Medicine and health care have made significant advances in the last century. Due to timely medical help, the life span of people has increased. Surgery and nursing have become far more advanced than before, and much importance is given to cleanliness and hygiene. 

All surgical instruments like scalpels and scissors were sterilised using antiquated methods of boiling water on kitchen stoves. Doctors and nurses went into surgery in everyday clothes and washed their hands before operating. All this has changed, and more importance is being given to sanitising and using disposable instruments plus PPE like gloves, aprons, face masks, caps and others. Surgeons and nurses, too, wear clean medical uniforms to the Operating theatre. Nurses wear a compulsory uniform which sets them apart and gives them an air of authority.

A nurse in a dirty uniform is a rare sight. Although they usually wore white scrubs, nurses always appeared neat. White is a sign of peace and stands for serenity. Hospital scrubs are traditionally pastel colours, so patients feel calm when they move around them. Plain scrubs are more accessible to wash and maintain than coloured ones. Nurses in bright colours like red or orange would look alarming to patients they are attending to. Pale uniforms are easy to maintain as they can be washed in hot water to remove stains and sterilise them. Hospitals have uniforms to maintain a sense of decorum and discipline. Imagine doctors and nurses wearing garish colours. 

 A person in uniform looks authoritative and commands respect. Nurses' scrubs come in pastel colours like light blue or green. Surgeons also wear either blue or green gowns while performing surgical operations. Surgical scrubs are made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. Cotton fabric is very skin-friendly and lets the skin breathe. We are now using more disposable gloves, masks, aprons and caps. This ensures a germ-free and sterilised environment in operating theatres and the wards where nurses work.

Now even general surgeons' and dental nurse uniforms are being standardised. Dentists now want their nurses to wear scrubs to give the clinic a more professional and germ-free look. These uniforms are now available and ready to wear in the market or online. People have become very conscious of their appearance, smile and teeth. Dentists, too, are providing cosmetic enhancements daily, which meet their patients' growing demands. Cosmetic surgeons wear premium scrubs as their patients expect them to look the most professional.

These days premium medical apparel brands like Dickies, Code Happy, and WonderWink create medical uniforms that require little maintenance or ironing due to advances in fabric technology.

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