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How Employee Uniforms Can Improve Your Aged Care Facility

61% of employees are more productive when employers require a dress code. While this is true for all workers, care workers will not only feel more engaged while wearing a uniform, but the right scrub uniform can benefit clients living at the facility.

Aged Care Uniforms - Scrubs, Tunics, Blouses, Skirts and Pants

Did you know your employee uniforms can provide better care for ageing Australians? Scrub uniform colours can improve visibility and entice different emotional and physical responses. Your employee uniforms should have specific colour schemes but should also be comfortable and stylish for your care workers.

Here’s why employee uniforms can benefit care workers and some advice when choosing and cleaning your scrub uniforms.

Stylish and Comfortable Scrub Uniforms for Care Workers

Employee uniforms offer a sense of belonging. Employees better engage with your brand, promoting team spirit and improved culture. This not only helps your team stay productive, but they also interact more with clients.

The right employment uniforms are not only comfortable but also stylish. Your employees will love wearing their scrub uniforms, especially if wearing a uniform helps their clients.

Shows You Value Employees

Well-made scrub uniforms tell your staff that they’re all on the same team. They can better perform their duties, engage with clients, and will work better with other team members.

But you don’t want to provide your team with just any uniform. You’ll want to give them a chic scrub uniform to wear that’s stylish, comfortable and functional.

Your team will feel great wearing a high-quality and attractive uniform that is easy to clean and care for. By providing top-quality scrubs will show that you value your employees.


With any work uniform, the priority is comfort. Your team spend long hours on their feet, helping care for the many clients at your facility. This is why a comfortable scrub uniform is the key to energised and engaged staff members.

Practical scrub uniforms are sleek and are easy to move around in. They’re also made of durable fabrics that won’t rip and tear easily. Pockets make life easy as well for carrying essentials. High-quality scrub uniforms impress your clients as well as your staff. This simple notion shows that you care about your brand image and your employees will feel pride.


Employers should spend time creating and planning their employee’s uniforms. While quality and comfort are key, you’ll also want to provide uniforms that are attractive.

Stylish scrub uniforms have a lasting impression on your staff. Specific colours help make scrub uniforms pop and will also help your clients with vision issues. Your staff will feel better by wearing attractive scrub uniforms, boosting their engagement.

Aged Care Workers Scrubs - Infectious Clothing Company


Colour impacts your scrub uniforms at work because your clients will use colour to identify care workers. Coloured scrub uniforms also benefit certain clients, such as those with weak vision. Specific colours and colour schemes also make your scrub uniforms more attractive and may also tie in with your branding.

Here’s how scrub uniform colours can benefit clients.

Impacts Clients Positively

Colour impacts people in different ways, both physically and emotionally. Certain colours make us feel happy, relaxed, and even hungry. In addition, colour also impacts different cultural blueprints and biological upbringings.

This is why coloured scrub uniforms can entice your clients. The right colours can promote socialisation, improved vision, and can encourage clients to eat. Dishes and utensils with contrasting colours can also make the dining process easier for your clients. Certain colours can also inspire creativity, helping your clients have fun.

While colour has many benefits, it’s essential that your scrub uniform colour schemes reflect personal wishes. This includes religious and spiritual preferences as well as cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

Improves Weak Vision

Many clients have weakened vision and they’re unable to tell different people and objects apart. Some common age-related vision problems include spatial disorientation, issues with depth perception, reduced ability to perceive contrasts, and altered colour perception.

Identifying certain colours can help strengthen their vision and better identify your staff.

Benefits Your Dementia Clients

Various colours improve the quality of life for many clients with dementia.

Many vision problems are linked to dementia. These include macular degeneration, cataracts, colour-blindness, diabetes retinopathy, and glaucoma. Serious symptoms of these ailments include loss of vision (as well as central or peripheral vision) and blurry vision.

All dementia-informed care workers try to implement wellness and reablement for clients. Fortunately, scrub uniform colours offer many benefits. Colour can enhance their visibility. They will better identify care workers and can receive the necessary attention.

Colour also offers emotional and physical benefits, especially for older Australians with dementia. Blue can calm clients and even lowers blood pressure. Blue furniture such as couches and bedding can keep clients relaxed while comfortable.

