or shelter in the most professional manner possible. Our embroidery department is ready to produce the logo or lettering that sets you apart as you perform the services our pets and livestock require season after season, year in and year out. 


Maintenance and Low Cost - Two of the driving forces behind the popularity and success of medical scrubs.  Everybody loves a uniform that requires minimal maintenance.  Wash them and hang them up straight away and they are practically ready to wear. Give them a quick iron if you like sharpness to your scrubs.  New advanced synthetic fabrics mean that most scrubs these days require little or no maintenance. These new fabrics also are dirt and stain resistant which has obvious benefits to healthcare professionals.  Scrubs are now very affordable when compared with traditional and corporate style uniforms.  Scrubs generally cost about half the price of the old uniforms which makes them very attractive to corporate and hospital buyers as well as the clinicians who wear them.

Come and see why Dickies and WonderWink scrubs are so popular with our Vet customers.  You won't be disappointed by the quality, style and affordability and as always when you buy your scrubs online you get the biggest savings.



Dickies Medical Apparel Logo with Dickies Xtreme Stretch logo

Nursing, Medical and Hospital Scrubs Australia. Shop Online for Corporate Medical Uniforms, Doctors Scrubs with Everyday Flat Rate Shipping only $12.95

Scrubs with Professional Hospital Logo Embroidery

Infectious Clothing is Australia's leading supplier of hospital and healthcare uniforms. Infectious supplies top quality medical scrubs, aged care tunics and corporate apparel for the medical industry.  

As well as being experts in uniforms Infectious are embroidery specialists who can take your uniforms to the next level with a great logo. We take great pride in being the best in the industry with embroidery, our precision work will make your scrubs or corporate wear stand out from the rest. We have hundreds of professional logos on file to choose from or we can embroider a new logo for you. Think of how good your team will look in matching uniforms complete with your hospital logo. 

Embroidery Machines at Work - Uniforms

Give your healthcare uniforms a professional look with a customised logo or lines of text. In our experience uniforms that have a logo on the left chest and then the wearer's name & designation on the right chest give the best first impression. 

Whether you choose a stand-alone logo or just text or both you know the finish will be high quality and you know you will be easily identified in your workplace and beyond.

Infectious has thousands of hospital/clinic logo's on file. If you are thinking of buying customised scrubs or lab coats email us today so we can digitise your logo and have you looking your best at work.

What is Embroidery Digitising?

Every time you see scrubs or lab coats with an embroidered hospital logo or their name, that design was "digitised". Embroidery digitising is the process of converting existing artwork like a hospital or practice logo into a stitch file that an embroidery machine can sew on a garment.

Digitising is the process of turning your logo from flat artwork into embroidery detail including

  • colour matching
  • the path of the needle
  • total number of stitches
  • shading requirements.  

We love seeing our customer's logos go from artwork to embroidery on their uniforms. Let Infectious customise your new scrubs today.


Dickies Medical Apparel Logo with Dickies Xtreme Stretch logo

Nursing, Medical and Hospital Scrubs Australia. Shop Online for Corporate Medical Uniforms, Doctors Scrubs with Everyday Flat Rate Shipping only $12.95


Infectious Clothing Company has been going from strength to strength this year with many new customers choosing Dickies scrubs as their new uniform.  Infectious has added many new styles of scrub tops and pants to our website.  We now have printed scrubs and choices of lab coats in Unisex, Men’s and Women’s. Dickies has the largest range of any medical scrubs brand in the world and Infectious Clothing is proud to offer Australian’s the opportunity to buy the world’s best scrubs. Buy your scrubs online from Infectious Clothing Australia. Infectious can order any garments from the entire catalogue of Dickies, Code Happy and WonderWink scrubs, so if you don't see what you want from the Infectious scrubs store just email us and we can help you order exactly what you want for your healthcare uniform.

We are happy to have recently supplied our Dickies scrubs to several new hospital departments as well as Dentists and Vets.

  • Canberra Hospital Emergency Department Doctors – Dickies Gen Flex / EDS scrubs.
  • Royal Hobart Hospital Emergency Department Doctors – Dickies Gen Flex scrubs / Xtreme Stretch scrubs.
  • Sailors Bay Dentistry – Dickies Soft Works scrubs.
  • Gentle Dental Sydney – Dickies EDS scrubs.
  • Dermatology for Animals in Brisbane - Dickies Xtreme stretch / Gen Flex scrubs.
  • Divine Creatures in Sydney – Gen Flex Scrubs.

