When reviewing the origins of the nursing profession, historical photographs make it easy to recognize the changes in nursing uniforms throughout history. The old-fashioned aprons over dresses style transitioned over the decades to the comfortable and stylish nurses scrubs we know today. We are glad that they decided to get rid of the hats!

Nursing uniforms are an essential part of the job. They denote the role that is played in the medical profession and allow the nurses to be easily identified. Uniforms have come on a long way from the days of the boring dress, apron and cap. One can now see some great fashionable Medical scrubs alongside conventional corporate style uniforms. Nursing uniforms were traditionally based on a nun's doctrine, as before the 19th century, it was the duty of religious nuns to care for the sick. One of the students who worked with Florence Nightingale designed the first actual nursing uniform.

In fact, healthcare professionals and support staff in most healthcare organizations have transitioned to the scrub uniform trend over time. Widespread adoption of scrubs prompted designers to focus on fashion and to enhance its wear and function by incorporating the latest technological advancements. That where Dickies Medical Apparel and more recently WonderWink have been the innovators. Dickies are the world's largest workwear company and have the insight and resources to develop the best work uniforms for medical professions.

Modern Scrubs Innovations and Technology

For example, new technology has allowed nurses scrubs to be made with softer, more tactile-friendly fabrics with added spandex. This gives healthcare professionals more room to move while performing tasks such as transferring a patient. The stretch fabrics provide unrestricted movement which allows nurses to be comfortable for longer. These innovative fabrics also enable scrub designers to produce an improved, more tailored fit for different body types because the new fabrics provide a better drape over the curves of your body.

Improved wearability is just one aspect of nursing uniforms that has changed over time. Another essential aspect of a uniform is the functionality that they provide the nurse or doctor wearing them. New scrubs designs have emphasized functionality brilliantly. Throughout a shift, nurses need a way to easily carry various work tools such as scissors, tape, medical supplies and personal items like mobile phones. The new scrubs by Dickies and WonderWink have added loops, hooks and pockets designed specifically to help make working easier.

Antimicrobial fabrics for medical apparel is one of the most exciting technologies that has ever been developed. Antimicrobial treatments such as Certainty antimicrobial protection prevents bacteria from growing on the garments. This provides the wearer with all-day comfort, neutralises odours and actually prolongs the life of the uniforms. Pretty amazing huh. Infectious supplies several styles of Women's Printed tops featuring Certainty Antimicrobial Protection.

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May 20, 2016 — Pete Doran