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Comfortable, Everyday Medical Workwear - Blog - Infectious Clothing

Medical workwear - is a uniform that is practical, comfortable and durable enough to be worn every day. Practical and functional is a very important feature of medical clothing and uniforms. Practical uniforms are garments that do not restrict the wearer in any way while they are working. Practicality is the design of the garment as well as the fabric the garment is made from.  Functional uniforms are garments that deliver added benefits to the wearer like pockets, ID & Instrument loops, drawstrings. Durable uniforms are made from high-quality fabrics and precision manufacturing to ensure long life. Durable scrub sets are also great value for money as they do not have to be replaced often. Choose good quality scrubs and your uniforms will have the best fit and all the best features.

Medical clothing and footwear - are designed to protect the wearer while working in medical and health occupations. Medical clothing like white lab coats, consultation jackets provide a layer of strong durable fabric for the wearer and are usually full-length sleeves and full length to the wearer's knees. Lab coats are made from durable polyester/cotton blends. Medical footwear and shoes as worn by Nurses are designed to protect the wearer from falling objects and splashes. Leather is the perfect material to provide the protection and comfort required by healthcare professionals. Infectious medical can supply your team with the very best uniforms and protective workwear to keep you safe. Did you know that Dickies and Code Happy now supply scrubs sets, lab coats and scrub hats with antimicrobial fabrics for added protection? Browse our antimicrobial products.

Common Healthcare Professions that wear scrubs. When a person thinks of scrubs they think of Doctors, Nurses and Surgeons. But it's not just Doctors and Nurses who wear scrubs in 2016.  Times have changed and many healthcare professions are seeing that scrubs offer a stylish, comfortable and relatively low-cost uniform option. We now find that many Dentists, Vets and even Beauty and Laser therapists are choosing scrubs as their healthcare uniform. So what should you look for when buying scrubs for a particular industry?  

Dentists and Dental Nurses & Assistants

Dentists and their Nurses work in close contact with their patients and they are frequently exposed to splashes and particles. We recommend that Dentists wear scrubs or lab coats with Certainty Plus Antimicrobial fabrics with fluid protection. Remember with Infectious - buy scrubs and get 


CERTAINTY® features unique freshness technology, which keeps odour-causing and fabric-degrading bacteria at bay so scrubs stay fresh and odour-free. CERTAINTY gives wearers confidence that their scrubs look professional and maintain their fit throughout the rigours of daily work.

CERTAINTY's durable, long-lasting antimicrobial* fabric technology withstands high temperatures and chlorine launderings, extending the useful life of the garment. (Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended laundering guidelines.)

  • Provides long-lasting freshness
  • Has a homogeneous finish throughout garment or textile product
  • Reduces growth of odour-causing and fabric-degrading bacteria
  • Allows for activation only in the presence of unwanted bacteria*
  • Extends the life and strength of textile products

CERTAINTY PLUS® products are enhanced by a revolutionary fabric technology that uses nanotechnology — tiny molecules permanently attach to fibres without clogging the fabric weave or compromising the fabric's look, feel or comfort.

  • Repels liquids on the fabric
  • Provides long-lasting protection against spills and stains
  • Retains the fabric’s natural softness

  • Outperforms conventional fabric treatments
  • Extends the life of the fabric
  • Allows fabric to breathe naturally

Infectious offers scrub tops, scrub pants, printed scrubs, scrub hats with both Certainty and Certainty Plus by our leading scrubs brands Dickies and Code Happy. Enquire today about upgrading your dental uniform to good quality scrubs. 

Don't forget Christmas is coming soon. Infectious is now stocking Christmas scrubs that you can use as your nurses uniform. So be ready for Christmas this year and buy your Christmas scrubs online from Infectious Medical.


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History & Innovations of Medical Uniforms - Blog - Infectious Clothing

When reviewing the origins of the nursing profession, historical photographs make it easy to recognize the changes in nursing uniforms throughout history. The old-fashioned aprons over dresses style transitioned over the decades to the comfortable and stylish nurses scrubs we know today. We are glad that they decided to get rid of the hats!

Nursing uniforms are an essential part of the job. They denote the role that is played in the medical profession and allow the nurses to be easily identified. Uniforms have come on a long way from the days of the boring dress, apron and cap. One can now see some great fashionable Medical scrubs alongside conventional corporate style uniforms. Nursing uniforms were traditionally based on a nun's doctrine, as before the 19th century, it was the duty of religious nuns to care for the sick. One of the students who worked with Florence Nightingale designed the first actual nursing uniform.

In fact, healthcare professionals and support staff in most healthcare organizations have transitioned to the scrub uniform trend over time. Widespread adoption of scrubs prompted designers to focus on fashion and to enhance its wear and function by incorporating the latest technological advancements. That where Dickies Medical Apparel and more recently WonderWink have been the innovators. Dickies are the world's largest workwear company and have the insight and resources to develop the best work uniforms for medical professions.

Modern Scrubs Innovations and Technology

For example, new technology has allowed nurses scrubs to be made with softer, more tactile-friendly fabrics with added spandex. This gives healthcare professionals more room to move while performing tasks such as transferring a patient. The stretch fabrics provide unrestricted movement which allows nurses to be comfortable for longer. These innovative fabrics also enable scrub designers to produce an improved, more tailored fit for different body types because the new fabrics provide a better drape over the curves of your body.