Most of our new customers are moving away from the traditional styles of scrubs in favour of Dickies premium scrubs styles like Gen Flex and Xtreme Stretch.  While our everyday scrubs are great fitting, durable and great value for money, the Gen Flex and Xtreme stretch all these features with the super comfort of stretch fabric.


Tips for colour selection

  • Colour awakens emotional responses related to past experiences and cultural background.
  • Colour can be used to increase and reduce visibility.
  • Colour contrast and good lighting help people’s navigation, orientation, mobility, independence and involvement.
  • Too many colours together can be distracting.
  • Older people are best able to discriminate strong colours at the warm end of the spectrum.
  • Colours with a high degree of brightness, such as yellow, are highly visible.
  • Colours such as peach, coral and soft apricot tones flatter skin tones and add warmth to any setting.
  • Pastel blues and lavenders are hard for older people to see and often look grey.
  • People with colour vision issues are less sensitive to colours on either end of the colour spectrum. Reds and blues will look darker.
  • As colour preferences are personal, giving people the chance to personalise private spaces is important.

Effective colour contrasts

Older people need about three times as much contrast as younger people to find objects. Choose colours of major contrast.

Combine light colours from the middle of the spectrum, for example, yellow or green, with dark colours from either end of the spectrum, for example, red or blue, to produce the most effective contrasts. Do not combine dark green against bright red, yellow against white, blue against green, or lavender against pink.

Camouflaging with colour

Colour can be used to make objects more visible, or it can hide or camouflage them. Choosing background colours similar to the colour of objects in the foreground can make objects invisible to a person with dementia.

Colour and lighting

Lighting helps in effective colour contrast. The amount of natural daylight should affect the choice of colours as the colour is visibly changed by different light sources. Carpet, wall colour, fabrics, furniture and accessories look much brighter in direct daylight than under artificial light. Test your colour choices in day and evening light where they are to be used. 

Colour rendering

Colour rendering means how true colours look under a given light source. How colour looks under daylight is seen as true and accurate. Light sources are compared to daylight through a Colour Rendering Index. The Colour Rendering Index for lamps uses 100 as the number for light most closely resembling typical daylight. A bulb with a number of 80 or higher can provide a reasonably accurate colour rendering. The temperature of the light source is also a measure of colour rendering, with degrees Kelvin being the standard measure. The higher the temperature, the cooler the light and the closer to daylight. The recommended light rating that simulates daylight conditions or incandescent lighting is 3000–3500 degrees Kelvin.

Colour and wayfinding

Use of colour in wayfinding is most important. Using colour and creating colour contrasts helps people to move about more confidently, reducing confusion and agitation.

Understanding what you do well in your facility and identifying where you could improve is a good start to developing strategies for the use of colour.

  • Think about age, gender, cultural background, religious or spiritual needs and socio-economic circumstances of people with dementia and families when selecting colours.
  • Create up to five colour swatches from which new residents and families can choose their preferred colour scheme for bedrooms, ideally including fabric, wallpaper and paint samples.
  • Think about staff preferences for colours in staff areas.
  • Select the colour of more expensive items, such as furniture and furnishings before selecting paint, which is less expensive and easier to change.
  • Increase colour contrast between furniture and walls to increase visibility.
  • Provide effective colour contrasting throughout a facility, unless wanting to minimise visibility.
  • Select colours that allow for ageing vision and visual ability.
  • Combine light colours, such as yellow or green, with dark colours, such as red or blue, to produce the most effective contrasts.
  • Avoid dark green against bright red, yellow against white, blue against green, and lavender against pink.
  • Test colour samples under proposed lighting conditions to verify how they will appear.
  • Provide good lighting to enhance your colour scheme. 

Colour in dining areas

  • Add colour contrasting edges to tables to increase visibility.
  • Use placemats that colour contrast with table tops, plates and utensils.
  • Select cups and plates with colour contrasting rims or edges to improve visibility.
  • Contrast plates, utensils and containers in colour or brightness against table cloths.
  • Encourage skilful use of colour on white plates to make food easier to see and eat.
  • Use clear, high colour contrast print of appropriate size on menu cards and place cards where used.

Colour in bathrooms

  • Colour contrast toilet seats with toilet bowls and floor.
  • Use warm peach coloured tones that flatter skin tones.

Colour combinations for effective colour contrasts are light colours against black, dark colours against white, light yellow against dark blue, light green against dark red.

