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Ethically Sourced Medical Scrubs Australia

WonderWink has launched a new line of eco-friendly, sustainable scrubs. Introducing RENEW which is here to give you an ethical scrub option.

Each garment recycles five water bottles and have been wear tested for quality and durability. The fabric is made from recycled polyester/spandex fabric that is made from recycled water bottles. The new range features modern styling with athletic touches that gives your uniform a casual athleisure feel.  

The hidden pockets and smart function design features are included to make the RENEW line a must-have. The collection includes a V neck scrub top, mock wrap scrubs top, women’s high waisted scrub pant with mesh back and tummy control and women’s jogger scrub pants. The top includes a unique EZ fit design will allows the top to be removed with minimal contact to the wearers head. This is included in both the men's and women's fashion designs.  

The Women's V-neck scrub top includes: 

  • Flattering curved V-Neck with hidden zipper opening at the shoulder for easy, minimal contact removal 
  • Shoulder badge loop 
  • Two curved front side pockets, two back pockets 
  • Shape enhancing curved princess seams 
  • Curved hem 

The RENEW packaging is biodegradable and will return to nature in six months. The hang tags are also printed on environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and FSC certified paper. The entire collection has been carefully designed and is conscious of every environmental impact.  


A new range of exciting colours have been launched with the RENEW ethically sourced scrubs collection, these include: 

  • Bay Blue (pictured below)
  • Clay 
  • Grey Heather (pictured above)
  • Olive 
  • Royal  
  • Wine 
  • Pewter 
  • Navy 
  • Ceil Blue 
  • Black 


You can make a difference and one way of doing this is by choosing the most ethically and sustainable option for your workwear.  To view the RENEW collection click here.

Infectious Clothing Company offers:
- The largest range of Christmas scrub tops
- 5 star customer service
- Free returns and exchanges
- Free shipping on orders over $195
- Buy now, pay later with Afterpay and Zip Pay
- Scrub Club Loyalty Programme
- Group discount for 10 xmas scrub tops purchased at the same time (email for more details)

Infectious Clothing believes in excellent customer service which is why customers love us. It's easy to get in touch with the Infectious customer service team and you have options of phone, email, contact forms, live chat, social messages 24 hours a day. If you need more information or have questions all you have to do is ask and our friendly experts will give you the answers that you need. Our customer service is Infectious!

Best Ways to Care for Your Scrubs - Blog - Infectious Clothing

To download the Infectious Clothing Scrub Care Guide click here

It is so important to know how to properly care and wash your medical scrubs. Proper care will allow your scrubs to keep their shape and colour for longer. However most importantly it lowers the chance of cross contamination.

We are so grateful for every healthcare worker who is working so hard to keep us all safe. We love our amazing community of professionals and we cannot thank you enough. 

At Infectious Clothing Company we sell a range of hot wash scrubs that are designed to wash at high temperatures. Studies show that scrubs need to be laundered at 60C to effectively kill any virus. These industrial strength scrubs are tough and built to stand the test of time!

Which scrubs can be hot washed?

Check out our hot wash scrubs page here. The Dickies Genuine Industry scrubs are specifically made from 80% polyester and 20% cotton mechanical stretch twill. These industrial strength scrubs have been wash tested 75 times at 70C. The Dickies range offers retail-like styling with the comfort and protection that healthcare workers require.

The WonderWink W123 range of scrubs is made from a 100% microfiber poly 4-way stretch fabric. This fabric can withstand a warm wash and is shrink, fade and wrinkle resistant. You will stay fresh and dry with its moisture wicking and quick drying properties. These are just a few of the reasons why people love the W123 range. 

What temperature to wash your scrubs at?

The experts in the industry recommend that scrubs are to be washed at 60 degrees celsius. This is to kill any germs including the COVID-19 virus.

Can I tumble dry my scrubs?

Yes you can but only on the lowest setting. If you are able to line dry your scrubs this is also recommended. The heat from dryers can cause the scrubs to fade which is why the lowest setting is recommended.

Should I wear gloves while handling my dirty scrubs?

It is recommended that wearing gloves while handling your dirty scrubs prevents the transfer of germs. 

Here is our 5 step scrub laundry process

Step 1 - Initial Wash

We recommend that you first put your scrubs through a cold wash before wearing them for the first time

Step 2 - Pre-treat Stains

Treat stains as soon as you can, the earlier the better! It is recommended to soak the stains overnight if possible.

Step 3 - Separate your washing

Remember to always wash your scrubs separately from your regular clothing to avoid any cross-contamination. Always keep your dirty scrubs in a separate washing basket so as to not cross-contaminate your non-work clothes or your family's garments. 

