Since 1972, Cherokee apparel has dominated the medical uniforms and accessories industry. Based on comfort and fashion, the brand has revolutionised how medical personnel feel and look at work.

If you're looking into buying scrub sets, lab coats, and the like, you've likely run into the brand many times.

But are Cherokee uniforms as good as they say they are? Are they comfortable enough for you to wear them daily at work?

If you're wondering about Cherokee scrubs and whether or not they're good for you, keep reading. We'll discuss anything and everything you need to know about these medical uniforms.

Cherokee Revolution Australian Supplier

Benefits of Cherokee Uniforms

Because they've been in business for more than 45 years, Cherokee has had plenty of time to grab the attention of those in the medical profession. They've done just that.

Cherokee Uniforms have become a favourite of nurses and medical staff. Let's look at why Cherokee scrubs have become popular in Australia and worldwide.

Cherokee Uniforms are High-Quality

Cherokee Uniforms have become the market leader in scrubs everywhere. They've been designing comfortable and durable scrubs for years and years. With this, they offer functionality and personality with each design.

Medical personnel love the fits, designs, and usability of the scrubs. Therefore, Cherokee Uniforms has become the most trusted brand on the market, especially regarding Cherokee scrubs in Australia.

As each year passes, the brand shows its commitment to comfort and style more and more.

Cherokee Uniforms Offers Variety

Recently, many brands have been offering a variety of fashionable scrubs. But Cherokee Uniforms did it first. They started the revolution for more stylish designs and flattering fits.

The brand offers sizes from XXS to 5XL. And they provide different lengths and cuts, such as tall, petite, slim, and relaxed fits.

No matter your body size or shape, you'll find something that fits and is flattering.

Plus, all of these sizes and cuts are suitable for working. Medical personnel often move around, squat, lift, and more. These medical uniforms allow their wearers to do these things without causing pulls, tears, rips, or other uncomfortable results.

And, don't worry about the difference between male and female scrubs. The brand offers options for both builds. Plus, there are unisex options.

Cherokee Uniforms Has Plenty of Prints, Patterns and Colours

Whether you need a specific colour of scrubs or you want something unique, Cherokee Uniforms has you covered. With a variety of sizes and cuts, Cherokee also offers a variety of prints and colours.

There are dozens of prints and solids to look at for your next Fun Friday Scrub Club. They even have specific shades if you have a more particular sense of style.

Cherokee prints include floral designs, animal prints, abstract patterns, geometric designs and more.

We're sure there's some printed scrub design or solid scrub design you'll love. There are so many Cherokee scrubs to choose from.

Cherokee Trendy Revolution Scrubs

Cherokee Uniforms Is Constantly Innovating

Cherokee Uniforms are consistently thinking of new ideas. With this, they're bringing out new designs, fits, and styles.

They never rest.

Just when you think they've brought out the next best thing, they're announcing yet another improvement that they've made. The most recent innovation is CERTAINTY Antimicrobial Fabric Technology used in Infinity products.

Cherokee Uniforms Depends on Nurses

Did you know that nurses help with the design of Cherokee scrubs? The company works with a nationwide panel of nurses that help give feedback for ongoing plans.

Every design, fit and cut has gone through multiple testing periods. At least a few other nurses have worked on and approved each plan and fit.

Cherokee Uniforms Is Behind Tooniforms

If you've worked in the profession for a while, you've probably heard of Tooniforms. The Tooniforms scrubs line is famous for its scrub prints of popular cartoon and media characters. You'll find popular characters from favourite films and shows like Mickey Mouse and Star Wars.

These scrubs became especially popular for those working in paediatric practices. Medical personnel can show off their fandoms without compromising the Cherokee fit and durability.

Cherokee Uniforms Is the Industry Standard

Cherokee Uniforms have been around for years and years. They have established a relationship with medical communities across the country.

Therefore, they have become the industry standard in multiple countries.

Cherokee Uniforms have been designing and manufacturing scrubs for a long time. They have a history of developing fashion-forward designs prioritising comfort, quality, durability, and functionality.

What could be better?

Cherokee Uniforms Sells More Than Scrub Sets

For those who need more than scrub tops and scrub pants, Cherokee Uniforms offers more:

  • Jackets
  • Lab coats
  • Medical bags and totes
  • Clogs
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Hosiery

No matter what the product is, you'll still get the quality, durability, and functionality that Cherokee Uniforms offers with every product. 

Reviewing Cherokee Scrubs

Cherokee has you covered if you're looking for lab coats, scrub sets, or individual scrub tops and pants. They have various medical uniforms covering what most hospitals and medical centres across the country require.

Their commitment to comfort and style rained true as they've recently begun releasing new fabrics and styles. One of their most recent drops - the Cherokee Infinity line - has been one of their most popular. It showcases sportier styles with four-way stretch fabric that is comfortable and antimicrobial.

The real question is whether Cherokee scrubs fit as comfortably as more expensive brands.