The healthcare industry is full and challenges and care of patients with dementia are more challenging than most. When choosing your next aged care uniform please take into account the research that is currently being done into colours and patterns for uniforms in Australia and in countries like the US, Canada and in Europe. Talk to Infectious so we can help you choose the best medical uniform for your healthcare team. You should even consider the colour of your facility logo and workers names and designations when buying uniforms.

Call the Infectious Sales Team on 1300 661 475 option 2 or drop in to see our options for aged care uniforms at our Sunshine Coast showroom and retail shop.

Infectious Clothing Company
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National supplier of uniforms specialising in Healthcare and Corporate Wear and everything in between.


Medicine and health care have made great advances in the last century. Due to timely medical help, the life span of people has increased. Surgery and nursing have become far more advanced than it was before and much importance is being given to cleanliness and hygiene. In the past, only hot water was used to sterilize instruments and that too was not done properly.

All surgical instruments like scalpels and scissors were sterilized using antiquated methods of boiling water on kitchen stoves. Doctors and nurses went into surgery in their everyday clothes and just washed their hands before operating. All this has changed now and more importance is being given to sanitizing and using disposable instruments plus PPE like gloves, aprons, face masks, caps and others. Surgeons and nurses too wear clean, medical uniforms to the Operating theatre. Nurses wear a compulsory uniform which set them apart and gives them an air of authority.

A nurse in a dirty uniform is a rare sight. Although they usually wore white scrubs, nurses always appeared neat and tidy. White is the sign of peace and stands for serenity. Hospital scrubs are usually pastel colours so that patients feel a sense of calm when they move around them. Plain scrubs are easier to wash and maintain than coloured ones. Nurses in bright colours like red or orange would look alarming to patients they are attending to. Pale uniforms are easy to maintain as they can be washed in hot water to remove stains as well as sterilize them. Hospitals have uniforms to maintain a sense of decorum and discipline. Imagine doctors and nurses wearing garish colours. 

 A person in uniform looks authoritative and commands respect. Nurses scrubs come in pastel colours like light blue or green. Surgeons too usually wear either blue or green gowns while performing operations the surgery. These scrubs are made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. Cotton fabric is very skin-friendly and lets the skin breathe. Now we are using more and more disposable gloves, masks aprons and caps. This ensures germ-free and sterilized environment in operating theatres as well as in the wards where nurses are working.

Now even general surgeons and dental nurse uniforms are being standardized. Dentists now want their nurses to wear scrubs to give a more professional and germ-free look to the clinic. These uniforms are now available ready to wear in the market or even online. People have become very conscious of their appearance, smile and therefore the teeth. Dentists too are providing cosmetic enhancements on a daily basis which meet growing demands of their patients. Cosmetic surgeons wear premium quality scrubs as their patients expect them to look the most professional.

These days premium medical apparel brands like Dickies, Code Happy and WonderWink create medical uniforms that require little maintenance or ironing due to advances in fabric technology.

Choose Dickies Xtreme Stretch, WonderTECH, W123, WonderWORK for high-quality scrubs that are easy to maintain.


Dickies Gen Flex scrubs collection and selected EDS (Everyday Scrubs) and Xtreme Stretch scrubs styles are currently on sale now. For a limited time, only Infectious has taken at least 10% off all Gen Flex scrubs, the top of the line medical scrubs collection from Dickies. Buy now to save on premium quality scrubs by Dickies. Dickies make perfect healthcare uniforms for all medical-related industries - Nurses scrubs, Doctors scrubs, Hospital scrubs. Scrubs for Vets and Vet Nurses, Dentists, Hygienists and Dental nurses as well as beauty, spa and laser therapists. Now is the time to buy or upgrade your old scrubs to new Dickies Gen Flex scrubs today. Shop online for cheap scrubs - buy premium quality scrubs Australia. 


Infectious Clothing Company is Australia's leading supplier of premium quality medical apparel. Infectious are specialist suppliers of Nursing & Medical Scrubs, Lab Coats, Scrub caps/ hats as well as Nursing shoes. Shop our online medical uniform store for leading brands of medical workwear and apparel.  Infectious are exclusive Australian suppliers of Dickies Medical Scrubs and WonderWink scrubs two of the leading scrubs brands which we import from the USA. Browse and buy premium quality scrubs sets, scrub tops, scrub pants, scrub hats, lab coats and nurses work shoes. Make Dickies your first choice for healthcare uniforms and you will be looking fantastic in great fitting scrubs with lots of pockets that really last. Don't waste your money on no brand scrubs - buy your uniforms from brands that you know and trust. Everyone wants their scrubs to be good quality. Good quality scrubs feature good quality fabrics and top manufacturing techniques so you know they won't fall apart after a couple of wears.