Step 4 - Turn them inside out

To keep your colours vibrant, turn your scrubs inside out when washing and drying them. This will help to keep the colours brighter for longer.

Step 5 - Use vinegar

Adding one cup of white vinegar in with your scrubs helps to loosen any dirt and to kill bacteria. It also helps to fight odour and soften the fabric. It really is a win-win.

Check out the Infectious Scrub Care guide below. Feel free to download it and even print it out to hang next to your washing machine!

Infectious Clothing Company How to wash and care for your medical scrubs

Thank you Infectious for giving us expert advice for washing our medical uniforms and scrubs. You guys are so knowledgable and keep giving healthcare workers the information that they need. No wonder your customer service is famous amongst doctors, nurses, dentists, vets and beauty workers. Loving the "intensive care" customer service that you provide. A very happy customer

COVID-19 Industrial Scrubs & Laundry Tips - Blog - Infectious Clothing

NEW Industrial Strength Scrubs (+ 5 Crucial Laundry Tips For COVID-19)

We all know that to prevent the spread of COVID-19 it’s crucial for us to wash our hands and keep surfaces sanitised, right?

But for healthcare workers, there’s an added level of precaution required. It’s also important to wash your scrubs after every shift. Experts are suggesting that medical staff wash their uniforms at 60 degrees Celcius after each and every shift.

This is extremely sensible advice for obvious reasons. But the problem is that most scrubs are not manufactured to withstand constant washing at high heat.

That’s why here at Infectious, we’re proud to be launching our Dickies Industrial Strength Scrubs! Specially designed to withstand regular high-temperature laundering, these scrubs are ultra-tough and made to last.

We hope these new scrubs will help you stay healthy and comfortable during this extremely challenging time. In this blog, we also want to outline 5 important tips for maintaining a healthy home after each shift ends.

1 - Do not shake clothes before laundering

While it can be a natural habit to shake out dirty laundry, this can actually disperse the virus through the air.

Your safest option is to place your dirty uniform directly into the washing machine without doing any other pre-wash routines.

2 - Line your laundry hamper with a washable or disposable bag

As we throw our dirty clothes into our laundry hamper we could be creating a contaminated area and spreading the virus. Your best bet is to use a disposable (or washable) lining to prevent this.

By washing or throwing away your laundry liner you can avoid passing any germs to members of your household who may be digging around in the laundry basket.

3 - Keep potentially contaminated laundry separate from your other laundry

Many households have one main laundry hamper for all washing. During the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s a good idea to store your dirty uniform (and any other potentially contaminated clothing) in a separate hamper until you wash it.

This way you can avoid any build-up of germs and ensure other members of your family aren’t having their clothes infected.

4 - Leave your work shoes in a designated place

Another great idea is to take off your shoes as soon as you arrive home and either leave them in your car or in your garage.

Shoes are notorious for collecting germs, and following this simple ritual could prevent you from walking the virus right into your home.

5 - Be sure to wash your laundry at 60 degrees Celsius

As we discussed above, experts are recommending we wash our scrubs at 60 degrees to effectively kill any germs.

If you’re looking for durable and stylish scrubs that are specially designed to withstand this kind of wash cycle, we have you covered!

With a wide range of sizes and colours, you can explore our new Industrial Strength Scrubs here.

Following these simple steps could help to keep you and your household safe during these challenging times.

Here at Infectious, we are so incredibly grateful for every single healthcare worker in our amazing community!

Our thoughts are with you in the coming weeks and months. And we’re here to help in any (and every) way we can including the supply of hot wash scrubs for men and women.

Choosing the Best Scrubs for Nursing

Are your uniform scrubs making an excellent first impression?

Your clothing says a lot about you at first glance, especially in the medical profession. You must be presentable from head-to-toe to come across as neat and professional.

Modern scrubs come in several fits, patterns, and colours. Ultimately, the best scrubs for you will depend on your personal preferences. Do you want a tailored look, or do you prefer a scrub that’s breezy and loose-fitting? Maybe bright colours or prints are your thing?

Finding stylish scrubs that are functional can be a challenge. Regardless of the style you choose, nurse scrubs must be comfortable. They shouldn’t limit your movements. 

Show up ready to work and excited about your scrubs with this guide to the best scrubs for nursing.

How Should Scrubs Fit?
When choosing scrubs, you must pay special attention to their fit. Compare uniforms based on their comfort and quality, and don’t forget that you’re going for a polished look.