Red is also a dementia-friendly colour. This colour alone can improve brain activity in dementia clients. Red also grabs their attention, helping better recognize care workers.

If your dementia clients are struggling to eat, red scrub uniforms, plates, and utensils can help increase their appetite.

Tips to Choose the Best Scrub Uniform Colours

Facilities such as residential care, consumer-directed care, and respite care have more scrub uniform colour standards than the average business.

You want to choose scrub uniform colours that represent your facility and match your logo as well as choosing colours your team will love. But your colours should also improve visibility and engagement for your clients.

Here are some important tips when choosing uniform colours.

Emotional Responses and Culture

Colour awakens emotional responses, but this has to do with cultural and social upbringing. Different colours carry different definitions and responses throughout the world. Make sure you research different colours and how they impact various cultures.

Colours That Help Clients

You’ll want to choose colours that are the most helpful. Blue and red are perfect examples — blue can relax clients; but if most of your clients have dementia, red can entice brain activity and attention.

Some colours are also more visible than others. For example, colours in the middle of the spectrum, such as yellow, are more easily identifiable than colours outside of the spectrum. But be wary if your clients are colour-blind because they may see yellow as white.

If you want to choose colours with great visibility and emotional benefits, choose warm colours. Warm colours are stimulating and convey socialization, happiness, and energy. Some great warm colours include coral, peach, and soft apricot.

Too Many Colours Can Be Distracting

If your scrub uniforms will have multiple colours, choose colours in the same palette. Too many colours can distract your clients. This is especially true if the colours you choose are all bright and bold. 

Avoid Colours at the End of the Spectrum

Colours at the end of the spectrum, such as blue and red, look dark to many clients. While some shades of blue and red work great for scrub uniforms, darker variations of these colours won’t be as visible as the lighter and brighter variations.

Know the Colours That Are Easy and Hard to See

Clients have the easiest time seeing colours in the middle of the spectrum. This includes yellow, orange, and green. The most difficult colours for clients are lavender and pastel blues. These colours look like grey to those with vision issues.

Contrast Colours

Contrasting colours help clients identify people and objects. Certain colour contrasts can also improve orientation, navigation, independent, mobility, and involvement.

For best results, choose major colour contrasts. Colours at the middle of the spectrum, such as yellow and green, pair best with colours at the end of the spectrum.

Colour Rendering

Colour rendering is the way a colour looks under a specific light source. Lighting not only impacts colour visibility but also colour contrasts. Colours that are too bright won’t show up as well in the daylight.

The type of light in your facility also impacts the way colour looks. For example, natural daylight alters colours more than artificial light.

How to Prevent Contamination

As a care worker, consumer advocacy is one of your biggest concerns. Your clothes not only spread germs but also retain them. In order to not spread viruses and bacteria to your loved ones, proper scrub uniform maintenance is important.

Do Not Shake Clothes

Many people shake out their clothes before laundering. However, try and get out of this habit. Germs can survive on clothes for several hours. Shaking out clothes can disperse viruses into the air. If you have to shake your clothes, make sure no one is around and wear a cloth mask.

Line Your Laundry Hamper with a Washable or Disposable Bag

Throwing contaminated clothing in the laundry hamper will only spread the virus more. Before placing your clothes in the hamper, place your clothes in either a disposable bag or washable hamper lining first. Hamper liners are recommended before they’re environmentally friendly and are easy to wash.

Separate Potentially Contaminated Clothes from Other Clothes

Washing all dirty clothes together is convenient and saves energy. However, you risk cross-contamination. Even though laundering can kill the COVID-19 virus, we’re still trying to understand how the virus lives on clothes and spreads to others and your surroundings.

Leave Your Work Shoes in a Designated Place

The coronavirus, as well as other germs, can also live on your shoes for a long time. It’s best to leave them in a specific place, ideally away from others. If you can, leave your shoes in your garage or even in your car.

Wash Your Clothes at 60 Degrees Celsius

Experts recommend washing your clothes in warm and hot settings to effectively kill the virus. 60 degrees Celsius is the standard. If your laundry machine doesn’t specify temperatures, wash your scrub uniform in hot water.