Uniforms - Nursing Scrubs, Nursing Uniforms & Medical Scrubs - Infectious Clothing Company is a leading Australian supplier based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. 

Dickies Medical Apparel Logo with Dickies Xtreme Stretch logo

Nursing, Medical and Hospital Scrubs Australia. Shop Online for Corporate Medical Uniforms, Doctors Scrubs with Everyday Flat Rate Shipping only $12.95

Happy Professionals Wear Great Scrubs

The fabric makes all the difference as to how the uniforms feel on the skin. Infectious supplies Australia's largest choice of scrub uniforms featuring premium quality fabrics. Each scrubs collection is made of its own fabric. You will find that entry-level scrubs typically feature poly/cotton blends that are comfortable and durable. Poly/cotton scrubs has been the industry standard for medical uniforms and workwear for many years. Recently, leading medical apparel brands like Dickies, Code Happy and WonderWink have used innovative fabric technology to make their uniforms more comfortable, cooler to wear and still retain their durability. The latest innovations in medical apparel are fabrics featuring Stretch, Antimicrobial protection, Fluid barrier protection and double layer technology. If your scrubs aren't up to the task ask yourself what fabric are your scrubs made out of?

Fabric composition for leading scrubs brands Dickies Medical Apparel & WonderWink Scrubs

Collection Fabric Composition Stretch  Needs Ironing Antimicrobial Double Layer
Origins 65% Poly / 35% Cotton No Yes No No
WonderFLEX 52% Cotton / 45% Polyester / 2% Spandex Yes Yes No  No
WonderWORK 65% Poly / 35% Active Twill Stretch Yes Yes No  No
WonderWink HP 90% Polyester / 10% Spandex Yes No No Yes
EDS (Everyday Scrubs) 55% Cotton / 45% Polyester No Yes No No
EDS Stretch 55% Cotton / 43% Polyester / 2% Spandex Poplin Yes Yes Yes No
Gen Flex 52% Cotton / 45% Polyester / 3% Spandex Twill Yes Yes No No
Xtreme Stretch 75% Polyester / 21% Rayon / 4% Spandex Twill Yes No No No


Be happy and wear quality scrubs outfits from a leading brand that you know and trust. Infectious Clothing Company is Australia's favourite supplier of performance medical apparel that will go the distance for hard working healthcare professionals. You will find stylish and great looking scrubs and lab coats with figure-flattering lines - shop online at Australia's number 1 scrubs supplier and look your very best - Infectious Medical. 

At the end of the day, it comes down to what work you are doing, where you work and of course your own personal preference when choosing your next medical scrub uniform. Always choose quality and you will be happy that you did. Happy professionals wear great medical workwear. To buy scrubs go to call us 1300 661 475 or purchase uniforms in person at our Kunda Park scrubs superstore. Let Infectious get you into the best medical uniform that you have ever worn by leading brands Dickies, Cherokee, WonderWink, Medelita, Landau, Urbane, Heartsoul, Zoe & Chloe, Biz Care and more.

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Infectious supplies top quality scrubs style uniforms to 

  • Medical
  • Surgical
  • Hospital
  • Pharmacy
  • Veterinary
  • Aged Care
  • Nursing
  • Cleaning Industry
  • Beauty and Laser
  • Students

Don't forget that Christmas is fast approaching. Start thinking now what you would want your Christmas scrub top to look like. Infectious already has several styles of printed scrub tops featuring fun Christmas designs to choose from with more Xmas prints and stock to arrive later in the year. Take a fresh approach to your Christmas Nurses Uniforms to browse our Christmas and Holiday scrubs online here. 

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Nursing, Medical and Hospital Scrubs Australia. Shop Online for Corporate Medical Uniforms, Doctors Scrubs with Free Returns & Exchanges.


Infectious Clothing Company has been going from strength to strength this year with many new customers choosing Dickies scrubs as their new healthcare uniform.  Infectious has added many new styles of scrub tops and scrub pants to our website.  We now have printed scrubs and choices of lab coats in Unisex, Men’s and Women’s.  Dickies has the largest range of any medical scrubs brand in the world and Infectious Clothing is proud to offer Australian’s the opportunity to buy the world’s best scrubs. Buy your scrubs online from Infectious Clothing Australia. Convenient online shopping with express delivery available Australia wide.