Comfortable but High-Quality
When it comes to uniform scrubs, you don’t have to compromise style for comfort. Modern synthetic fabrics give you the best of both worlds being comfortable and durable and often feature stretch for extra comfort.
Pay attention to the fit of the overall uniform, making sure the waist isn’t too tight. Also, be sure the waistband will keep your scrubs in place as you bend down.
When choosing scrubs, look for pants that are made of high-quality materials. Some discounted brands will use thin materials that you can see through, indicating a poorly made product. 

Trendy yet Professional
In a hospital setting, you should strive to project a professional appearance. Don’t ruin it by allowing your intimates to show through your uniform.
The cheap, thin scrubs that we just mentioned are not enough to keep your underwear from showing through. This is especially true with lighter coloured pants. You shouldn’t have to buy special underwear each time you wear your favourite white scrubs to work.
You also never want to wear a revealing scrub top. Some scrub tops come in V-neck styles, which are cute but can show too much if you’re not careful. If you’re worried about how professional your uniform is, stick to a timeless scrub design.

Choose Scrubs That Complement Your Body Type
Not only must your scrubs follow any uniform policies for your job, but you must also be sure they fit correctly. To get the right fit when shopping for scrubs, choose according to your body type.

Pear or Apple Shape
If you have a broader chest, waist, and hips, you have an apple shape. People with a pear-shaped body have a smaller chest combined with a wider waist and hips. 
While you might struggle to find scrubs that flatter your body, there are a few options that should work well.
Women with a pear or apple shape should stick with solid colours or bright colours with dark side panels. If you’re adventurous, try a printed top with embellishments along the neckline. It’s essential that your top fits well and is not too tight or too loose. Choose straight, flare, or wide-leg pants for the best, most flattering result.
If you are a man built with a pear or apple shape, you should consider darker scrub tops. If your job allows it, try a polo shirt instead of a scrub top. Choose relaxed-fit pants in solid colours and make sure it’s something you’re comfortable wearing for those 12-hour shifts.

V-shape is how we describe bodies with wide shoulders and a skinny waist. If you’re V-shaped, you probably have a broad chest, but smaller hips.
V-shaped women look best in solid-colour tops, empire-waist tops, and mock-wrap tops. The latter two inches above the waist, but fit well in the chest. These fits, in addition to V-neck tops, elongates the torso. When selecting bottoms to go with these tops, try flare, cargo, or wide-leg fits if a straight leg isn’t your thing.

Again, a polo shirt works well for men with this body shape. If that’s not allowed where you work, try layered, V-neck, and unisex tops. Layered tops are also a possible option. V-shaped men look best in cargo, fitted, and drawstring pants.

Hourglass Shape
Hourglass-shaped people have thin waists with large hips and chests. Hourglass is a familiar shape for women.
Women with hourglass shapes should search for flattering tops that stretch. Mock wrap tops and empire waist tops are excellent options. Pair these with straight, wide leg, or flare pants.

Take Your Measurements
Before you go shopping, make sure you take your measurements. 
To measure yourself, take a flexible tape measure and measure yourself around your chest, waist, hips, and inseam. For the most accurate results, have someone else take your measurements for you.

Record measurements in the following way:

Chest (or bust): Measure underneath your arms, around the fullest part of the chest

Waist: Find your natural waistline while holding the tape measure loosely
Hips: Stand with your feet together to measure around the fullest part of your hips

Inseam: Measure along the inside of your leg to an inch below your ankle
Have your measurements handy as your shop, especially online, to be sure you get the perfect fit. For a fitted look, choose your correct size. If you like your scrubs to be loose, select a size up.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing Nurse Scrubs
Once you know your size, you can have fun deciding which scrubs are right for you. There are dozens of styles, patterns, and colours to choose from. 

Here are some factors to consider as you search:

For the most part, you get what you pay for with quality scrubs.
You might get lucky and find cheap ones that work well for you, but keep in mind how well scrubs will last over time. If you pay more now, you may find yourself falling in love with scrubs that will last you a long time.
As seasons change, you may find many collections of high-quality scrubs on sale.

Scrub styles change with the seasons, as with any other items of clothing.
You can’t go wrong with basic scrub styles, though. If you’re planning to work as a nurse for a long time, you’ll thank yourself for investing in scrubs with a standard fit.
Standard doesn’t have to mean boring, though. Trust your decision, knowing that comfort will always be “on-trend.”

Neck Shape
Scrubs tops are designed with several neck types, including V-neck, mock wrap, round, and square. Modern designers have even added U-shape, scoop neck, and split-neck styles.
These neck shapes give you the ability to step out of the box with your uniform. Try on multiple styles to see which flatters your neckline and chest the most. Once you know which style you prefer, it’ll be easier to make a decision next time it’s time to refresh your work wardrobe.