Wear the Best Employee Uniforms

Employee uniforms can better engage your care workers and can benefit your clients. If you’re looking for new uniforms and scrubs, we offer clothing for aged care workers.


Choosing the Best Scrubs for Nursing

Are your uniform scrubs making an excellent first impression?

Your clothing says a lot about you at first glance, especially in the medical profession. You must be presentable from head-to-toe to come across as neat and professional.

Modern scrubs come in several fits, patterns, and colours. Ultimately, the best scrubs for you will depend on your personal preferences. Do you want a tailored look, or do you prefer a scrub that’s breezy and loose-fitting? Maybe bright colours or prints are your thing?

Finding stylish scrubs that are functional can be a challenge. Regardless of the style you choose, nurse scrubs must be comfortable. They shouldn’t limit your movements. 

Show up ready to work and excited about your scrubs with this guide to the best scrubs for nursing.

How Should Scrubs Fit?
When choosing scrubs, you must pay special attention to their fit. Compare uniforms based on their comfort and quality, and don’t forget that you’re going for a polished look.

Comfortable but High-Quality
When it comes to uniform scrubs, you don’t have to compromise style for comfort. Modern synthetic fabrics give you the best of both worlds being comfortable and durable and often feature stretch for extra comfort.
Pay attention to the fit of the overall uniform, making sure the waist isn’t too tight. Also, be sure the waistband will keep your scrubs in place as you bend down.
When choosing scrubs, look for pants that are made of high-quality materials. Some discounted brands will use thin materials that you can see through, indicating a poorly made product. 

Trendy yet Professional
In a hospital setting, you should strive to project a professional appearance. Don’t ruin it by allowing your intimates to show through your uniform.
The cheap, thin scrubs that we just mentioned are not enough to keep your underwear from showing through. This is especially true with lighter coloured pants. You shouldn’t have to buy special underwear each time you wear your favourite white scrubs to work.
You also never want to wear a revealing scrub top. Some scrub tops come in V-neck styles, which are cute but can show too much if you’re not careful. If you’re worried about how professional your uniform is, stick to a timeless scrub design.

Choose Scrubs That Complement Your Body Type
Not only must your scrubs follow any uniform policies for your job, but you must also be sure they fit correctly. To get the right fit when shopping for scrubs, choose according to your body type.

Pear or Apple Shape
If you have a broader chest, waist, and hips, you have an apple shape. People with a pear-shaped body have a smaller chest combined with a wider waist and hips. 
While you might struggle to find scrubs that flatter your body, there are a few options that should work well.
Women with a pear or apple shape should stick with solid colours or bright colours with dark side panels. If you’re adventurous, try a printed top with embellishments along the neckline. It’s essential that your top fits well and is not too tight or too loose. Choose straight, flare, or wide-leg pants for the best, most flattering result.
If you are a man built with a pear or apple shape, you should consider darker scrub tops. If your job allows it, try a polo shirt instead of a scrub top. Choose relaxed-fit pants in solid colours and make sure it’s something you’re comfortable wearing for those 12-hour shifts.

V-shape is how we describe bodies with wide shoulders and a skinny waist. If you’re V-shaped, you probably have a broad chest, but smaller hips.
V-shaped women look best in solid-colour tops, empire-waist tops, and mock-wrap tops. The latter two inches above the waist, but fit well in the chest. These fits, in addition to V-neck tops, elongates the torso. When selecting bottoms to go with these tops, try flare, cargo, or wide-leg fits if a straight leg isn’t your thing.

Again, a polo shirt works well for men with this body shape. If that’s not allowed where you work, try layered, V-neck, and unisex tops. Layered tops are also a possible option. V-shaped men look best in cargo, fitted, and drawstring pants.

Hourglass Shape
Hourglass-shaped people have thin waists with large hips and chests. Hourglass is a familiar shape for women.
Women with hourglass shapes should search for flattering tops that stretch. Mock wrap tops and empire waist tops are excellent options. Pair these with straight, wide leg, or flare pants.

Take Your Measurements
Before you go shopping, make sure you take your measurements. 
To measure yourself, take a flexible tape measure and measure yourself around your chest, waist, hips, and inseam. For the most accurate results, have someone else take your measurements for you.

