Rhiannon Chapman - Indigenous Australian Artist - Heal the Country Print

My name is Rhiannon Chapman, I’m 22 years old and I’m from the YUIN nation, the Yuin nation covers the South Coast of NSW from the Victorian border up to La Perouse in Sydney.

My grandmother Karen Pittman was born and raised in Bega and my Grandfather Samuel “Marko” Chapman was born in Berry and raised on Wreck bay.

My grandfather’s family the Chapmans were brought up on a small Aboriginal community mission (Wreck Bay). The Chapmans were one of the first family’s on the mission back then.  But they were originally from Brewarrina which is out western NSW on Ngemba country. That is where my great grandmother Violet Gordon and great grandfather Ninky Chapman is from. 

Brewarrina is famously known for the fish traps. My great grandmother Violet was always known as a proud Brewarrina Woman. My father, my great Aunty and my partners grandmother inspires me to be the best artist I can be. When I watch them paint it mesmerises me it’s simply amazing. Also looking at other Aboriginal Artists all around Australia inspires me as well because everyone has their own unique style and what I love the most is the stories/Dreamtime stories behind the artwork. It gives me the sense of belonging and connection to culture spirituality, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Being Aboriginal makes me PROUD! Knowing we are walking in the footpaths of our ancestors. As a strong Aboriginal woman, it makes me feel confident and powerful.

We are the oldest living culture on Earth, still living and breathing how could we not be proud of who we are and where we come from.

Whether you do art, sing, dance or whatever it may be to express your culture don’t give up. Believe in yourself, don’t let anyone or anything put you down. This is your journey so you must live it the way you want and do what you love the most.

Heal the Country - Naidoc Week 2021 Indigenous Art by Rhiannon Chapman

My Artwork

Heal our COUNTRY. Including our sacred sites, our cultural heritage, our waters, our animals, our bush medicines, our traditional practices, our health but most importantly heal us as First Nations people, through all the pain and suffering we have endured through generation to generation. Our children and our people deserve a better future.

This printed design by indigenous artist Rhiannon Chapman showcases the themes mentioned above

  • In the centre is our people gathering.
  • The 6 circles symbolising our sacred sites of the land and the protection of them.
  • Animal tracks - kangaroo and goanna,
  • Our Salt waters and fresh water flowing
  • Our people’s hands in the corner to remind us of the strength and compassion that’s in our blood. As well as the guidance of our ancestors.
  • The pink and purple circles through the painting to resemble the berries and Bush medicines.
  • And the gum leaves intertwining and connecting us as one, as well resembling the mother feeding us oxygen.

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April 20, 2021 — Pete Doran