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Tunic Uniform Options for Clinics - Blog - Infectious Clothing

With so many different styles of uniforms out there for your beauty, laser or spa clinic it is hard to know which style will be the best option for yourself and your team. The tunic is a classic look that shows your clients that your clinic is professional, hygienic and experienced. 

For a stylish uniform that fits your brands aesthetic look no further than Infectious' large range of tunics. Another benefit of shopping with Infectious is our free returns policy. We know that to do your best work you need to feel your best. That is why we only supply the best uniforms in Australia and if it doesn’t fit, then return it free of charge.

Colour options:

Depending on the branding of your clinic you may want to stick to a classic black, white or grey uniform. However brands like Urbane and City Collection offer a navy and teal option as well. Giblor's offers green, burgundy, lilac and three different shades of blue. 


We offer an embroidery service to allow you to professionally brand your uniform and your entire team. You can include your company logo and customisable text to differentiate yourself from the competition. 


Many tunics offer a range of different features to assist yourself and your team to perform at their best. To check out our full range please see the collection here. These can include:

  • Pockets
  • Stretch fabric for comfort
  • No shrinkage material and fade resistant colours
  • Antibacterial fabric
  • Subtle shoulder pads and defined waist for a flattering silhouette
  • Side vents to additional air flow


At Infectious we stock many different brands of tunics.

These include:

  • Biz Care
  • Landau
  • Urbane
  • Cherokee
  • Biz Collection
  • NNT
  • Giblor
  • City Collection

If you need any help deciding which uniform is right for you and your team, do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly team at or by calling us at 1300 661 475.

Infectious Clothing believes in excellent customer service which is the reaon why our customers love us. Infectious are the scrubs experts and our customer service team will give you all the information that you need to outfit yourself or your team. As we say, "our customer service is Infectious." Our aim is for happy satisfied customers that keep coming back time and time again.

Let our customer service team and products give you the winning Infectious smile!

Professional Logo Embroidered Scrubs - Blog - Infectious Clothing

Infectious Clothing is Australia's leading supplier of hospital and healthcare uniforms. Infectious supplies top quality medical scrubs, aged care tunics and corporate apparel for the medical industry.  

As well as being experts in uniforms Infectious are embroidery specialists who can take your uniforms to the next level with a great logo. We take great pride in being the best in the industry with embroidery, our precision work will make your scrubs or corporate wear stand out from the rest. We have hundreds of professional logos on file to choose from or we can embroider a new logo for you. Think of how good your team will look in matching uniforms complete with your hospital logo. 

Embroidery Machines at Work - Uniforms

Give your healthcare uniforms a professional look with a customised logo or lines of text. In our experience uniforms that have a logo on the left chest and then the wearer's name & designation on the right chest give the best first impression. 

Whether you choose a stand-alone logo or just text or both you know the finish will be high quality and you know you will be easily identified in your workplace and beyond.

Infectious has thousands of hospital/clinic logo's on file. If you are thinking of buying customised scrubs or lab coats email us today so we can digitise your logo and have you looking your best at work.

What is Embroidery Digitising?

Every time you see scrubs or lab coats with an embroidered hospital logo or their name, that design was "digitised". Embroidery digitising is the process of converting existing artwork like a hospital or practice logo into a stitch file that an embroidery machine can sew on a garment.

Digitising is the process of turning your logo from flat artwork into embroidery detail including

  • colour matching
  • the path of the needle
  • total number of stitches
  • shading requirements.  

We love seeing our customer's logos go from artwork to embroidery on their uniforms. Let Infectious customise your new scrubs today.


Dickies Medical Apparel Logo with Dickies Xtreme Stretch logo

Nursing, Medical and Hospital Scrubs Australia. Shop Online for Corporate Medical Uniforms, Doctors Scrubs with Everyday Flat Rate Shipping only $12.95


Infectious Clothing Company is a specialist when it comes to embroidery and branding of your uniform. We can replicate any logo from a small practice logo to an intricate hospital crest. We also have the ability to add your name and designation for a classy professional look.


 Choose from a wide range of hospital logos which we have on file or 

  • Upload your own logo
  • Personalise your item with up to 3 lines of text
  • Select your logo position

Take your medical uniforms to the next level with our custom embroidery service.

Scrub Tops & Lab Coats Logo Embroidery - Blog - Infectious Clothing

Why not add a professional embroidered logo to your scrubs. Logo embroidery is the most impressive way to truly distinguish your lab coat or scrub tops. A finishing touch like no other - logo embroidery with your practice, clinic, or hospital logo turns a lab coat and/or scrubs into a really professional uniform in an instant.



Having a logo on your scrubs makes you easily identifiable to your colleagues and your patients. Logo embroidery also provides a sense of team amongst you and your coworkers. So stand out from the rest and get a nice logo embroidered onto your uniforms today.

Infectious Clothing Company Australia has one of the largest collection of Australia hospital logos on file ready for use. We have most of the major Australian hospitals on file from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Hobart and Canberra public hospitals including children's hospitals ready to embroider onto your scrub tops or lab coats.