We are happy to have recently supplied our Dickies scrubs to several new hospital departments as well as Dentists, Vets and Laser beauty clinics. Looks like our scrubs products are becoming Infectious. Nobody knows uniforms like Infectious.


For over 10 year the name Infectious has been at the forefront of the medical uniform industry. Infectious Medical specialises in quality scrubs style uniforms for both Men and Women and stock some of the world's leading scrubs brands like Dickies, WonderWink and Code Happy. Your new professional uniform is waiting for you at Infectious. We make healthcare professionals all over Australia look their best in top quality medical scrub uniforms.

Infectious is Australia's exclusive supplier of Dickies Medical apparel. Dickies has the world's largest collection of premium quality scrubs, lab coats and footwear and are famous for a great fitting, top quality products that really last. The most popular scrubs collection from Dickies is their awesome Xtreme Stretch collection. Available in styles for Women and Men Xtreme stretch scrubs make the perfect healthcare uniform. The stretch fabric is soft and silky on the skin and the fabric delivers unrestricted movement no matter your profession. Dickies Xtreme stretch scrubs are like no uniform you have ever worn before.  The innovative 4-way stretch fabric is also cool and comfortable and requires little or no ironing. Simply perfect, top quality uniforms.


If you need a more affordable stretch fabric scrub then we highly recommend WonderWink WonderWORK scrubs. Made from a great fitting durable stretch fabric WonderWink WonderWORK deliver high-performance good quality scrubs at affordable prices which make them great for groups. WonderWink has redesigned their scrubs so that they fit better than before throughout all sizes. There are Unisex scrubs, Men's scrubs as well as several styles of Women's scrubs including maternity scrubs in the WonderWink WonderWORK collection. Great fitting durable fabric with the added comfort of stretch all at a very affordable and competitive price. Make WonderWink WonderWORK your next healthcare uniform. Buy good quality WonderWink WonderWORK scrubs online today and you will be very happy that you did.

First impressions matter to healthcare workers more than other professions. What does your uniform say about you?


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We want to be your first choice for, Healthcare Uniforms including Medical Scrubs, Nursing Scrubs and Compression Socks.  We specialise in adding Customised Embroidery to our uniforms. None of our competitors can match the quality of embroidery or our super low flat fee for logos. Our competitors even charge you setup fees for embroidery, we think that's just crazy!

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Firstly, Infectious Clothing Company only sells premium quality imported scrubs from the USA.  Infectious is the only Australian supplier of Dickies Medical Scrubs, the worlds leading medical apparel brand. Dickies scrubs are made from the highest quality materials and have the highest standards of manufacturing of any scrubs around.  This is why Dickies is the world’s number one scrubs brand. 

Infectious Clothing has Australia’s largest range of scrubs.  From Dickies to Code Happy and WonderWink, Infectious gives you all the options you need when choosing a modern medical healthcare uniform.  Dickies have many collections of scrubs to choose from.  Everything from the durable Everyday scrubs to the stylish Gen Flex scrubs.  Scrub tops, Scrub pants, solid coloured scrubs, printed scrubs, lab coats and medical shoes and footwear.

Super fast shipping! Backed by Australia Post’s amazing eParcel delivery network, you will have your new scrubs in no time at all. Online orders not requiring embroidery are sent same or next business day.  eParcel automatically emails tracking advice to customers so you always know where your new scrubs are.


Customer service is a priority and we are very proud of the high levels that we provide.  Some online scrubs stores think that being online means that you don’t have to deal with your customers.  Our staff are always available during business hours to discuss our products or to help you with your orders.  We have a convenient 1300 phone number and also answer your email enquiries if cannot call during office hours. Our team have worked in various medical fields so we know exactly what our customers want.  

We value the online security of our customers and their personal details.  That’s why we have invested in an SSL certificate from Geotrust, a credible security company.  Our online transactions and domain are validated and have strong 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit root encryption.  We use Paypal as our payment gateway because of its high level of security and convenience. We also accept Mastercard and Visa payments through our Paypal payment gateway.

Lastly, Infectious Clothing Company is Australian owned and operated.  Infectious has been supplying scrub uniforms to the Australian medical industry for over 15 years.  We are based in Buderim in Queensland and we employ a local team of workers.

If you have never bought Dickies scrubs before now is the time to upgrade your uniform.  We invite you to try Dickies for yourself to see the quality and comfort and above the best value scrubs for your money.