The Look

Since Cherokee focuses so heavily on the look and style of its scrubs, so, customers can expect a lot when it comes to fashionability. Cherokee has been releasing its most fashionable scrubs over the past few years.

The Cherokee Infinity line seems to be the most favourable for look and feel. With a sleek design and comfortable fit, the Cherokee Infinity line is not far off from existing lines in FIGS and Jaanuu.

The fit of Infinity scrubs is flattering and is especially noticeable in the women's line as many female healthcare workers praise the curvy fit.

The Fit

Many scrubs under Cherokee Uniforms tend to run big, so you may need to size them down. We recommend trying these scrubs in-store if you can. Plus, you may find that one kind of scrub is preferable to another. For example, many people have preferences between the three most famous lines:

  1. Cherokee Infinity
  2. Cherokee Prints
  3. Cherokee Workwear Revolution

If you can, you should try all these lines to see which works best for you and your needs.

The Feel

No healthcare professional wants to deal with scratchy seams and itchy material. No one wants to spend the day itching themselves.

Scrubs should add to the comfort of healthcare professionals. These individuals are running around daily. Sometimes, there isn't time to eat or go to the bathroom. So, the last thing they should worry about is their scrubs' comfort.

Cherokee Infinity scrubs seem to be the best scrubs for avoiding this itch. Although, some nurses claim they are not as comfortable as brands like FIGS. However, you will pay more for FIGS scrubs and read their reviews before purchasing.

The Functionality

Cherokee Uniforms prides itself on selling the most functional scrubs out there. And, they might be right.

Cherokee scrubs are some of the most functional that you're going to find out on the market. With multiple pockets, each scrub can hold everything a nurse needs. 

Plus, some have a clip for the identification badge and straps for pens.

Before purchasing your scrubs, you should look for all these functional components. Different scrubs have these elements in different locations. Some people prefer some layouts over others.

With Cherokee Uniforms' variety, you're likely to find the perfect pair of scrubs for you.

The Breathability

Every medical professional wants some breathability in their workwear. If you're lifting, moving, and sweating, you want to find the best scrubs.

The great thing is that scrubs have come a long way in recent years. Cherokee Uniforms have focused on improving multiple areas and have introduced the following characteristics recently:

  • Four-way stretch
  • Antimicrobial fabrics
  • Wrinkle-resistant fabrics
  • Moisture-wicking technology

Cherokee Workwear Revolution scrubs have come out on top in terms of breathability. Cherokee Workwear Revolution Scrubs have entirely changed the game with all the above characteristics.

Cherokee Uniforms used to be mostly polyester fabrics with some cotton. Now, the brand is moving towards using fabrics like rayon and spandex instead of cotton. These changes have led to more breathable scrubs with stretchable materials.

The Maintenance

If you wear scrubs at work, you want to be able to throw them into the washing machine and not worry about them. However, scrubs are notorious for getting wrinkly and discoloured in the wash.

A new push for easily washable scrubs has progressed the development of scrubs. Now, durability and washability are essential for all medical personnel's scrubs.

Companies like Cherokee Uniforms have begun developing durable scrubs while maintaining comfort. However, some still claim that Cherokee Uniforms collect lint and wrinkle easily. Although, it seems like every brand has its pros and cons.

Although, the same scrubs that collect lint and wrinkle easily last for several years. The durability is unmatched by any other brand.

The Price

As we mentioned earlier, Cherokee scrubs are some of the cheaper options on the market. These days, scrub sets can cost as much as $150.

While other companies may offer scrubs for under $30, Cherokee Uniforms offers the cheapest scrubs for the amount of comfort and durability you'll get. In other words, it's the lowest price you'll pay among the best scrub brands.

Cherokee is the way to go if you're looking for an affordable pair of scrubs that will last for years.

Why Choose Cherokee Scrubs

Cherokee scrubs offer the best balance of price and quality. Cherokee Uniforms is the best company to look into if you don't want to offload over $100 per pair of scrubs.

The amount of durability and usability you get for the price tag is favourable for those looking to get the most out of their investment.

A pair of Cherokee scrubs can last over five to ten years, whereas other brands may only last a few years. Plus, you have various fit and comfort options to choose from with their multiple lines.

Overall, we recommend that you try on multiple lines to find the best fit for you. It seems like everyone has their personal favourite among the Cherokee scrub collections.

With Cherokee, you can have confidence that other nurses have worn the scrubs and approved of them. Plus, the brand is working to create better and better scrubs each year.

Invest in Cherokee Scrubs

After reading all about Cherokee Uniforms and their scrubs, we're sure that you're excited to try out a pair for yourself. Whether you prefer the Workwear Revolution line's comfort or the iFlex line's fit, we have exactly what you need.

Here at Infectious, we have the Cherokee Uniforms options that you're looking for. We offer fast shipping, hassle-free returns, and zippy and afterpay payment options.

With our expert customer care team, you can be confident that you've chosen the right scrubs. If you want to try different styles, go for it! You can return what you don't like.

And, if Cherokee scrubs are more expensive than you'd like, we have payment options for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to our store today!

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