If we don't have your logo on file or you would like to have something a little different to your colleagues you can upload your own logo or add lines of text using our innovative embroidery customization module. How do you use this module?  Well simple all you have to do is add a scrub top or lab coat to your shopping cart and you will be prompted - would you like to customize this top with embroidery?  Select yes and you can see our library of existing hospital logos and you also have the option of selecting the location, size and colour of any text you might want to add.

Our in house embroidery team uses the latest multi-head clothing embroidery machines from Tajima which deliver outstanding detail in the quickest possible times. Our local embroiderer has over 25 years experience so you can trust that Infectious will get your embroidery right and will optimise your graphics logo to get the best outcomes. 

With Infectious Clothing Company, customisation is easy and makes your scrubs look like a super professional uniform.  For the best first impression choose Infectious.

Choose Infectious next time you need new scrubs with logo embroidery. 

Dickies Medical Apparel Logo with Dickies Xtreme Stretch logo

Nursing, Medical and Hospital Scrubs Australia. Shop Online for Corporate Medical Uniforms, Doctors Scrubs with Everyday Flat Rate Shipping only $12.95

Custom Medical Uniform Embroidery Service - Blog - Infectious Clothing

Infectious Clothing Company provides a complete embroidery service so you can customise your healthcare uniform. We can embroiderer anything from a complex hospital logo and add your name and designation. Call us today and let our team advise you how to make your uniforms really pop!



      • Choose from a wide range of hospital logos
      • Upload your own logo
      • Personalise your item with up to 3 lines of text
      • Select your logo position


We have a great range of hospital logos for you to choose from to create a custom look. See below for a selection of our best selling logos.



    Select an image of your own in JPG, BMP, PDF, AI or TIFF format. Max file size of 5mb. Max Logo size embroidered is 15cm x 15cm



    Create your own customised look by adding your Name / Company/ Designation to your scrub top or lab coat


    No matter which combination of embroidery your choose for your healthcare uniform you will know that Infectious will replicate your logo with high-quality workmanship. You always want to give the best first impression and for healthcare workers, a great uniform portrays trust, experience, educated and professional.

    Dickies Medical Apparel Logo with Dickies Xtreme Stretch logo

    Nursing, Medical and Hospital Scrubs Australia. Shop Online for Corporate Medical Uniforms, Doctors Scrubs with Everyday Flat Rate Shipping only $12.95

    Scrubs for Hospitals in Melbourne - Blog - Infectious Clothing

    Infectious Medical supplies scrubs to many hospital and clinics in Melbourne. Some of the Hospitals that we supply scrub uniforms to are listed below. In these hospitals, we supplied Doctors scrubs, Nurses scrubs, Surgical Scrubs. There are many different departments and wards that we have supplied to including Emergency Departments, Intensive Care Units.

    Alfred Hospital Melbourne

    Austin Hospital Melbourne

    Royal Melbourne Hospital

    Box Hill Melbourne

    Epworth Hospital Melbourne

    Frankston Hospital

    Monash Medical Centre

    Peter Mac Cancer Centre

    Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne

    St Vincents Hospital Melbourne

    Infectious Clothing Company have Australia's largest range of scrubs and medical apparel to choose from. Infectious is the exclusive Australian supplier of Dickies Medical and WonderWink Scrubs two of the world's leading scrubs brands that we import directly from the USA. Code Happy is another top quality scrubs brand that we supply. Code Happy has a great range of premium quality printed scrub tops featuring Certainty antimicrobial protection. Infectious gives you Melbourne's best choice for medical uniforms and clothes. No other online scrubs store give you the choice of three top quality scrubs brands - (Dickies, WonderWink & Code Happy) Infectious supplies superior quality garments and have a superior medical scrubs collection.

    Premium quality scrubs and products mean better value for money. Employers - just think if you only had to replace uniforms every two years instead of every year - you would drastically reduce your costs! Sound attractive? We think so too!  When you buy premium quality you only pay once. When you buy no-name medical scrubs brands or poor quality you will quickly find that they shrink and the colours fade and you will need to replace them in no time at all. Dickies & WonderWink scrubs are made from the very best fabrics that are comfortable and durable which means you will be looking great in scrubs and lab coats that really last. Buy good quality and be happy you did. Don't waste your money on poor quality medical apparel. Buy with confidence - buy brands that you know and trust.

    So all you healthcare professionals in Melbourne who are looking to buy top quality scrubs, that really last, you know where to shop.

    call us now on 1300 661 475 or shop our online scrubs store

    Nursing, Medical and Hospital Scrubs Australia. Shop Online for Corporate Medical Uniforms, Doctors Scrubs with Everyday Flat Rate Shipping only $12.95

    Uniforms for the Laser and Beauty Industry - Blog - Infectious Clothing

    We have noticed in the past year or so that the beauty industry is booming.  There is new laser technology that is available for cosmetic applications from hair removal to skin treatments.