Record measurements in the following way:

Chest (or bust): Measure underneath your arms, around the fullest part of the chest

Waist: Find your natural waistline while holding the tape measure loosely
Hips: Stand with your feet together to measure around the fullest part of your hips

Inseam: Measure along the inside of your leg to an inch below your ankle
Have your measurements handy as your shop, especially online, to be sure you get the perfect fit. For a fitted look, choose your correct size. If you like your scrubs to be loose, select a size up.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing Nurse Scrubs
Once you know your size, you can have fun deciding which scrubs are right for you. There are dozens of styles, patterns, and colours to choose from. 

Here are some factors to consider as you search:

For the most part, you get what you pay for with quality scrubs.
You might get lucky and find cheap ones that work well for you, but keep in mind how well scrubs will last over time. If you pay more now, you may find yourself falling in love with scrubs that will last you a long time.
As seasons change, you may find many collections of high-quality scrubs on sale.

Scrub styles change with the seasons, as with any other items of clothing.
You can’t go wrong with basic scrub styles, though. If you’re planning to work as a nurse for a long time, you’ll thank yourself for investing in scrubs with a standard fit.
Standard doesn’t have to mean boring, though. Trust your decision, knowing that comfort will always be “on-trend.”

Neck Shape
Scrubs tops are designed with several neck types, including V-neck, mock wrap, round, and square. Modern designers have even added U-shape, scoop neck, and split-neck styles.
These neck shapes give you the ability to step out of the box with your uniform. Try on multiple styles to see which flatters your neckline and chest the most. Once you know which style you prefer, it’ll be easier to make a decision next time it’s time to refresh your work wardrobe.

If you keep things in your pockets, you’ll be happy to discover that you can buy scrubs with pockets, too! We all know how much nurses love their pockets.
Traditional scrubs have chest pockets, but if you find that it draws too much attention to your chest, you can skip them. However, if you’re someone that likes to keep a pen in your chest pocket, you’re in luck.
Some scrub pants also have patch pockets, which are more popular for men than women.

White and blue are the classic colours used to signify doctors and nurses. Many hospitals now allow their employees to pick scrubs in the colour of their choosing.
Colours are a fun way to show your personality. If there aren’t any rules, go wild, but know that dark colours hide stains much better than lighter shades.

Long or Short
If you’re taller or shorter than the average person, you can find well-fitting scrubs, too. Most brands provide tops and bottoms in long and short styles.
Pay attention to the brands that offer these styles, so you don’t have to waste time and money visiting a tailor with your work uniform.

We’ve discussed fit a bit already, but we cannot stress enough how important it is when choosing your uniform.
Most scrubs are designed in a loose-fit, but modern scrubs also come in slim varieties.
Whichever you choose, make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your scrubs. You’ll be at your best when you’re wearing scrubs that fit well.

Side Slits
Some scrubs are designed with side slits. These are stylish, but functional, too. They will allow you to bend more freely and provide air to keep your scrubs from becoming too hot.
If you’re tall, be careful. Side slits can show torso skin when you reach if your tops aren’t long enough.

Drawstrings or Buttons
Most scrub pants come with a drawstring or buttons to keep them up on your hips. Bottoms with elastic waistbands are usually the most comfortable.
With drawstring pants, make sure they don’t slide down your hips as you walk or bend over. The last thing you want is to show your underwear to your patients or coworkers!

Shop the Best Scrubs for Nursing
If you’re new to shopping for scrubs, don’t worry, you’ll find a style and fit that is flattering and comfortable. It just takes a little trial and error to get the best nursing scrubs.

Remember, go for high-quality materials instead of searching for a discount. Not only will this save you time and money, but you’ll also look your best on the job.
We have scrubs for nurses working in any industry, in a variety of styles. Check out our collections and shop the best scrubs for nursing. Create an account and save your favourite selections!

Best scrubs brands Australia: Dickies, WonderWink, Zoe and Chloe and Infectious.

Best scrubs collections: Dickies EDS, Dickies Xtreme Stretch, WonderWink Origins, WonderWork and W123.


