A very wise Hospital Manager told me that he wanted to create a nursing workforce that was happy and a place that everyone wanted to work. There were factors that he could not change about the hospital and the actual job like, shift work, pay rates etc and then he thought about factors that he could change. Then he had the idea of providing a new nurses uniform. Not just any nurses uniform but a scrubs style uniform but it had to be the very best quality, the very best fit and it also had to have the hospital logo embroidered on it. He knew that the staff disliked their old corporate style uniform and wanted scrubs - but scrubs had to be done right and that meant Dickies Medical Scrubs and Xtreme Stretch scrubs in particular.

Dickies Scrubs provide exactly what the Hospital Manager was looking for, in his new nurse's uniforms. Dickies Medical Scrubs have just the right fit, are made of top quality fabrics, so the nurses will look great and will be comfortable. There was only one choice when it came to choosing scrubs and that was Dickies. Now the Hospital Manager is a very happy man, all his nurses are happy because they are wearing Dickies scrubs as their new nurses uniform they all look great and are comfortable. Happy nurses mean happy managers, think about it. Think about what Dickies scrubs could do for your workplace.

New Nurses Uniforms = Value-Added Proposition for Nursing Managers

Dickies Medical Apparel Logo with Dickies Xtreme Stretch logo

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February 06, 2015 — Pete Doran