Improved wearability is just one aspect of nursing uniforms that has changed over time. Another essential aspect of a uniform is the functionality that they provide the nurse or doctor wearing them. New scrubs designs have emphasized functionality brilliantly. Throughout a shift, nurses need a way to easily carry various work tools such as scissors, tape, medical supplies and personal items like mobile phones. The new scrubs by Dickies and WonderWink have added loops, hooks and pockets designed specifically to help make working easier.

Antimicrobial fabrics for medical apparel is one of the most exciting technologies that has ever been developed. Antimicrobial treatments such as Certainty antimicrobial protection prevents bacteria from growing on the garments. This provides the wearer with all-day comfort, neutralises odours and actually prolongs the life of the uniforms. Pretty amazing huh. Infectious supplies several styles of Women's Printed tops featuring Certainty Antimicrobial Protection.

Whether you require scrub tops, scrub pants or a fashion scrub set, Infectious Clothing Company has you covered with leading brands at great affordable prices. We strive to provide Australian Healthcare workers with the best selection of scrubs and nursing uniforms from premium brands that are superior to our competitors. Infectious has many styles of scrubs for both Men and Women in a variety of professional colours. Whether you are a Veterinarian, Dentist, Nurse, Doctor or Midwife Infectious Scrubs SuperStore has the right uniforms to fit your needs. With our vast selection of brand name medical uniforms, you are sure to find the right scrubs to fit your needs.
Choice and quality are what you get when you shop online for scrubs at You get to choose from top quality scrubs brands like Dickies, WonderWink and Code Happy and top quality footwear from New Balance. When you buy quality products you can trust that you will be looking and feeling great and you will know that your uniforms will really last. Top-quality scrubs = great value for money. Nobody can argue with that. 



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Nursing, Medical and Hospital Scrubs Australia. Shop Online for Corporate Medical Uniforms, Doctors Scrubs with Everyday Flat Rate Shipping only $12.95

Dickies & Cherokee Antimicrobial Range - Blog - Infectious Clothing

Nurses and Doctors can rejoice at the knowledge that Infectious is now stocking a great range of antimicrobial products by premium scrubs that you know and trust, Dickies Medical, Cherokee and Code Happy. The scrubs sets would be perfect for hospital-based workers like nurses and doctors and just about any health care professional would love to wear antimicrobial lab coats, scrub hats, printed scrub tops depending on which hospital or clinic you work in.





For the fashion-conscious health care professional choose one of our new designer leather carry bags from Code Happy. There are two styles to choose from and no matter which antimicrobial code happy bag you choose you will love the style, and functionality. Dickies, Code Happy and Infectious Clothing Company Australia teaming up to bring you the most innovative medical products and uniforms.






Shop online for antimicrobial nurses uniforms and medical accessories featuring Certainty Antimicrobial Protection.


Authorised Australian reseller of Dickies Medical and Code Happy antimicrobial products. Infectious retail scrubs store and showroom are just an hour north of Brisbane. So if any healthcare professionals from Brisbane are looking to upgrade their medical workwear, you now know where to come. We would love to meet you in person and fit you with some of the most stylish and great fitting medical apparel today.

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Nursing, Medical and Hospital Scrubs Australia. Shop Online for Corporate Medical Uniforms, Doctors Scrubs with Everyday Flat Rate Shipping only $12.95

Sydney Adventist Staff in Dickies Scrubs - Blog - Infectious Clothing

When the Sydney Adventist Hospital Emergency Care Nurses came to us looking for a new supplier for their nursing scrubs we were only too happy to help them. The Sydney Adventist Hospital (or SAN as they like to be known) had trouble with their old supplier not being able to supply them the colour that they wanted and they waited for ages for their orders to be filled.  We reassured them that as Dickies are the world's largest workwear company and a global leader in medical scrubs that we had no supply issues.  Infectious Clothing Company has a track record of delivering high-quality medical uniforms with fast turn around times. 

The Nurses were looking for a unique colour that was different from the usual blues that the majority of medical and nursing uniforms are.  They eventually settled on the lovely Teal coloured scrubs for the Nurses and Royal Blue scrubs for the Wardsmen.  

As part of this project, we created 4 new embroidered hospital logos all based on the SAH logo.  They were Registered Nurse, Clinical Educator, Clinical NUM as well as one for the Wardsmen.

Once the Nurses had decided on their Styles, Colour and Logo, all that was left was the individual sizes. As with all large orders Infectious Clothing will supply the full range of sample sizes for fittings.  Over the 10 years that we have been in business, we have found that this is the best way of getting the sizes right the first time.  The fittings can take a while especially with staff doing different shifts, and being away on holidays.  Once we had all the numbers it only took a couple of weeks to complete the embroidery and ship to the hospital.

We filled this large order by separating it into what was ordered for each individual.  The small packages had the nurses names on them so it was just a matter of handing them out when they arrived.  Some scrubs companies will just send the total number of scrubs ordered but we take the time to process and separate the order to make it easier for groups. Have a group order? Call us today and let our group orders specialist guide you through the process. At Infectious we make ordering for a group a breeze.

The feedback from the Nurses has been great and they love their new nursing scrubs. We are proud to have supplied our scrubs to the team at the Emergency Care Unit one of Sydney's only private Emergency Departments.

Our Dickies scrubs are a functional and modern uniform for a modern healthcare facility and we look forward to building an ongoing supply relationship with the Sydney Adventist Hospital.

Infectious Clothing Company is Australia's number 1 place to buy scrubs online. Shop our online store or shop in person at our showroom on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Innovative Medical Workwear for healthcare professionals.