Infectious was founded in Sydney in 2001 before making the move north to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland in 2013. Since arriving on the sunny coast we have established ourselves as part of the local community supplying uniforms to many dental and vet clinics as well as health care workers in our local hospitals, Caloundra Hospital, Nambour Hospital, Gympie Hospital and the Sunshine Coast University Hospital or SCUH and aged care facilities.

Infectious is the official supplier of scrub uniforms to the University of the Sunshine Coast Nursing and Midwifery Students and we are also proud uniform partners of the Sunshine Coast Hospital Foundation. Partnering with wishlist gave us a unique opportunity to provide extra value to the staff of our local hospital and health service whereby we did onsite fittings and free delivery of uniforms back to the hospital. Not only do the Doctors, Nurses, Radiographers and other healthcare professionals receive top quality medical apparel they get unbeatable service with pop up stores that come to their facility and free delivery.

The nurse's uniforms for SCHHS staff are colour coded by designation. Navy is the main colour and is for registered nurses or RN's. Eggplant is for Midwives, Pewter is used in Emergency by Registered Nurses and Ceil Blue is for Enrolled Nurses. The most popular style of scrubs for nursing uniforms is the Dickies Xtreme Stretch Collection. Dickies Xtreme stretch scrubs are a premium product the delivers unrivalled comfort due to the unique 4-way stretch fabric and also requires minimal ironing and easy maintenance. 

To buy Sunshine Coast Nurses Uniforms go to 

Infectious Medical Uniform Solutions is located in beautiful Buderim on the sunny Sunshine Coast in Queensland. As a local supplier, we can offer top quality medical scrubs, lab coats, nurses shoes & clogs all backed by friendly and knowledgeable customer service. We can even come to you for fittings or presentation.

Infectious is embroidery specialists. We have the approved Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service logo on file as well as all major Australia Public Hospitals. If you have a logo that we don't have on file we can easily get your logo digitised for embroidery and if your logo is to be used for a group then there is no setup charge.

Come and see us today to buy your Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service scrubs for nurses. Or you can always buy scrubs online via our convenient and secure online medical scrubs store.

Our uniform store is located Unit 19/24 Hoopers Road, Kunda Park, Queensland 4556

Infectious Shop opening hours are 

  • Monday       9.00am - 5pm
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Infectious Medical Scrubs Australia is a national uniform supplier based on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland. We supply top quality medical and nursing scrubs to healthcare workers all over Australia. Infectious Medical Scrubs is a specialist supplier of scrub style work clothing to hospitals, vets, dental clinics, aged care, medical imaging and beauty and laser clinics. We directly service our customers in SEQ from Gold Coast, Brisbane to Sunshine Coast.

You will find Infectious nursing uniforms shop at Unit 19/24 Hoopers Road, Kunda Park, Queensland 4556 Australia. Your local scrub uniform supplier for Sunshine Coast. Find us just an hour north of Brisbane. So for all your healthcare workers from Brisbane, you can easily visit our store to buy scrubs and then spend the rest of the day enjoying the natural beauty and beaches on offer.

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Dickies Medical Apparel Logo with Dickies Xtreme Stretch logo

Nursing, Medical and Hospital Scrubs Australia. Shop Online for Corporate Medical Uniforms, Doctors Scrubs with Everyday Flat Rate Shipping only $12.95

Nursing Uniforms - History and Innovations of Healthcare Uniforms

When reviewing the origins of the nursing profession, historical photographs make it easy to recognize the changes in nursing uniforms throughout history. The old-fashioned aprons over dresses style transitioned over the decades to the comfortable and stylish nurses scrubs we know today. We are glad that they decided to get rid of the hats!

Nursing uniforms are an essential part of the job. They denote the role that is played in the medical profession and allow the nurses to be easily identified. Uniforms have come on a long way from the days of the boring dress, apron and cap. One can now see some great fashionable Medical scrubs alongside conventional corporate style uniforms. Nursing uniforms were traditionally based on a nun's doctrine, as before the 19th century, it was the duty of religious nuns to care for the sick. One of the students who worked with Florence Nightingale designed the first actual nursing uniform.