    Laser Clinics Australia has chosen stylish black scrub uniforms for their staff of laser technicians.  We have personalised their scrubs with their company logo embroidered on the left sleeve. When an image is everything relies on Dickies for your work uniform.

    While LCA has chosen our Dickies Everyday Scrubs EDS many of our health and beauty clients are choosing the Dickies Generation Flex premium scrubs for their uniform.

    Dickies Gen Flex is made from premium micro-brushed fabric which is blended with 5% spandex so they are super soft and the fabric moves with you as you work providing superior comfort.  The contemporary styling of Gen Flex scrubs makes them perfect for the beauty industry who might be looking for something more than just basic medical scrubs. 

    Why not try the latest range from Dickies, the incredible Xtreme Stretch Scrubs.

    Westmead Trauma Service in Dickies Scrubs - Blog - Infectious Clothing

    Infectious Clothing Company supplies it's famous Dickies scrubs to several Sydney trauma centres.  

    • Royal North Shore Hospital Emergency Department / Trauma Service, 
    • Liverpool Hospital Emergency Department / Trauma Service
    • St Vincents Sydney Hospital Emergency Department (Kings Cross Emergency)
    • RPA (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital) Emergency Department 
    • Sydney Children's' Hospital Emergency Department

    We also supply Dickies scrubs to several medical simulation centres that help train Medical Interns, Doctors and Nurses

    • The Sydney Medical Simulation Centre
    • The Edith Cowan University Simulation Centre

    The medical professionals working at the Emergency Trauma and Simulation centres are the best of the best just like Dickies scrubs supplied by Infectious Clothing Company.  If you are the best you want to look your best and be comfortable all day long.  Professional healthcare uniforms supplied by Infectious - Australia's leading supplier of medical & nursing scrubs.

    Buy your Dickies scrubs online today.

    Westmead Trauma Centre is one of Australia's largest and busiest Trauma Centre with over 3300 admissions per year. Westmead is the busiest Major Trauma Centre in the Sydney Metropolitan Region and the third busiest in Australia. It has a well-established Trauma Registry with over 60,000 patients and a well-organised system of trauma care.

    Westmead Hospital has for over 34 years clearly proven its commitment to improving and advancing trauma care, both for the people of Western Sydney and farther afield by providing ongoing education with lectures, tutorials, and support as a centre for advice, referrals and transfers.

    This major teaching hospital in Sydney provides all facets of trauma care encompassing the prehospital phase and triage, acute hospital care and specialised rehabilitation. It is now becoming a leader in Public and Community Education, promoting awareness of Trauma Management and Injury Prevention.

    Sign Up for Our Company Newsletter - Blog - Infectious Clothing

    Infectious Clothing Company is all about connecting with our customers.  We want to give something back to our customers that's why we have teamed up with Mailchimp the global leader in email newsletters. When you subscribe to our infectious Clothing newsletters you will be the first to hear about any new products as well as our famous monthly promotions.

    We want to be your first choice for, Healthcare Uniforms including Medical Scrubs, Nursing Scrubs and Compression Socks.  We specialise in adding Customised Embroidery to our uniforms. None of our competitors can match the quality of embroidery or our super low flat fee for logos. Our competitors even charge you setup fees for embroidery, we think that's just crazy!

    We are a responsible company and only email our past customers and subscribers, we never use our newsletters to spam.

    Embroiderer Closure for the Holidays - Blog - Infectious Clothing

    We hope that everyone is getting organised before the holiday season if they need new scrubs for the start of 2014.  Monday the 16th of December is your last day that our embroiderer is accepting uniforms for embroidery before they shut down for 3 weeks over the holiday period.  Get in quick if you need embroidery on your scrub top or lab coat. 

    Embroidery is a great way to enhance the look of your new scrubs. We can add a hospital logo or your name or designation to your scrubs for a professional look.

    We have many hospital logos on file from Hospitals in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. If we don't have your hospital logo on file all we need is a good quality electronic copy and we can arrange your embroidery.

    Start off the new year in a pair of our premium Dickies scrubs. You will be amazed at how well they fit and last even after many months of wear and washing. We get customers coming to us after they have bought cheaper scrubs that fall apart or shrink or fade. Don't waste your money on inferior scrubs. Buy Dickies scrubs a name that you can trust.

    Fantastic value for money.

    We keep a stock of the following scrubs already embroidered.

        Royal North Shore Hospital - RNSH ED DR

        Royal Prince Alfred Hospital - RPA ED DR

        Westmead Hospital - WH ED DR

        Liverpool Hospital - LPH ED DR

        St Vincents Hospital - SVH ED DR

    These hospitals will not be affected by the closure of the embroiderer for the Christmas period.

    Dickies Medical Apparel Logo with Dickies Xtreme Stretch logo

    Nursing, Medical and Hospital Scrubs Australia. Shop Online for Corporate Medical Uniforms, Doctors Scrubs with Everyday Flat Rate Shipping only $12.95