If you keep things in your pockets, you’ll be happy to discover that you can buy scrubs with pockets, too! We all know how much nurses love their pockets.
Traditional scrubs have chest pockets, but if you find that it draws too much attention to your chest, you can skip them. However, if you’re someone that likes to keep a pen in your chest pocket, you’re in luck.
Some scrub pants also have patch pockets, which are more popular for men than women.

White and blue are the classic colours used to signify doctors and nurses. Many hospitals now allow their employees to pick scrubs in the colour of their choosing.
Colours are a fun way to show your personality. If there aren’t any rules, go wild, but know that dark colours hide stains much better than lighter shades.

Long or Short
If you’re taller or shorter than the average person, you can find well-fitting scrubs, too. Most brands provide tops and bottoms in long and short styles.
Pay attention to the brands that offer these styles, so you don’t have to waste time and money visiting a tailor with your work uniform.

We’ve discussed fit a bit already, but we cannot stress enough how important it is when choosing your uniform.
Most scrubs are designed in a loose-fit, but modern scrubs also come in slim varieties.
Whichever you choose, make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your scrubs. You’ll be at your best when you’re wearing scrubs that fit well.

Side Slits
Some scrubs are designed with side slits. These are stylish, but functional, too. They will allow you to bend more freely and provide air to keep your scrubs from becoming too hot.
If you’re tall, be careful. Side slits can show torso skin when you reach if your tops aren’t long enough.

Drawstrings or Buttons
Most scrub pants come with a drawstring or buttons to keep them up on your hips. Bottoms with elastic waistbands are usually the most comfortable.
With drawstring pants, make sure they don’t slide down your hips as you walk or bend over. The last thing you want is to show your underwear to your patients or coworkers!

Shop the Best Scrubs for Nursing
If you’re new to shopping for scrubs, don’t worry, you’ll find a style and fit that is flattering and comfortable. It just takes a little trial and error to get the best nursing scrubs.

Remember, go for high-quality materials instead of searching for a discount. Not only will this save you time and money, but you’ll also look your best on the job.
We have scrubs for nurses working in any industry, in a variety of styles. Check out our collections and shop the best scrubs for nursing. Create an account and save your favourite selections!

Best scrubs brands Australia: Dickies, WonderWink, Zoe and Chloe and Infectious.

Best scrubs collections: Dickies EDS, Dickies Xtreme Stretch, WonderWink Origins, WonderWork and W123.

Ordering Uniforms for You and Your Team - Blog - Infectious Clothing

Have you ordered your new uniform for 2020?
Hit the streets with some colourful scrubs, versatile corporate wear, comfy footwear and much, much more.
It's the new year, and you deserve a new look, don't you think?
Infectious helps our customers transform their old and tired uniforms into stylish, comfortable, colour coordinated branded uniforms that truly reflect the identity of your organisation.
Great Uniforms = Happy Team Members = Great Work Culture

Ordering for a Team?

Infectious is a group and team order specialist for the healthcare industry. We know that you are experts in your field providing quality healthcare but probably don't even know where to start when it comes to uniforms.

Time is always an issue for our clients, we understand that the last thing they want to do is spend hours searching several stores for their shoes, uniforms and accessories. Let Infectious do the leg work for you and we will recommend a uniform solution that is right for you and your team.

We make ordering for a group easy with

Expert advice


Providing samples

On-site fittings

Online ordering portals

Click here for Team Order Inquiry

Imagine having a uniform that your team was proud to wear!

 Ordering for a team with varying roles can be frustrating and time-consuming, but we eliminate all that and are well versed in helping clients from individuals to large, thousand staffed hospitals.


Infectious supplies uniforms to nurses, doctors, dentists, vets, aged care, medical imaging, laser and beauty, mediscrub technicians, students and more.

Being a national provider of uniform solutions we have happy customers all across Australia. Use Google to search for Uniforms Sydney, Scrubs supplier Brisbane, Medical Uniforms Melbourne, Nursing Scrubs Australia, buy scrubs near me and online aged care worker clothing and apparel.

Infectious Clothing Company,19/24 Hoopers Road, Kunda Park, QLD 4556. We are easy to find in our central location on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Drop into our retail scrubs store and let us get you fitted into the best medical gear and accessories around.


Have you ever noticed why the best scrubs keep looking their best day after day? This is because they are made from the best fabrics, the best manufacturing and feature the functionality that every health care professional desires. When you choose Dickies or WonderWink scrubs you can be confident that you are buying the best premium quality scrubs.