In fact, healthcare professionals and support staff in most healthcare organizations have transitioned to the scrub uniform trend over time. Widespread adoption of scrubs prompted designers to focus on fashion and to enhance its wear and function by incorporating the latest technological advancements. That where Dickies Medical Apparel and more recently WonderWink have been the innovators. Dickies are the world's largest workwear company and have the insight and resources to develop the best work uniforms for medical professions.

Modern Scrubs Innovations and Technology

For example, new technology has allowed nurses scrubs to be made with softer, more tactile-friendly fabrics with added spandex. This gives healthcare professionals more room to move while performing tasks such as transferring a patient. The stretch fabrics provide unrestricted movement which allows nurses to be comfortable for longer. These innovative fabrics also enable scrub designers to produce an improved, more tailored fit for different body types because the new fabrics provide a better drape over the curves of your body.

Improved wearability is just one aspect of nursing uniforms that has changed over time. Another essential aspect of a uniform is the functionality that they provide the nurse or doctor wearing them. New scrubs designs have emphasized functionality brilliantly. Throughout a shift, nurses need a way to easily carry various work tools such as scissors, tape, medical supplies and personal items like mobile phones. The new scrubs by Dickies and WonderWink have added loops, hooks and pockets designed specifically to help make working easier.

Antimicrobial fabrics for medical apparel is one of the most exciting technologies that has ever been developed. Antimicrobial treatments such as Certainty antimicrobial protection prevents bacteria from growing on the garments. This provides the wearer with all-day comfort, neutralises odours and actually prolongs the life of the uniforms. Pretty amazing huh. Infectious supplies several styles of Women's Printed tops featuring Certainty Antimicrobial Protection.

Whether you require scrub tops, scrub pants or a fashion scrub set, Infectious Clothing Company has you covered with leading brands at great affordable prices. We strive to provide Australian Healthcare workers with the best selection of scrubs and nursing uniforms from premium brands that are superior to our competitors. Infectious has many styles of scrubs for both Men and Women in a variety of professional colours. Whether you are a Veterinarian, Dentist, Nurse, Doctor or Midwife Infectious Scrubs SuperStore has the right uniforms to fit your needs. With our vast selection of brand name medical uniforms, you are sure to find the right scrubs to fit your needs.
Choice and quality are what you get when you shop online for scrubs at You get to choose from top quality scrubs brands like Dickies, WonderWink and Code Happy and top quality footwear from New Balance. When you buy quality products you can trust that you will be looking and feeling great and you will know that your uniforms will really last. Top-quality scrubs = great value for money. Nobody can argue with that. 



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Nursing, Medical and Hospital Scrubs Australia. Shop Online for Corporate Medical Uniforms, Doctors Scrubs with Everyday Flat Rate Shipping only $12.95


Dickies Medical Scrubs is well known as the world leader in fashionable medical uniforms for nurses and doctors.  If you are looking to buy cheap scrubs online, then the time is right for you to save big on premium quality scrubs.  Infectious Clothing Company has many styles of scrub tops, scrub pants, lab coats in many colours ready for immediate shipping. Many overstocked Women's scrubs as well as Men's scrubs and lab coats and consultation jackets.


Start shopping our scrubs clearance sections to see what has to offer. You won’t be disappointed with a set of new Dickies scrubs for your medical or nursing uniform. This is the biggest scrubs sale that we have ever had because we have a shipment of new styles arriving from Dickies warehouse in Fort Worth Texas.

In 2014 Dickies Medical has upgraded their Everyday Scrubs (EDS) Collection by changing the fabric from standard Poly / Cotton (65%/35%) to a luxurious brushed Cotton/ Poly (55%/45%) and is now called EDS Signature.  You will notice the difference in EDS Signature scrubs from the first touch.  Everyday Scrubs are now even more comfortable and even better value for money than they used to be.  There are several new style features of EDS Signature scrubs like added stylish trims, extra pockets and plastic loops for ID badges. The EDS Signature scrubs retain their durability and great fit that all health professionals have grown to love.



Dickies EDS Signature Scrubs - Coming Soon

Dickies Medical Apparel Logo with Dickies Xtreme Stretch logo

Nursing, Medical and Hospital Scrubs Australia. Shop Online for Corporate Medical Uniforms, Doctors Scrubs with Everyday Flat Rate Shipping only $12.95