When the Sydney Adventist Hospital Emergency Care Nurses came to us looking for a new supplier for their nursing scrubs, we were only too happy to help them. The Sydney Adventist Hospital (or SAN as they like to be known) had trouble with their old supplier not being able to supply them with the colour they wanted, and they waited for ages for their orders to be filled. We reassured them that we had no supply issues as Dickies is the world's largest workwear company and a global leader in medical scrubs. Infectious Clothing Company has a track record of delivering high-quality medical uniforms with fast turnaround times.

The Nurses were looking for a unique colour that was different from the usual blues that most medical and nursing uniforms are. They eventually settled on the lovely Teal coloured scrubs for the Nurses and Royal Blue scrubs for the Wardsmen.

As part of this project, we created four new embroidered hospital logos based on the SAH logo. They were Registered Nurse, Clinical educators, Clinical NUM, and one for the Wardsmen.

Once the Nurses had decided on their Styles, Colour and Logo, all that was left were the individual sizes. As with all large orders, Infectious Clothing will supply the full range of sample sizes for fittings. Over the ten years that we have been in business, we have found that this is the best way of getting the dimensions right the first time. The fittings can take a while, especially with staff doing different shifts and being away on holidays. Once we had all the numbers, it only took a couple of weeks to complete the embroidery and ship it to the hospital.

We filled this large order by separating it into what was ordered for each individual. The small packages had the nurses' names on them, so it was just a matter of handing them out when they arrived. Some scrubs companies will send the total number of scrubs ordered, but we take the time to process and separate the order to make it easier for groups. Have a group order? Call us today and let our group orders specialist guide you through the process. At Infectious, we make ordering for a group a breeze.

The nurses' feedback has been great; they love their new nursing scrubs. We are proud to have supplied our scrubs to the team at the Emergency Care Unit, one of Sydney's only private Emergency Departments.
Our Dickies scrubs are a functional and modern uniform for a modern healthcare facility, and we look forward to building an ongoing supply relationship with the Sydney Adventist Hospital.
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