Premium fabrics – Poly / Cotton Scrubs sets used to be the standard for scrub uniforms as this fabric is strong, durable and low cost. Scrubs are now being made from higher quality fabrics that offer a range of benefits over standard poly/ cotton. You will now see scrub sets made from easy care stretch fabrics that are really comfortable to wear, easy to maintain as well as being very durable. Stretch fabrics such as Dickies Xtreme Stretch and WonderWink Pro are smooth and soft to the touch and with the extra comfort that you will love. Stretch fabric also creates the perfect drape for your body giving you the perfect shape. Why buy poly / cotton scrubs when you can have scrubs made from premium stretch fabric for a few dollars more? You will find that Dickies and WonderWink have several collections of scrubs featuring premium stretch fabrics.




Quality manufacturing – The key to durable scrubs is to use the best manufacturing techniques like triple stitching and bar tacks. Triple needle stitching provide extra strength and reinforces stress points in the garment. See examples of scrubs featuring the gold standards of manufacturing below from WonderWink and Dickies Medical. Only premium quality scrubs are made to last.



Functionality - Pockets pockets pockets.  Healthcare professionals and especially nurses need lots of pockets. The best pocket designs have dividers and loops to keep you organized. You will be able to keep everything from your mobile phone to pen’s, scissors and tape inside handy pockets.


The fit - The most important feature of great scrubs is of course the fit. While there are many styles of scrub tops, pants and scrub sets to choose from each with their own cut you will know a great scrub right from the first time you put it on.

Dickies scrubs have two size types for Women. Regular missy fit scrubs which allow for the natural curves of a woman’s body and original junior fit which is a slim fit design commonly used in the high end stretch fabric scrubs. WonderWink scrubs have a great lady fit.  You will find that both Dickies and WonderWink scrubs fit you just right due to the many hours of testing done by these industry leaders. Great fitting scrubs have slimming lines, which fit close to the body but not tight or loose. Sleeve lengths are around a third of the length of the upper arm not too long or too short. The length of the top is important too. The best length for the top is to fall just above the hips. Pants should be worn to sit below the natural waistline to allow to be slim over the hips and down the thigh.

Fashion features – Great scrubs not only have functionality and fit they also have a sense of fashion. You will notice that Dickies and WonderWink use features like contrasting stitching, coloured ID loops & coloured necklines to make them stand out from the rest.

Only the best scrubs feature premium fabrics, quality manufacturing and have a great comfortable fit. Both our Dickies and WonderWink brands are famous for their quality and are brands that you can trust.

When you buy your new scrubs from Infectious you know that you are buying premium quality scrubs that will last and will save you money in the long run.


Buy scrubs online from and save.

Dickies Medical Apparel Logo with Dickies Xtreme Stretch logo

Nursing, Medical and Hospital Scrubs Australia. Shop Online for Corporate Medical Uniforms, Doctors Scrubs with Everyday Flat Rate Shipping only $12.95

Scrub Uniforms for Hospitals in Australia - Blog - Infectious Clothing

The summer holidays are over and kids are back to school. Many Nurses and Doctors are also starting new training jobs this year and Infectious Medical is proud to be supplying many of you across Australia with your new scrubs and uniforms. Infectious is Australia's leading supplier of premium quality medical scrubs and only stock the very best scrubs for nursing and medical uniforms. With happy customers in every state Infectious is the first choice of medical professionals in Australia when it comes to great looking, great fitting medical scrubs that really last.

So it doesn't matter if you work in the big hospitals in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne or if you are working in regional centres like Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast in Queensland Infectious has you covered with a quality uniform that will ship to you fast. We have been lucky enough to meet many of our local nurses and doctors here on the Sunshine Coast who come to our scrubs store to buy from us direct. 

If you can't come to us direct you should shop our online scrubs store  You can choose from our range of premium quality scrubs brands that you know and trust like Dickies, Cherokee, WonderWink, Landau, Medelita, and Zoe and Chloe scrubs. When shopping why not complete the look with a pair of our super comfortable New Balance walking shoes that will keep your feet and legs feeling great and support. Remember that a stylish pair of work shoes will really enhance your professional medical uniform. Look your best and most professional in scrubs and medical footwear from Infectious Medical - Australia's leading supplier of scrubs for healthcare professionals.

Shop online today!

Nursing, Medical and Hospital Scrubs Australia. Shop Online for Corporate Medical Uniforms, Doctors Scrubs with Everyday Flat Rate Shipping only $12.95